14 August 2007

update and apology

First of all, we had some great news from my sister E.Beth today. Remember Kaiser, the lost puppy? Well, he was found! Here is the information from her e.mail.

You should be just waking up to the great news; around 10:45 pm last night we got a call from Kristine’s sister Kim that someone called her off something we posted and asked if she was missing a dog. Long story short, Kaiser was found wandering in the area of 56th Street and Thomas after two weeks. He is in great hands the person who found him has a friend who is a Vet student and they are cleaning him up and caring for him. His ears are fine but he has some scrapes and scabs, has a lot of ticks and is thin. But the video they sent Kim is definitely Kaiser. We had gotten a lead on Friday from someone who met someone on Craig’s who was trying to sell him but felt it was a sketchy deal more than a week ago, we did our best but we hadn’t gotten anywhere with it.

Four of us were at the Nickelback concert when I got the call to get Kristine on the phone. Kristine went to the foyer, I followed and as she sank to the floor in joy, relief and shock I yelled so loud the band had to have heard and I ran back to our seats to tell the other two and text message everyone in my phone. Kristine will pick Kaiser up tomorrow and they want to verify with the chip that it is him.

All of us who have been helping Kristine have so many great stories of how amazing people have been. The last couple of days Kristine had gotten overwhelmed and defeated and I was feeling like the momentum was lost. What a great way to end the night and this long ordeal my friend and fellow dog lovers had to endure.

So being the event and fundraiser person I am I had discussed with Kristine what we were going to do when we got him back to celebrate. Please, please send and forward this to everyone you sent to and make sure they know that we will be having a Welcome Home-Meet Kaiser Party at the Chaparral Dog Park at Hayden and McDonald Road this Sunday August 19th. We still have to work out some details and time (probably in the AM) so I will send another email. But SAVE THE DATE!

We are asking that everyone who helped, no matter if you just called to say you were thinking and praying for Kaiser, forwarded the email or whatever---attend. Please bring your dog, unopened bags of dog food, new dog toys, collars and leashes or a cash donation; all will be donated to the local shelters and some of the rescue groups in Kaiser’s name. I will send more information but for right now we are happy and want to thank everyone! You did it!

So, me and muzzer are happy we could all help, and we say THANK YOU! to all of our friends who did cross posts and helped send good thoughts to Kaiser and his owner .

Now, apologies to all my blogging friends. We have had two consecutive days with lousy internet service in otherwise OK hotels. We have been keeping up as much as possible, and will catch up by this weekend, we promise!

Oh yeah, and for those of you who have been moving my little pin or flag across your map, we are in Gallup, New Mexico tonight.

Gettin our kicks on Route 66!

Gussie, Muzzer and Dad


Asta said...

That's absolutely gweat news, what a welief fow them....a happy welcome home and a gweat celebwation...there awe two posters up in our neighborhood fow lost doggies..it's just so awful....I love to hear that sometimes there awe happy endings
New Mexico, that must be vewy pwetty.sleep tight Gussie and have mowe nice adventuwes..can't wait to heaw them
smoochie kisses to you and Muzzer and Dad

Butchy & Snickers said...

Oh Gussie,
That is such wonderful news about Kaiser. We bet Kristine was soooooo happy! Too bad he has so many bugs & things & is skinny. But at least he is safe & all in one piece. Mama was so sad when you told us he was missing. Her & Papa's first dog was a doberman & she still loves them all! Have fun in New Mexico!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

fee said...

o, i love a happy tail!

i hope you are adjusting well on the go, gus. have lots of fun and be safe ok!

loves and hugs,

Joe Stains said...

this is such exciting news. We have been seeing the flyers locally at stores and such and could not be happier that he is home!!

Faya said...

What a good news ! Youpiiiiieee !!!
Kisses, Faya

Agatha and Archie said...

Oh what happy news!! HOORAY!!!! Love A+A

William Tell said...

Wonderful news about Kaiser! We're ever so glad that he's coming home to his Mom.

Gus, while you were on Route 66, did you pass through Oklahoma? Did I miss that part? We would have wagged at you when you went by if we'd known.

William Tell

Maggie said...

What fabulous news! We are so happy for Kaiser! yippeeeeeeeeeeeee
What a pawty this will be! I wish we could be there!

Love ya lots,

Koobuss said...

What wonderful news about Kaiser!! We are so glad he was found and is safe. The Welcome Home Party sounds wonderful!!

Lots of Koobuss Kisses to Keiser!!!
Lots of Koobuss Kisses to You, too, Gus!!

Your friend,