22 November 2007


Hello Everybodeeee!
It is ME, Teka Toy writing my very own THX blog.
I told Gussie I didn't like that very unflattering picture of ME he posted last night,
and he said I could post today to make up for it.

So, This morning my Mom got up really early (10:00 am) to help make Chex Mix!

This is a TRADITION in our family. And she let me and Gussie Boy help.

See the Chex Mix she dropped on the floor. I scarfed that up so fast that I looked like a blur.

So,here is what the CHEX MIX looks like at our house.

Some people puts lots of other things into CHEX MIX, but we are traditionalists in this family!

My great Grannie Julie made CHEX MIX when my Grandpa was just a little boy.

Not much taller than a nickel. Now he is taller than my Mom. And she is tall. Those are her legs in the picture. See how tiny I look next to her? Gramma says Mom is 5'13". That means she is only about two or three " shorter than Grandpa! Mom says she is not 6'! De Nile is not just a river in Egypt, that is what Gramma says.

Here are me and the Gus-inator helping. Gus is wondering where the CHEX MIX went.

Let me tell you, he did not get his share! I am much faster, and I don't got no respect for his age and wisdom! In fact, to get to the CHEX MIX first, I will nip him right on his little furry ears.

I am not posting the recipe because you can find it on every box of cereal you buy, and in the Sunday papers, and I am sure if you Google it, you will find the recipe. I am just saying Happy Thanksgiving, and I hope my buddy Tanner is OK, cause the fireworks just went off again from the stadium. Oh yeah! And Gramma remembered to bring home one piece of Turkey for me and Gussie-poo from their dinner. So she is not all bad. Just wanted to mention that in case she is hiding any more Turkey.

Gotta go before Gus-Gus eats all the CHEX MIX! As If!!!!!

Muchos Besos

Teka Toy


Asta said...

Hi Teka
Happy Thanksgiving to you too...youw mom is 5'13"????wowthat's amazing..mine's a shwimp...
How come you wont shawe the chexmix with Gussie..I'm twying hawd to like you Teka, but Gussie is my speial love and you bettew stawt being nice to him that's all I have to say!
smoochie kisses

Maggie & Mitch said...

OMG, your chex mix looks so yummy! We have never had that before! We gotta tell our mom about this wonderful invention so she can make some too!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Peanut said...

Glad your thanksgiving was good. YOur mom is tall. My mom is short. You should respect your elders though and not nip gus in the ears.

Gus said...

Peanut...thanks for standing up for me! I may have to call you for help in the future


Jackson said...

Hey pals, what's chex mix? (I know I could look it up on the internet, just being a lazy dog!) Would I like it? Happy Turkey Day! J x

William Tell said...

We like Chex Mix, too. Mom says we're faster than a Hoover when something hits the floor.

William Tell

Gus said...

Jax...You would LOOOOVE chex mix. It is Rice Chex, Wheat Chex, Cheerios, pretzels, mixed nuts, mixed together with margarine, garlic, worchestershire sauce and Lawry's seasoned salt, and backed slowly for one hour, stirred 4 times. Now, those are almost all US brands muzzer says so that could be problematic for you, or maybe not? BUT...it is not good for doggies, muzzer says, because of the salt and stuff, but humans wolf it down.

if you want the recipe, muzzer will send it.


Agatha and Archie said...

Well dear Teka.....Did you let him get at least 1 piece the chex mix?Hr looks dumb founded...you must be at lightening speed.....Love A+A
PL2 is chuckling over the De Nile...but we don't get it...

Joe Stains said...

Mom actually watched the ASU game on the TV and then would make all kinds of noise to distract us before the boomies! it worked! she might have to become an ASU fan and watch the games from now on!

You gotta let Gus get some food, what if he starves?!

Bogart said...

Hey Gus & Teka!

Ohmygosh, my mom thought she was the ONLY person who still made Chex Mix!!!!!

Hope you had a GREAT holiday :)


Patience-please said...

Our servant doesn't make Chex Mix as she suffers from lackoenergitis. She made good Cheesy Onions though and we got to lick the cheese sauce pan before there were onions involved.
They sound gross, but every human who tries them loves them.
the whippet waggle

Asta said...

All I can say is I'm awfully glad that I met you and can call you my fwiend! the yeaw went by in a flash, and those cutie puppy cuwls didn't last, but I stayed the same inside..I'm still coowious about the wowld and still love evewyone I meet..I can't wait to see what else is in stowe..I hope a visit fwom you is somewhewe in my foootooowe
smoochie kisses

Stanley said...

Teka & Gus!

It's not a pawty without Chex Mix!!

Sounds like you had everything under control. First off, you got your mom, Teka, to get out of bed (which, I hear is a big feat within itself). Then you got someone to go over by the oven while you put the stuff in the pan. You guys should be party planners!

Goober love,

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Teka,
We've NEVER had chex mix. Mama has, but she has never made it either. Probably cause she's allergic to almost everything in it. You best share with Gussie though or Miss Snickers will come & take you down & believe me, she can do it too, hehehehehe! Papa's Aunt Janice still makes chex mix for get togethers. Hope you had a great day!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butcho & Miss Snickers

Eddie N Peaches said...

We tagged you guys for Tag 7. Check it out on our bloggie!
Eddie, Peaches & Bella