09 September 2007

My Favorite words....

My blogger friend BLUE has challenged my family to choose our favourite word and explain why we chose that word. She explained that this is part of a UNESCO project to promote literacy in third world countries, and that British MPs , poets and politicians are taking part, and the results will be compiled into a book which will be sold to raise funds for the Education Action program.

Blue chose the word HOPE because it is one of optimism. Muzzer explained optimism to me this way: "Teka embodies optimism. She KNOWS that this time she will get to your food before you do. She KNOWS that someday muzzer will take her to the store. She KNOWS that she will be able to sprint out the door the very next time it opens." So now I understand that hope and optimism can be very hard to live with.

Muzzer and I have been discussing this off and on for the last few days. We are feeling rather bad because Blue actually requested our participation on Saturday! That was more than three days ago, because her time is way later than Azrizona time! Three days translated to dog years is almost a dog month! That means I am really delinquent.
The problem has been that muzzer and I are coming into this assignment with very different ideas about what our favourite word is.
Muzzer has these ideas that sound like she has been spending too much time with Dad! She comes up with words like justice and fairness and equality.
My favourite words are food and snuggle and scritches and treats and walkies.
And we were not coming any closer to consensus either.
One time, muzzer even brought out THE FINGER and pointed it at me, and shook it hard! Muzzer was a teacher when she was younger, and she still has a license to carry and use THE FINGER! And all of us who live here know that we must respect THE FINGER and listen to it carefully, for it carries with it the wisdom of teachers and the power of muzzer. Even Teka sometimes listens to THE FINGER so you know it is very powerful.
This has been going on for two and a half days now. I must tell you
that I was completely worn out! I needed a nap. While I was having my nap, I had a lovely dream. I dreamed about muzzer and Dad and our first car ride together. I dreamed we were back in Virginia with E.Rabbit and Grandpa and Uncle Steve and Aunt Jane. I dreamed about all of our trips together. I dreamed about Aunt Marie and Uncle Ray. I dreamed about E.Beth and Teka. And it was such a nice dream that I woke up knowing what my very most favoritest word is!
My most favoritest word is Family!
Family means everything to me...it means food and treats and snuggles and scritchies. It means love and acceptance and understanding. I even means Teka and Travis. And, since I think of my blogger friends as part of my extended family, it means all of you too!
When I explained this to muzzer, she agreed that Family is a very important word, and well worthy of being my favorite.
So, it is probably not gonna make the compilation, but it is MY FAVORITE WORD!
PS...I borrowed Blue's way of spelling favorite because it looks so lovely!


Koobuss said...

That's beautiful, Gus. No one can argue with that.
I agree with you completely.. A loving family is the best!!

Thanks for including me in your extended family, Gus. You are in mine, too. It's nice to know somebody is there that you can talk to, even if it's just about bones.

Love and Koobuss Kisses

Maggie & Mitch said...

What a wonderful word choice, Gussie!! You can never have too much loving family, right?!

Love ya lots,

Pappy's Fella said...

Good word. In your dream were there any flying monkeys or red shoes? I've had that dream.

Joe Stains said...

Gus you picked the most perfect word I think! Teka and Tanner both share optimism that is for sure!!

Maggie & Mitch said...

Thank you for telling me that it would be okay for me to play with dolls to learn to be a good doggie daddy! I appreciate that! You're a true friend.

Your friend,

Jake of Florida said...


You and muzzer chose a wonderful word. Aren't dreams great when you wake up in the morning and know just what to say or do?

The old expression, let's sleep on it, must apply to us dogs -- cause we wake up and know just what to say (WOOF) or do (PLAY and ASK FOR TREATS).


Jake and Just Harry

Blue said...

What a great word!
Some how I almost missed this post.

I've just been up-dating my blog friends list, have included you [ family as well]

Best wishes & pats

Jackson said...

Hey Gus, great post! It's a pleasure to be part of your extended family!

I know all about THE FINGER. I had THE FINGER pointed at me today when I ate a cat turd in the garden.

J x

Scruffy & Lacie said...

Gussie...we love that word too...and we have experienced the finger...in other forms as well...hmm...and how bout FINGER POINT and SNAP!!! That's the scariest of all...Scruffy

Agatha and Archie said...

Oh Gussie,You are such a profound writer....yes we love that word too( although sometimes Agatha forgets just a little) You look so sweet sleeping like that we want to come through the computer and hug you!! Love A+A