10 February 2008

My new Ball!

Muzzer brought home a new ball today for me n Teka.
Muzzer and the ball arrived at our house at about 2:10 pm.
The ball spent a short time outside in the sun.

The ball died at 2:17 pm.

Rest in peace.


Butchy & Snickers said...

Ok, who chewed the ball??? Teka???????? What a shame. Now you won't be able to play with it. Why can't they invent dog toys that are chew proof anyway?? Have a good night.
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butcho & Miss Snickers

Joe Stains said...

holy crap, did it splode?! what the heck happened. Mom went to sunflower and got us some sweet potato treats aaaand that plaque off junk. its a neat little store and the lady who runs it is very nice.

Cassidy said...

Wow, me guesses naughty Teka killed bally!

Cassidy x

Faya said...

Is this why you wanted to kill Teka yesterday ? Poor Gus....
Kisses, Faya

Patience-please said...

hey they're more fun 'sploded! you can shake and shake em and hit yourself in the sides of the face with em!
And you can eat the bits you chew and have phsycho-dellic poop!

wags from the whippets

Peanut said...

Oh my I think that ball didn't want to live anymore. I am sure neither of you did that.

Penny & Poppy said...

Wow, did you set a new record in killing that ball? Those are some awsome teeth to kill a ball that fast!

Poppy & Penny

Jackson said...

I'm beginning to think that Teka is the girl for me. Imagine the carnage we'd cause if we were let loose on a room full of toys TOGETHER! Ahhh, a dog can dream! J x

Mack said...

7 minutes! That's not too bad!

You guys are aweome destroyers, like me!!

Anonymous said...

Awe how sad! We killed our skin brother's blow up globe the other day too.... they sure dont make balls like they used to..

Snowball said...

RIP, yellow ball. Your short 7 mins of live had brought much fun for Gus an Teka, I am sure.


William Tell said...

Ah, the good die young...


Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

So did a coyote get it?

Bussie Kissies

The Brat Pack said...

That's gotta be a record.


Scruffy & Lacie said...

Did it melt? Or did you eat it? I'm thinkin' somedog ate it??!!! We tried to post a comment on ur last post but blogger was stuck up or something....Miss Snickers is gonna love that pix of you skiing!

We've all been out practicing on the hills in our yard. Pittsburgh is very very hilly!

Sorry you killed the ball. Are ya gonna bury it?


Asta said...

The wain aweady ate my snow...but if it evew comes again,,I'll send you some

anyway we should have lovely snow at Koobie's
I cn't wait to see you..

Gussie, I'm afwaid youw package is going to be late..Mommi is tewwible with getting things out on time..I'm mad at hew
smoochie kisses

Maggie & Mitch said...

OOPS! We hope it was fun while it lasted!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch