23 July 2008

Me and Teka are on strike (again!)

Teka and I are on strike because of what they have done to our yard!
Remember yesterday when that truck came to our house?
Well, because of that we now refuse to go into our back yard
Teka just keeps watch from the porch, while I ignore the whole thing.
And it is all because of these silly white flag things!
When we go near them, they beep at us.
If we go closer, it feels like there are buzzy bees under my collar
Teka says it is the same with her, only worse, because she is more sensitive.

I can't even cheat and go through my shack with the red door because they are waitin for me at the back wall!

How am I gonna go visit my poor, sweet Miss Snickers, who has been asking for me constantly?

How is poor Teka ever going to see her Swede William again?

Stay tuned for the next episode.



Peanut said...

well that is awful. Maybe you can get them tickets to come visit you or figure out how to get those collars off

Patience-please said...

Ja, hey hey Teka... oh I.. oh


Oh good grief. Swede William just keeled over. We guess that full frontal shot of Teka was too much for him.
We're hoping you can solve this dilemna, dilema, di- er, this mess, very soon. Let us know if we can help.

wags from the whippets, or the ones who are still conscious anyway

Joe Stains said...

omdog WTF as Tanner would say???? This is very scary and unsettling?? I am going to get in my sleeping bag, this is too much!

Maggie and Mitch said...

This is so not good! We think you're going to have to ask for Muzzer's permission from now on! What a bummer!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Asta said...

This is a twagedy .I thought white flags mean that they give up..but whoevew they is hewe I guess they'we mowe stubbown than tewwiews..do you want me to come teaw off the flagses??
Snickers is pining fow you
smoochie kisses fwom IOWA
nuwse ASTA

Harry said...

Hmm, looks like you're trapped to me.

Toodle pip
Harry x

William Tell said...

Uh oh, if Mom gets wind of this idea, my goose is cooked too. Bummer!

William Tell

Jackson said...

Poor Gus & Teka! I guess you'll only be allowed to visit your pals with a special dispensation from Muzzer. J x

Eric said...

Now seems to me the person who should be wearing a collar is Muzzer. She's the one who intially wandered a long way from home and has made no effort to return. Lead by example...

Eric x

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

OH MY...didn't they tell ya if ya want to leave EVEN IF YOU HAVE UR COLLARS ON YOU CAN JUST DRIVE OUT???

Yep...Mumsie's left our collars on plenty and we've gone to the park...no shockies goin' outta the driveway. Nope. Ur too high up in the car!

So...I see NO reason why you dogs can't just climb in the Gussie mobile and go and visit. You could come here, Sweet Gussie...we'd love to have ya!

Oh..tell Muzzer if ur freakin' bout even going out in the yardie cuz of the flags to take some simply scrumptious treats...chopped hot dogs, bacon whatever really makes ya go crackers and toss them randomly around the SAFE areas of the yard. Especially when you two are hungry. Worked for me. I was terrierfied of our yardie when the flags went in and I REFUSED TO PEE OUT THERE JUST FOR SPITE. I got lotsa good foodie that day.

Barkin' at ya! Laciegirl

Agatha and Archie said...

This is TERRIBLE......shocking actually( oh dear we just realized what we said...)Somwthing has to be dons....BUT WHAT???????????????????????????????????//We have to think on this one.Love A+A

Jake of Florida said...


Check us out, then go see Agatha and Archie!!!

Jake and Just Harry

wally said...

These are upsetting developments. We must find a way to thwart the buzzy bees.

But first, I need a nap.

wally t.

THE ZOO said...

that wuldnt werk here cawze wed taked tha shock and keep runnin.