19 December 2007

For Sweet KoobieChristmas makes humans feel emotional
They go to parties parties or things devotional
Whatever happens or what may be,
Here is what Christmas time means to me.

City sidewalk, busy sidewalks
Dressed in holiday style.
In the air there's
A feeling of Christmas.

Doggies barking,
puppies pissing,
Meeting smile after smile,
And on every street corner you'll hear:

Silver bells, collar bells,
It's Christmas time in the city.
Ring-a-ling, hear them ring,
Soon it will be Christmas day.

City street lights,
Have such nice posts,
With a newly wet sheen,
As the doggies rush home
On their leashes.

Hear the snow crunch,
See the pups munch,
This is Santa's big scene,
And above all this bustle you'll hear:

Silver bells, collar bells,
It's Christmas time in the city.
Ring-a-ling, hear them ring,
Soon it will be Christmas day.

Asta lives there,
close to Times Square
And we’re welcome to stay
And her Mommi will help with the shopping

From the Midwest,
And the Southwest
Here comes our pal Lacey
To find the right present at Macy’s

Gussie’s shopping
Without Stopping
For his sweet muzzer dear
And for all of his favorite Girl pups

Stanley’s looking for A special

gift for each of his gals
And a really tuff stuffie
For Stella

Koobie hopes that
Her pal Lenny
Sends a new DVD
One where he provides all of the music

Doggies careful
Of the Traffic
And the Newfs watching out
To make sure that the puppies cross safely

Huskies hoping
Huskies praying
For a whole lot of snow
So that they can pull sleds for their buddies

Darting this way
Darting that way
Lot’s of noise in the air
And above all the bustle you hear

Silver bells, collar bells
It’s Christmas time in the City
Ring-a-ling, hear them ring

Soon it will be Christmas day.


COL. Sam ASTA-fari Joe H. Pinkerton Peabody, Esq said...

That was another good one, Gussie. Your talent is endless!

Asta said...

A pawfect City song!!!
Thank you again!! and thank you fow the kissies on my fuzzbutt..it feels much bettew since then
smoochie kisses

Patience-please said...

Gussie and Muzzer are the next Rogers and Hart or Gilbert and Sullivan or Horn and Hardart or something!!!!
the whippet waggle

Koobuss said...

Oh Gus,

That is brilliant!! Thank you, thank you so much! I just love your writing!! You are great, Gus! So here is one for you!!

Sleighbells ring, are you listening
In the lane, Gus is pis_ ing
A beautiful sight
Gus's aim is so right
Walking in a winter wonderland

In the meadow we can build a snowdog
And pretend that he has treats galore
He'll ask us if we want some of the good stuff
And we'll say that's what snow dogs are for

Later on we'll perspire
As we snooze by the fire
And face unafraid
All the cats that we've chased
Waking in a winter wonderland.

Love and Koobuss Kisses,

Harry said...

Ah, now I've got my Christmassy song fix for the day!

Toodle pip,
Harry x

Peanut said...

Hmm you seem quite smart for a dog. Maybe I can put you to good use.

Shelby the cat

Stanley said...


I LOVE this song too! I see a pissing theme going on here... are you and muzzer trying to tell us something?

Goober love & smooches,