27 December 2007

Last Song

Ok, so muzzer is getting bored with these songs...and we have one more I want to do, so this is the last carol for this year.

Thank you to all our friends who sent in requests...if we didn't get your request done, there are only three possible reasons.

Number 1...muzzer has this idea that some songs are "sacred." So we didn't do Silent Night, because she gets to feelin' strange.


Number 2. There weren't too many places to put names or types of doggies. (Feliz Navidad)


Number 3. Muzzer has flaked out on me again.

Our apologies, we will try to do better next year. Assuming muzzer lets me start what she now calls..."this ridiculous project of yours."


We three rescue terriers are
Glad for homes that do not have bars
Loving family, treats and stuffies
Travelling in the car

Happy Doggys Lucky Dogs
We all even have our blogs
Others still in mills and cages
Waiting for their turns to love

We’re no cuter than the rest
Though our parents think we’re best
Why should we be hale and healthy
How did we pass the test?

Happy Doggys Lucky Dogs
We all even have our blogs
Others still in mills and cages
Waiting for their turns to love

Foster homes and Rescue Groups
Kindly folks who muster the troups
Clean us, Feed us, but don’t breed us
Find us homes and give a whoop

Happy Doggys Lucky Dogs
We all even have our blogs
Others still in mills and cages
Waiting for their turns to love

Dogs need lots of love and stuff
Sometimes life is kinda tough
Don’t forsake us, if you take us
Cuteness is not enough

Happy Doggys Lucky Dogs
We all even have our blogs
Others still in mills and cages
Waiting for their turns to love

There’s a moral to our tune
Help a rescue, keep them safe soon
Eyes and hearts will be so grateful
Your help will be such a boon


Joe Stains said...

I think this song is great for sure, but I am not encouraging Mom to rescue another dog unless I get to interview the dog first!

Patience-please said...

Well that is the very very best of all ever - Bravo!!!! Bravissimo!!! A classic of immense proportions.

big wags-
the whippet waggle

Blue said...

Excellent one to end on.
I think you have done sterling work, have enjoyed the carols immensely & admired your creative thinking. Well done & thank-you!

Love, pats & pets
Blue, who is probably going to tie her-self in knots over her '12 days' post!

Jake of Florida said...

Hey Gussie,

That's me up top, right????? Thank you. We're home and doing what we always do when we come home from camp...taking a lomg snooze. But we'll be barking and blogging manana for sure!!!

(And we have to do something about E.C. Bird who did not do his job for which we paid him mega fishes!!)

Just Harry

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Gussie,
This is a pawesome song! You & Muzzer make so many wonderful songs each year. We hope lots of rescue doggies got their new forever homes this holiday season.
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Jackson said...

Hey Gus, you're ending on a high note! Don't know how you manage to do it, but we're all really glad you do! J x

Dory and Liza said...

Job well done Gussie and Muzzer!! It has been a more joyous holiday season thanks to your songful posts - thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!

Dory and Liza

4xBs said...

Hi Gus, you saved the best for last! that was very thoughtful and beautifully done. you are a wonderful songwriter. your muzzer does pretty good helping you too. thanks for the carols. it really brightened up our holidays.


Stanley said...


You and Muzzer have outdone yourselves this time! I LOVE It! (Being a rescue boy, how could I NOT?)

Goober love,

Ivy said...

gus you are so very clever. you haf an endless store of wunderful lyrics and creativity to draw from. i dont know how you do it so often!

i agree that the time for christmas carols has passed. you are probably tired of re-writing song lyrics too, but if someday you decide to do another one, i haf an either/or request for you.

my peepol haf been singing an awful lot to my bp. seems like thats all they do now is walk around dancing and singing to him. like i woke up in a bad musical or sumthing. and they are always changing the lyrics and it is just dog-awful. i figured you could do a better job.

so if you feel up to it some time, i request "waking up is hard to do" or "there must be 50 ways to lose your binky". of corse, both of these subjects involve not only my bp but also poor, sleepless, falsely-accused ivy. if you decide to accept the challenge - good luck!

Asta said...

Love That song Gussie and Muzzer!!
I'm twying to convince Mommi and Daddi that I need a sibling..it's hawd going...but I won't gie up
I hope lots of ouw fuwwkids found homes like we have!
Thank you fow all youw wowk..we loved all the songs!..They made ouw Chwissmuss even bettew!!!
I uwe hope we get to meet this yeaw in pawson!
smoochie kisses