16 September 2006

tagged again!

My friend Ivy has tagged me in the new game. This one says that you have to tell five things that make dog friends special. Everyone is confused about whether this is supposed to be human friends of dogs or dog friends of dogs or dog friends of humans. I don't know either, so I am doing this "My Way" just like Frank Sinatra.

1. Friends make you special sweaters .........

and then they take you for walks to show them off.

2. Friends are good to nap with,
particularly when the floor is cold.

3. Friends come over to play in your yard, they steal your toys, they eat your bones, they chew on your ears, and you still love them.

4. Friends take you new places....
they let you sit in the middle so you can get the breeze from the air conditioner, and they save you treats from dinner in a doggy bag.

5. Friends get together after a long time apart.......
and still like one another.
They may not look like they did the last time you saw them
but they still are your friends.

I tag Axel, Louis the Pug, Fee, Mackie, and Teka! hehehe


Life with Ozzy said...

Nice answers Gus!
Wirey hugs,

Ivy said...

gus! your friends list and picktures are the best! i luv it! looks like you haf some reely good friends too!

Gus said...

Thank you, I know I am a good dog 'cause I gots such good friends. You are a good dog too, Ivy!


fee said...

hi gus!

who's that pretty lady in picture number one?

i'm sad to hear about sqrll ... but glad to know you have a new red elmo!

PS: it's kinda sad but i love that last poem you wrote for sqrll.

Gus said...

The lady with me in the first picture is my sister, E.Rabbit. She is my technical advisor on the blog, since muzzer can't help with much more than typing.

I am glad I have Elmo, but miss Sqrrl. He lasted longer than any other stuffie I have had.

I'm glad you liked the poem. I think rhyming comes naturally to wires because we are so bouncy!