04 August 2007

Blogger Longevity

My friend Axel G. mistakenly congratulated me on being the first of many wires to jump feet first into the blogosphere. In the interest of honesty and full disclosure, I am compelled to admit that, while flattered by the very idea of being "first" at anything, I have clear memories of reading other blogs by wires early in my time with my current set of humans.

So, old librarians never die, they just computerize their skills, and muzzer was off on the hunt!

We found that Mr. Doodle's Dog had been blogging since 2004! (http://www.mrdoodlesdog.com/ )Followed only shortly thereafter by Butchy and Snickers and their mom. (http://butchyandsnickers.blogspot.com/) And my pal Buster is pretty old in Blog years too...and Mackie and .....I am sure that we have missed some others, or they blogged for a while and then went on to bigger positions in Jackson's plan to dominate the world. It is enough for us to be here and be part of this marvelous group.

Anyway, muzzer says she hates putting people in lines, because she always had to be at the end, 'cause she is short for a human. (don't tell her, but she is shorter than my friend Travis, and probably shorter than Nooka-Pooka, if they decide to walk upright!)

All you doggies with bloggies should remember to meet in Chat tomorrow morning (or evening, depending on your time zone!) See Bussie's post for details.

Have a good weekend.

kissies from Gus


Jake of Florida said...


The Doodles' blog was one of the earliest influences on our family -- humans and dogs -- and Mom and Dad actually got to spend some time with them on a visit. Mom held Ms. Gimlet Rose on her lap and chatted with the erudite Gentleman Editor Nigel. If the truth be told, I have been in love with Ms. Gimlet Rose for quite some time although there have been other fair lasses who have captured my heart as well from time to time. Several I have just met, and they make my heart flutter.

Perhaps they will be on our chat tomorrow morning.


Gus said...

Oh Jake! I am so envious because the EGE Nigel is one of my most favoritest Wirey writers. Me and muzzer really miss him.

Jake of Florida said...

Yep, we miss Celestial Nigel too.

As for putting people in lines, we pictured your muzzer as being tall. Funny how virtual impressions form.

When Mom was in grade school, she was taller than all the boys and she hated that. Now she's not -- but she's still a lot bigger than we are -- even when we're on two legs.


Pappy's Fella said...

The key to your acheivement is great continuity. You've taken very few vacations during your tenure. At times I wonder where my next idea will come from, but you have that fire in the belly.

Gus said...

Jakey and JH...nope, muzzer is short, she has always been short, and only if she meets a genie or goes to heaven will she ever be tall. On the other hand, E.beth is almost six feet tall, and E.Rabbit is about five ft seven. Good genes. Muzzer was very careful about that!

Pappy's Fella: thanks for the compliment..I guess it is as Papaw used to say, "just because there is snow on the roof don't mean there ain't a fire in the furnace." (S.E. Missouri - a real character)

Joe Stains said...

we are sorry we missed the chat, Mom and Dad didn't even leave Tucson until 10am this morning, those lazy bums!

wally said...

Hi Gus!

We get the salmonable skinables at the pet store (a local chain called Concord Pet Food & Supplies). They are $1/piece. The packaging doesn't have the name of the company so we will check next time we're in and maybe you can find them in your area.


ps. My ma ape and I think being short is GREAT. We saved all of our growth for our brains, right?

Wiry Axel said...

Yeah,I was wrong, research skills are lacking. Also Dean-O in Montreal blogged since 2004.
By the way, tell your Mom not to feel bad about being vertically challenged - she is no doubt TALLER than my Mommy who is 4"11!!
We didn't know about the chat, how do we see these announcements?


LANCELOT said...

Hey Gus!

Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my new page! I think Jackson is right - seems like us wires may be taking over the world.. *ahem* blogging world I mean ;-)

As a newbie to the blogging world, I've got to thank you and all the other doggies who first started dog blogging. If I hadn't found and read all of your blogs to begin with, I probably wouldn't have made a blog of my own, and I wouldn't have met so many other wonderful new doggy friends!

It seems lots of people don't even know what breed we are or haven't heard about us! So it's nice to meet other WFTs from all over the world. I don't feel quite as alone anymore!

Well, I am sorry I missed the online chat! I'll be sure to keep my eyes out for the next meeting!

Cheers for now!

P.S. I added you to my link section! Hope that's okay!

Jackson said...

Hey pal, it doesn't matter who was first. What matters now is our plan for world blog supremacy! J x

PS Is your mum a librarian? J1 does library stuff and Archive stuff.

Gus said...

Jackson: Muzzer used to be a librarian, but she got seduced by computers in about 1976, and spent a lot of time working there. She says some things just never die, and research skills are one of them.

Jackson said...

Coooooool! Computers are great and all, but you can't beat a good book! J x