06 August 2008

Photos from Night Out

Yesterday Me and Teka were out on the back porch watching for people and doggies who were coming to our house for National Night Out.

Nope...no doggies coming from this direction.
Wait Gussie...I think I smell Swede William!
As you can see...she was wrong! Because the first doggie to arrive was Miss Asta, denizen of Noo Yawk, Roma and Lonk Geyeland! Swathed in yards of mosquito netting, she looked like a heroine from a nineteenth century novel. She dropped by on her way to nurse Jackson in the UK, and help him prepare for his tests today.
She even brought me a new adventure hat, complete with Mosquito Netting. Pawsonally, I think it looks better on her than it does on me. She also brought a lovely hammock for the back yard...but more about that later.
Here is Teka, making friends with our neighbors.
And here are the Barkalot Boys, come to play with the rest of us in the Back Yard.Teka, of course, had to zip back and forth between the groups, checking to see which bunch had the best snackies.
Would you believe this is the only picture of the Hooman Group we have without Teka in the middle of it. She is becoming a real camera hog.
That stopped, of course, as soon as Swede William and the Whippets dropped by! Teka was so busy trying to entice Swede William into the hammock, she forgot all about the hoomans and the snacks.

Soon it got dark, and it was time for all our guests to leave. We gathered along the front walk, and made a wish for Jackson on the dog star like Asta suggested. Lots of Tennesse Zen coming your way Jackson.

Our Hooman guests all live close by, but the doggie guests had a longer trip home. The Barkalots were gonna ride part way with Swede William and the crew on his limousine, so they took off about 10:00 pm for Paducah. We finished cleaning up the driveway and putting things away, and got ready to go for walkies.

OOps...Can the Whippets and the Barkies look around and see if Teka has stopped to visit either of them?

kisses from Gussie


Asta said...

That was such a lovely event..I weally had fun..and loved seeing all of you..I pawsonally thought you looked smashing and deb oh nawe in youw hat..and you must admit it helped wif the pesky Mossies..sowwy that you's wasn't long enough to covew youw Bum, and you got that hooge bite
smoochie kisses
pee ess..hope the hoomans had as much fun as we did!

Patience-please said...

Svede Villiam, here. Teka? la la la. Hum de dum. No speakie Englie, sorry Gustav!

Hey hey-

Lorenza said...

I wonder where is Teka now??
Kisses and hugs

Joe Stains said...

Teka is becoming quite the adventure-pup...you need more than a shock collar on her!! Sorry we couldn't make it, Tanner's brain was frazzled after trying to post yesterday. There was no way I was having him fly me in that condition, we'd end up in el salvador.

thank your Cardinals for beating the Dodgers and keeping Mom's Dbacks in first place. on the MLB extra innings feed we get the local coverage and we saw some Steak and Shake commercials!!

Jackson said...

Hey pals, glad your do went well. I rather like your new hat, Gus, very dashing! J x

Agatha and Archie said...

Oh you guys...WE MISSED IT!!!!!!!!!!!! PL2 had to work 3 12 hour days in a row and was a little frazzled herself.......but it looked like fun!! Love and kisses A+A

Stanley said...

Gussie Boy!!

Sorry I missed your pawty, man. If I had been on the ball, I would have been there for the whole weekend and the days leading up to it!

Looks to me like you've all got a good batch of neighbors. They at least no how to accessorize and obviously have good taste in friends.

I'm going to catch up with all you've been up to. Can't wait to read about your adventures, and my girl is really itchin' to look at all your photos!!

Goober love & smooches,

Jake of Florida said...


Tell your possibly gravid muzzer that we have seen no sign of Teka. We're back home and asked all along the way if anyone had seen a lovesick JRT, but no one had.

WE thiunk your yard is lovely -- and the Mayemphis mosquitos are not different from out Plantation mosquitos -- escept they talk a little funnier!!


Jake and Just Harry

Jake of Florida said...

To whom it may concern -- in case any dog reads the above comment from us and mistakes "possibly gravid muzzer" for something it is not, please lay the mistake at the paws of our "definitely stoopid Mom" who misunderstood a bizarre mistranslation elsewhere and thought she should make it her own. There, that should be clear as mud, right pals????

Gussie, tell your muzzer that our silly Mom is sorry for any confoosion this may have caused her (or your dad).

Woofs, pals!! We love you. Go Cards!!!

Jake and Just Harry

Maggie and Mitch said...

We're so sorry we missed your pawty, Gussie! We love your adventure hat with the netting! You're really stylin'

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch