25 May 2008

Memorial Day Holiday

Hi Y'all...here we are in Azrizona, waiting for Memorial Day to happen.
Muzzer has a strange notion of what should happen on a holiday! This morning Me and Teka both got showers, then we got fussy red white and blue collars and bandananas. I get to wear my Cardinal Bandana! Teka gots one that has stars and stripes.
The most happiest thing that happened is that my Sisssie E.Rabbit has arrived to pack up her stuff and get it out of muzzer's way! And she knows how to celebrate...here we are begging for a taste of the treats she brought from Dee See. Teka is a bit more aggressive than I am...so what else is new? Here she is showing off, and I am in the back ground, being good and well behaved!

Anyway, we all had dinner, and Teka was allowed out of her crate and went to make a nest in the newspaper box that Muzzer is saving to help with packing stuff. For some reason, everyone else thought that was cute. Sheesh.
I am keeping this post short because I am worried about my friends Butcho and the lovely Miss Snickers and their Mama and Dad, and of course all the koi and wheelies that live with them. They are havin really bad weather in their neighborhood, so I am kind of worried. I am watching the radar screen to see what his happening up there. Earlier there was a tornado really close to them, and in Minnesota, one person was killed. So keep them all in your thoughts and let's hope that we have heard from them by this time tomorrow.

Signing out.


Lacy said...

w00f's Gussie, i shure hope butchy, snickers, fishes and mama and daddy iz safe...i saw all dat destruction on tv..

b safe,

CaliChi said...

I'm sure you two look smashing in your festive attire. Hopefully Butchy and Snickers will not have to deal with too much of the storm... I'll be thinking of them

Jake of Florida said...

Any word from Ms. Snickers and Butchy? We stopped by -- but saw nothing unusual.

You know, for some reason, Mom didn't put our fancy bandananas on for the holiday. Do you think she is getting old and forgetful? We used to always have a bandanana on for special occasions.


Love and kisses,

Jake and Just Harry

When is the fateful moving day for you and muzzer? Our Mom can't remember that either.

Peanut said...

Is Teka a cat? Better keep an eye on her.

Patience-please said...

Good luck with helping with all that packing! Those tarnations were aimed at us but they missed. Glad Butchy and Snickers were ok.

wags from the whippets

Joe Stains said...

I gotta admit that Teka is kind of cute in that pic. KIND OF. Tanner said very, but he is married.

We are thinking of Butchy and Snickers and hope they are ok :(

Jackson said...

You know I have a soft spot for Teka as my Queen of destruction and she looks VERY cute in that box. I'm a bit late here so I already know that B&S are OK, thank dogness! J x

Stanley said...

Hey, Gussie!

Glad to know that Miss Snickers and Butchy are all fat and sassy! My granny lives in Iowa, and she's alright too.

My girl thinks you're such a sweet and compassionate guy!

Goob love (and major eye rolling),