12 November 2007

Teka Takes her Turn

This is clearly not me, but a great example of my breed.
Hello all you doggies, hamsterriers and coyotes! Also E.Rabbit, Blue and all the ships at sea!

Gussie suggested that I blog today (can you believe that!) so I can thank everyone who has welcomed me so warmly and bring you all up to date on my campaign to get my own blog.

As you might imagine, the biggest obstacle here is Muzzer!

She has said she will not let me start blogging until one of two things happens:

a. Either my mom (E.Beth) or my aunt (E.Rabbit) publicly agrees to lend support in this endeavour of mine. ( I am learning to spell from Blue!)

b. Hell freezes over.

Muzzer says she is not always up to date on Gussie's blog, and if she had two of us to blog for, she would fall farther and farther and farther behind, until she was buried under her own procrastinations. I think that might be fun to watch, but Gussie has developed a spine and is on her side. As a concession, he says he will let me blog "occasionally."

Muzzer is adamant. So I have started my campaign.

First...from here on she is my Grandma, and I shall address her as such. She is old enough to be a Grandma, and I kind of like the sound of it.

Second...I am getting up five minutes earlier every morning, effective tomorrow (Tanner Tuesday) This is a stealth move, so don't tell her. I want to see how long it takes her to realize what is going on. This will also effect Dad, so maybe he will join my side of the argument.

Third...All of you who have so kindly said that you will read my blog and enjoy it should just keep mentioning it whenever I write, OK?

Fourth...I am going to see a hair dresser and have myself died pink.

Fifth...I am going to unlock my crate every day (I can do it, it is a lot of trouble, but this is worth it. )

Sixth...While out of my crate, I will wreak havoc on the house! That way, I will have fun, fun, fun while the folks are away.

Seventh...I am going to eat all Gussie's food and steal all his treats

Eighth...I am no longer going to let Gussie win our tussles. His ego can suffer.

Ninth...I am NEVER walking in a straight line on my leash. I will make every effort to trip her at least once a walkie.

Tenth...I will begin using her hardwood floors and carpet instead of the grass ! (ahem, nicely put, huh?)

I hope to report success on some front soon.

I will keep you posted


Teka Toy


Blue said...

LOL, so much, choking on my glass of wine...
The trouble is Teka, that with soooooooooooo many blogs around, if you had your own it might be differcult to get the audience you obviously deserve. While surfing on Gussie's gets you lots of attention!!

Pats & pets

Harry said...

Eek, I'm a little nervous about your campaign Teka, but best of British!

Toodle pip,
Harry x

Peanut said...

Keep us updated on if your campaign works. Flash wants his own blog to but like muzzer our mom says she couldn't do two of them.

Nat said...

Gandhi and MLK would approve of your nonviolent civil disobedience.

Jake of Florida said...

Teka Toy,

While I admire your ten-point campaign, I think you are making some strategic mistakes. Have you not heard about catching more flies with honey than with vinegar -- or something like that? (I'm not sure why anyone wants flies when they could have terriers, but that's a whole 'nother story.)

My approach, which I have employed successfully with my older brother, Jake, is to show him -- and Mom -- that I am mature enough to share his blog. That way, Mom is on my side, since she encourages the two of us to "play nice" (despite the little issue of that nasty puncture wound a while back). Since Jake can be somewhat moody, as to be expected with a philosophical sort of dog, I often get to write. Mom is happy and Jake is off in his own sulk.

Try it -- you really don't need your own blog; but if, after sharing Gussie's in a respectable manner, you prove that you can handle the responsibility, perhaps Muzzer will relent.

And tell Grandma I said so!!!

Just Harry

Butchy & Snickers said...

Uh oh,
You might be causing some big trouble little Teka Toy. Best be careful, your plan could back lash on you!!!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

COL. Sam ASTA-fari Joe H. Pinkerton Peabody, Esq said...

