28 June 2007

I can't believe this

Jake and Just Harry (www. http://barkalotboyz.blogspot.com/ ) recommended that I consider offering "incentives" to doggies who are willing to vote for me on the DWB Awesome Blog Award Contest!

And you know....that didn't seem like such a bad idea, which was why I posted some stuff about food in St. Louis last night. Sort of a subliminal "incentive" you might say.

And then today, they noted that I am still trailing. They said "hey Gussie, the Toasted Ravioli sounded good, but maybe you should offer White Castle as an added treat!"

And ya know...I really thought about it! Me, smarter than the average dog, Gus Dagger w.f.t., connoisseur of food and drink, bon vivant, man about town. I actually considered endorsing White Castle as a ploy to get more votes.

Now, first I have to 'splain some things to people who don't know much about St. Loulis. My parents have a "mixed marriage" by St. Loulis standards: different high schools, different religions, lots of different things about this couple! But most important....Muzzer likes White Castle and Dad likes Steak n Shake. My sister E.Rabbit and E.Beth, who know who signs the checks in this family, are both Steak n Shake people. Me, I have never tasted a White Castle because Dad goes ballistic when muzzer talks about getting me one! And I feel I must agree...those little patties are square, they have lots of holes in them before they cook, they smell like onions. I ask...is this a hamburger or what?

Say nothing about "mystery meat" my friends. If you didn't raise it or hunt it yourself, in today's world of food and drink...it is ALL mystery meat. There is just something about a square patty with holes that doesn't work for this terrier.

So, however much I would like to win this contest, and however deserving I might be...I will not compromise my family values. I will remain true to Steak n Shake...and close with this photo of a family heirloom. The Steak n Shake hat that my sister E. Rabbit got for me!

(yes, yes, muzzer tried to get me to put it on, but it seemed almost like a sacrilege!)


Joe Stains said...

my dad likes the white castle burgers that you can get in the freezer at the store, he loves them!

Jake of Florida said...

All right, Gussie, no White Casle hamburgers. As we noted in a quick note, we forgot about the onions on the White Castles, which are toxic for dogs, so I guess you've made the right decision. Instead, will your Dad and sisters be willing to pony up a steak from Steak and Shake? That might be a yummy incentive, if not as classic an offering.

Jake and JH (who have never ever had a crumb of hamburger, would you believe it?)

Gus said...

Hey Joey: muzzer says the ones from the place on the Rock Road are better, but the boxed ones will do.

Jake and JH...will send Steak n Shake gift certificates from St. Loulis. You guys gots Steak n Shakes in Floribunda, and should not be deprived!

Lenny said...

Yay Steak 'n' Shake!
Yummy - orange freezes! They always put my mom in a good mood.
White Castle is gross!

Your friend, Lenny

Asta said...

Gussie, Ifeel depwived, Ive never even seen either one of those, but i twust your tastebuds,so I'd go for the steak,heheheh, maybe youcould take me for a date?...THAT'sREALLY RUDE,ASTA(mom)..sowwy, that was fowawd of me ..I just wish I could go in your Gussie mobile with you
smoochie kisses

Maggie said...

I've never had White Castle but I'm more than willing to give it a try! I'll try anything food-related! yum!

Love ya lots,

Jackson said...

Hey, Sadly I can't comment on Steak n' Shake or White Castle cos we don't have either over here. Am I missing out? I'm feeling deprived! J x

Pappy's Fella said...

I went to school in Indiana, and was mighty fond of White Castles (and knockoff Li'l Loys). Bribe away, 'cause it's a close race.

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Gussie,
We do not have the White Castle place around here, but there is one steak n shake. Mama has only been there once & Papa a few times. We better have them go again & bring us a burger huh?? Maybe when you visit us here, us 3 doggies can steal the gussiemobile & head out to steak n shake, deal??
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Gus said...

Hey all...muzzer says we will gladly ship frozen white castles to interested parties, but she is not sure it is worth it.

Jackson: We can't come up with an English equivalent, but we will ask dad when he comes home. My sister E.Beth spent a summer in Oxford with friends when she was 10, and her big memories revolve around how to find US fast food in the UK! Waste of time!

Pappy's Fella: See offer of frozen white castles above.

Butchy/Snickers We will see if we can bring one in the Gussiemobile.

Asta NY...wish you could join us in the gussiemobile, it would be great having you along, and you would like visiting Butchy/Snickers too.