02 September 2007

Labrador Day

Me 'n Teka are having a confusing weekend.

We know it is a holiday, 'cause Dad and e.Beth are both off tomorrow. And we were sure we heard muzzer say that tomorrow is Labrador Day.

So last night, we had our baths, and went to bed early. But when we got up today, we started to get things ready for Labrador day.

We figured for sure our friend Travis would come to visit. He hasn't been to visit since muzzer pulled out the carpet and had slickery stuff put down on our floors.

And we waited and waited. But no Travis. No Labra Dory. No Labradors at all!

Then, I was catching up on reading blogs by my friends, and when I got to Joe Stains' blog, there was Tanner saying it was Lay Bore day. Not a day for Labradors, but a day to lay around and do boring things.

Well, that means that almost every day is Lay Bore day for me 'n Teka! Except when I go to the store to work. And then, that would be a Labor Day for me. So, this must not be a very good dog holiday, not like a Birthday for sure.

Anyway, what with the bath last night and getting up early this morning for chat, I think that I will just say "Happy Labor Day" to our humans, and try to go to bed early again tonight.
So, Happy Labor Day humans and many happy returns. Keep that Kibble in the bowls and toys upon our throw rugs!
Gussie n Teka
I definitely think Labrador day is a good idea! I must see if I can get Bussie's mom to head up the campaign.


Asta said...

Happy Lay Bore Day to you too..that's what I'm going to do tomowwow....but I think Labwador Day would be agweat ide..I hope you and Teka weren't too tewwibly disappointed. Have agweat day with evewybody at home together
smoochie kisses

Maggie & Mitch said...

Happy Labor Day, Gussie! We hope it's not boring for you at all!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Blue said...

Hi there

Just loved the idea of Labrador Day! We in the UK don't get a Labour Day even, no more long weekends for us till Christmas would you belive?

Followed your migraine link... very interesting, but after my last hospital experience, I'll avoid all surgery unless 100% necc.

Re Human museum, don't fancy that @ all. Thought going through the Catacombs in subterraneanal Paris was bad enough - skulls & partly shrouded skelitons every where!

Pats & best wishes

Bogart said...

Happy Labor Day Gus!!!


Stanley said...


How could any day be boring for you if you're there? It sounds like action and controversy swirl around you. I hope you have had the kind of day you were hoping for! Enjoy the peeps for an extra day!

Goober love,

wally said...

We need a labrador day and a corgi day and a corgador day and I will celebrate ALL THREE!

And I'm not so sure about the apes taking the day off of laboring. I'm glad their around but, hey, that meat is not gonna buy itself!


Scruffy & Lacie said...

Hey Gus!! We thought it was Labrador Day too until Lacie got this idea it was Labordoodle day. Man, a dog's life is confusing at times!!!!! Hope your day was good what ever it was.....
Lab. Barks....Scruffy and Lacie

Asta said...

Well Gussie...uhmmm, I make Mommi thwow the ball , so fetch is mostly to get hew to thwow it , not anything else..sometimes I don't wetuwn it, and she gets up to get it, and thwows it..i like to wun aftew the ball, that's all......it's not vewy deep..sowwy
i hope she sold mowe, I'd love to come see you in Azwizona..but i kinda doubt it..she says even two is a fluk...what's a fluke Gussie???
smoochie kisses

fee said...

so that's what it's called. i think there must be at least 200 lay bore days in a year. i'm having one today...

Jackson said...

Happy Labrador or whatever Day, Gus. Hope it was fun even without the labradors. J x

Joe Stains said...

well our day sure was boring as you could imagine! it is so so hot here we can't do anything fun!