Teka, although I admire your plan of action, make sure you really want to BE PINK before dying yourself that color. Suffering through a bad fur cut at the moment, I can give you a smidgen of advice. 2. The waking up the parents earlier than normal is not ususally a good idea. But, I am only speaking from my own transgressions. I share a blog with my sisters (if you call it sharing.) It might NOT be a bad idea to share. That way you aren't constantly coming up with new material. Just thoughts... Good LUCK. I, for one, am in your corner.

Joe Stains said...

Uh oh is all I can say. Teka, have you ever heard the saying you catch more flies with honey?? I understand all of your tactics except turning yourself pink??? I have to say that I am pretty against this plan because if you succeed Tanner is going to want his own blog and that WILL NOT happen. Ever. EVER, you hear me?

Asta said...

I pawsonally sympathise with you, howevew, I aweady don't get enoug of my Gussie, and if you distwact Muzzer, um I mean Gwama, then I'll have even less of him..that's not good..you might also weconsidew the hawdwood floow issue, they might get an unpickable lock and nevew let you out! even if you'we pink.
I do like heawing fwom you though!
a town tewwwiew
with smoochie kisses

Patience-please said...

Teka you make us howlly happy! We'll be watching how it works for you, because there are NINE of us, and if WE each got our own blog, then the Servant would have no time to eat, bathe, write her own dumb stories about our Poop, uh-oh or feed us. Hmmmm. Rethinking this.
good luck anyway-
the whippet waggle

Jackson said...

Good luck with your campaign, Teka. I'm looking forward to seeing you dyed pink! J x

Eddie N Peaches said...

We want to see you in pink!

Agatha and Archie said...

Teka,You may have to reconsider some of these points if you really want to get anywhere.Um...We really think that you should back off on taking Gussies food/treats and also about the tussles with Gussie(how was that Gussie???) Love A+A

Gus said...

Muzzer says to thank all of you who are being sensible about this and discouraging Teka in her plan. Personally, except for the died pink part, I don't see much difference in this "plan" and her regular behavior. Good job guys and thanks for the support.


Patience-please said...

We can see the photo now! maybe we're gazillionith cousins. Whippets have terriorist ancestors way, way, way back you know. But it hasn't helped with the MOUSE problem here. Sshhhhh, don't tell.

Oh and our Servant is trying to add your blog to some kind of bloglines feed so she can keep track for us. Special, she is.

the whippet waggle

Asta said...

Thanks fow telling me...heheheh, I was wondewing why evewyone was honking at me and dwiving wong..ooops..I'll do bettew now that you told me
smoochie kisses

Asta said...

Hi Gussie!
How's wowk?
I'm still in England nuwsing Jackson, I think he likes it! and is feeling a little bettew!
I hope you get youw bloggie back fwom Tekatoy soon
smoochie kisses

Scruffy & Lacie said...

YO Teka...hmm...we pee many places a lot of the time and so far it's rather non negotiable behavior...I have to admit sharing a blog with Lacie is a complete drag, but I never thought of my own one. Hmmm....

Anyway...tell Gus that there is poker Friday nite....girls allowed....grrrrrrrrrrr...

Asta said...

Mommi is getting weally sad that I'm not home..can you come keep hew company??
I don't know how long Jax will need me..I'm in a quandwy.
smoochie kisses

Jake of Florida said...

Teka Toy,

What have you done with Granma??? Where is she?? Where is Gussie???

Jake and Just Harry

wally said...

HIIIIII! This is ETHEL and not really WALLY and I just wanted to say that I want my OWN BLOG TOO! Big Brothers are SO MEAN!


wally said...

Pssst. Gus. This is Wally (sorry about my sissy.) And I wanted to tell you that just because we don't have THOSE doesn't mean we don't have IT!


Stanley said...

Teka Toy!!

Oh, honey girl. You do deserve your own blog, but you're not going to get it with your scorched earth/slash & burn/shock & awe campaign! I wouldn't mind seeing you all pink, though. Come to think of it, I wouldn't mind seeing Gussie all pink.

Here's wishing you success on getting your own blog... someday.

By the way, where's your mama anyway?

Goober love,