27 October 2007

Happy halloween

Muzzer here:

E.Rabbit sent a video showing Gussie and Teka in costumes she sent them. To watch it, follow the directions she provided.

1. Type http://www.bluemountain.com/?source=bma999&rr=y into your web browser
2. Locate the eCard pickup button in the upper left-hand area of the page
3. Enter the following code --> 1750307028870

Clearly my child is more savvy about this than I am.


Joe Stains said...

WOAH Teka sure looks um, cute! wow. We loved the card!

Harry said...

You make a most distinguished pirate Gus. Teka looks a bit, erm, erm sassy?

Toodle pip,
Harry x

Patience-please said...

Hey Gus-
There were like a bazillion WFT's at the agility trial we went to and one of them got a MACH award which is like being the King of the World. Your Muzzer thought Teka might like agility and I think Every Dog in Creation would love it, because I do so much. Maybe when Teka got a job she wouldn't worry about eating other dogs so much???
Sorry about that horror show where you had HUMAN BODIES!!! It must have been the scariest thing EVER!
I can't imagine being that deformed. Hope you and Teka are all back to normal now! PHEW!
your buddy-
Sam I Am of the whippet Waggle

Patience-please said...

Hey Gus! Which website did your muzzer want? I'm a little thick, sorry.
Patience, Servant to the Whippet Waggle

Sir Chance-Lot said...

Happy Howling tonight!!