20 January 2008


Well, we went over to Sophie LaBrador's blog because lots of my friends have been having their humans take this test about what kind of doggie you are supposed to have.

So, muzzer is a bit of a skeptic, and it has taken some doing to convince her that she needs to check this thing out. But finally, after we got dad home, and after we got dinner over, and after she had some hot chocolate, she said, "OK Gussie, let's kill some time and take that quiz."

Let me first tell you friends, I am the PERFECT DOG FOR MY MUZZER!

I walk her, I make sure she doesn't eat too much, I keep her feet warm, I take care of customers at the store, I remind her to get my treats, I chase Teka away when she gets too pushy. In short, I am loyal, brave, honest and true, obey my muzzer at all times, and obey the Terrier Law!

Well, she took this quiz. And I figured, it would be some mix of terriers, terriers and terriers, because Muzzer has learned to love Bostons, Airedales, Welshies, Belingtons, Irish, Wires and even my friend Ralphie, who is a JRT! She is still working on Teka. Maybe even a Lab or a Newfie would be on her list. Maybe a Bernese Mountain Dog.

But NO.....Here is her list:

Number one dog for Muzzer.WHIPPETS!

Now I love the waggle , andd their servants seem nice enough.

But this is not the right dog for my muzzzer.

This dog is ELEGANT!

This dog is THIN!

This dog is SMART!

All these things make my muzzer feel inferior.

This is NOT the dog for muzzer

Number two dog.


She had one of those. His name was Nigel

He went to the bridge, and she still misses him.

But she loves me BEST!

Number Three Dog

English Cocker Spaniel

Cute, but he probably drools almost as much as a Springer.
Numbere Four Dog

Field Spaniel

Are we in a rut here folks?

Number 5 Dog

Wheaten Terrier

Close, but no cigar

Now, this is where muzzer got mad at the quiz. She went down and clicked on the why ? button next to Fox Terrier. It said she should not have a fox terrier because she said she didn't want to run with the dog every day, and because she is over 60!


We rest our case, not a valid quiz. I know she is old. But lots of bloggie moms are almost as old! And she is real small, so she doesn't look that old. And she has it in her will that E.Rabbit gets the dog and E.Beth gets the dolls, so I would be taken care of and loved. I am not happy with that quiz, and now I think muzzer was smart for not going there earlier.

See, I told you I was the perfect dog for her.



COL. Sam ASTA-fari Joe H. Pinkerton Peabody, Esq said...

My sister Zorra was not happy that she was not on our mother's list either. However, I was! BOL. I goes to prove my superiority in this family.

As for Muzzer's list, I am sure it was just an error in the alogorhytmn. You are the perfect dog for your family!!

Patience-please said...

[hee hee hee hee hee hee hee]
We know what that means, Gussie: you are officially and honorary whippet!

wags from the waggle

Joe Stains said...

That quiz is CRAP. mom took it and it said she should have a shitzu or poopoo or something equally NOT a boston terrier.

Blue said...

I loved this post.
Of, course your the perfect dog for muzzer. WFT's are perfect dogs full stop, next to Springer Spanials...
Will have to go & check the quiz out my-self. Will report on my blog later.

Pats & pets

Cassidy said...

Aw, no be sad Gussie. Mummy knows you be prefect no matter what quiz say!

Cassidy x

Maggie & Mitch said...

We're guessing that the quiz doesn't work for everybody! We were just lucky! You're right, Gussie! You're the PERFECT choice for muzzer!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Ivy said...

wut a stupid quiz! keeshond-x isnt even in the list! neither is hamsterrier!

Arabella said...

I wouldn't worry about that quiz, it doesn't even have mutts on it at all!! There's no way it could get all the facts straight about purebreds if it doesn't even care about mixes!

Dory and Liza said...

We feel the quiz is wrong too - it said my human would be best matched with Dobermans, Pit Bull Terriers, Tibetan Mastiffs, Ibizan Hounds or a Great Dane??

Did I mention we live in the city??

Anyhoo - we loved the revised lyrics to the Victors and my Mom has shared them and sang them all blessed morning!

Have a great week Gussie!


E. Rabbit said...

Uh-oh, Gus--you're #67 on my list. Teka is #59. I think this just goes to show that it's really the individual personalities involved that count when making this sort of decision.

Asta said...

Mommi took that quiz and didn't even post about it cause they wewe soooo off..not a tewwiew in sight fow hew.sheesh..it's obvious this quiz is wigged and wun by anti tewwiew hoomans
smoochie kisses fwom one pawfect tewwiew to anothew!!!

Jackson said...

You don't need any silly quiz to tell you that you're perfect for Muzzer! J x

William Tell said...

Of course you are the perfect dog, Gussie, and your Muzzer knows it, too. You have all the finest qualities, with just a bit of terrier mischief thrown in. What more could anyone want?

William Tell

Peanut said...

Well I was on my mom's list but Flash wasn't. We think it was fun but obviously not what people should go by. And who cares if your muzzer doesn't want to run with you. As long as you get enough exercise and are happy. Stupid quiz

Joe Stains said...

you may want to check out our blog and check Teka's breath for signs of burgers and fries....

Lenny said...

Gussie, I agree! The quiz told my mom that a fox terrier was not right for her because she WANTED to go running with her dog. What a load!

Your friend, Lenny

Koobuss said...


You are the perfect dog for anybody!! Dumb quiz.
And there is nothing wrong with 60 either. (Says mom. I wouldn't know. I'm only 15 months. Hehe.)

I saw that list somewhere else and it seemed to have similar answers. I think it is skewed that way. Anyway, we all know that fox terriers are Number 1!!

Love and Koobuss Kisses,

Stanley said...


My girl agrees with your muzzer about the bogusness of that quiz. No terriers came up for her either (at least Muzzer got 1), and while she likes all dogs, she was inundated with retrievers (labs, goldens, etc.)

It's obvious you're the BEST dog for your Muzzer. If that sad little quiz site doesn't get it, then it's their loss.

Goober love,

Ralph said...

Whippets were 2nd on our list! I wasn't on the list though !