26 September 2007

We made it home

Me and Teka made it home today around noon, setting even more landspeed records than we did on the way to the party.
We both had a great time....Teka was sure glad she was still awake when Tanner got there...I think for her, the real fun started then. But no, she says she does not know where the pumpkin suit came from, but she thinks she probably helped Tanner loose a few pounds by chasing him in circles all over the field.
I really did get to dance with lots of the girl doggies, but as predicted, I spent most of my time keeping a close eye on Beautiful Miss Snickers. I was worn out just watching her do the can-can!
Many thanks to my Bud Butcho, who was a tremendous help with the driving. I wouldn't have made the trip nearly as fast without his help. So long Butchy, see you at your birthday bash.
We just barely got into the house and had a long drink of water when muzzer grabbed the laptop and left for St. Loulis. My poor Uncle Ray, he died in his sleep Tuesday morning. But he has been so sick, and so unhappy. I hope he feels better now.
But it means muzzer and my laptop will be gone for a few days. I am making do with Dad's desktop, but it is more difficult to type, and Dad is not much help! He just doesn't understand how important my blog is. But I will persevere and perhaps accept some help from Teka, since she did an OK job on the trip. My real concern is getting someone to download my photos, but maybe E.Beth can help me and Teka. Anyway, we will be trying to keep up with other bloggies and do a couple of posts by ourselves, but please accept our apologies in advance for any shortcomings. (particularly our spelling)
It was so good to see all of you. Thanks for putting up with Teka, and thanks to Asta, Wally, Sir Chance and all the other doggiess who brought food.
kissies from Teka and Gus


fee said...

o dear... i'm sorry to hear about your uncle ray. i hope he is happy and pain-free now. take your time with your posts; we understand how useless dads are with blogs!


Blue said...

Sorry to hear that muzzers had to dash off to deal with a sad event!
Do pass on my condolances - loosing a close family member is always hard.

The 'gussiemobile' sounds even speedier than the porsche I've just posted about!

Take care
Pats & pets

Maggie & Mitch said...

We're so sorry to hear about your Uncle Ray, Gussie. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Love ya lots,

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Gussie,
Please tell Muzzer & your Papa we are so sorry to hear about Uncle Ray. We knew he was so sick, so for him it's probably a good thing he passed sleeping. We'll be praying for all of your family & relatives. Take care of your Papa while Muzzer is away.
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers
PS We're resting up for my campout.

Asta said...

I'm so sowwy about youw Uncle I hope he is in a pain free happy place too.
It suwe was gweat to have you and Teka thewe at the pawty..and thank you fow dwiving MissSnickers and Butchy too..you suwe awe a pawsome dwiver..andnot even a ticket..wpw! It must be youw polite way of speaking to the hyghway patwol.
Get some good west and I hope youw muzzer gets home soon.
Thanks so much fow coming and helping me celebwate
smoochie kisses

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Gussie,
It's us again, we tagged you for a game so visit our blog. You can do yours when Muzzer is back home from her trip. No rush.
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Joe Stains said...

we are sorry to hear about your uncle Ray, but we are glad he is no longer suffering.

I bet you will miss Muzzer but I am sure she will be back soon and we will keep a dictionary handy in case we need to decipher any words :)

Koobuss said...

Hi Gus (and Teka),

I am very sorry to hear about the loss of your Uncle Ray. At least he is not suffering any more. Our deepest condolences to your Muzzer.

It was so good seeing you (and Teka) at Asta's pawty. I can't wait for kousin Butchy's campout!

Your daddy is doing a fine job on your blog, filling in for Muzzer. Keep encouraging him, Gus.

Koobuss Kisses,

pee ess Thanks for your lovely post on my blog about my first day here. I appreciate that, especially from a substitute blogger.

Asta said...

Hope you and youw Dad awe doing OK!
If you talk to Muzzer give hew ouw love
Smoochie kisses
Asta and Mommi

Joe Stains said...

are you implying I am a member of the Red Hat Society?!?!!?!?!!!

Jackson said...

Hey Gus & Muzzer, sincere condolences for your loss. I'm sure Uncle Ray has gone to a better place. J x

Stanley said...


So sorry about your uncle. Please give your mama some goober hugs from me when she gets home.

You and Teka keep us posted on how you are without your muzzer at home. Are you taking care of your dad or is he taking care of you?

Goob love & hugs to you & Teka,