03 September 2008

Thank you Whippet Waggle and Servant

The Whippet Waggle had a contest last week, and me n muzzer put our names in for the drawing.

Well, we won. And so yesterday, the mail lady brought us this envelope, and after we said "Thank you, Ma'am" (this is Mayemphis you know!) me and Teka turned to muzzer and said "openitopenitopenit! nownownownownow!)

And, inside there were lots of really neat stuff...First there was this plasticpoopbag bag, an excellent accessory to use when walking doggies. It has a copper doggie on it, and Teka says it is definitely SwedeWilliam, not SamIAm!

Then there were two dressy collars, one for me and one for Teka Toy. This is Mayemphis you know, and we need to dress up more often than we did in Azrizona!

And Swede William sent Teka another heart to put on her collar, which we will do as soon as we wash the collar. My Teka is a dirty little doggie! We wash that pink collar about once each week. Sheesh. But she really loves it, cause it was her very firstest present from Swede William.

Then there was my ICE CREAM CONE!!!! I have been waiting and waiting for this to arrive. As soon as muzzer got it out of the wrappers, I ran for the safest place in the house......right under dad's desk, between his feet and the wall

The second picture shows a bit more of the Ice Cream cone, and why muzzer worries about me getting tangled up in cords and things when I go under there.

Here are two pretty good shots of me enjoying my cone.

You also get a pretty good shot of the rodney pocket and my stitches as a bonus prize!

And now, Teka has something to say:

The card you sent was very sweet
The collars are a special treat
I know you said the white was mine
I think the black looks very fine
The contrast is better, as you can see
And the black one makes me look SEXY!

many kisses to Swede William, and please tell him I will save the white one for my next visit.

Oh, and if the muzzer here can ever master photography, I will have better shots for his enjoyment!
xxooxxoo Teka Toy!


Sunny,Scooter,Jamie said...

Wow. you guys got some really cool stuff. Glad you'r enjoying your ice cream cone Gussie!
Tekka, you do look quite striking in that collar. We like the red heart that Swede William sent. Very sweet!
ps Sunny here. I feel rather vidicated since y'all's comment on my snack search. Turns out I had most of the doggie's support! Thanks

Asta said...

so gladto see you enjoying youw ice cweam cone and thank you fow the cool pictoowes of you!!!
Teka is weally styling in that collaw...she does look sexy(Lacie will be sooo Jelly)
That bag wif Sweed William on it is the best!
mowe pictoowes pleez!!!
love and smoochie kisses

BenTheRotti said...

How awesome to see you enjoying your goodies. What a wonderful haul you got!

Congratulations buddy, you thoroughly deserve it

Ben xxx

the 4 Bs said...

oh yes, you kiddos are totally cute and you got the good stuff too! we love that ice cream cone. it looks delicious. what flavor do you suppose it is?

and the black fancy collar looks divine on Teka. she's a hottie alright!


Joe Stains said...

Well the white one might look nice for a wedding....

just sayin....

Patience-please said...

Yes Mr. Joe Stains, Jah!!! A Wedding was just the thing, yah!

Teka you look maaaahvellous!!! Oh I can't breathe! Too seckssss oh I can't say it out loud..


Lord, maybe Swede William is related to muzzer because he just tipped over.

Glad you liked your ice cream cone. Maybe muzzer could keep some smelling salts in the little purse for the next trip to the vet!!!

wags from the whippets and the lover boy who is coming around now

Stanley said...

Love the fab gifts... especially that cone! Don't let Teka get her paws on it, man!

I always thought YOU would wear the black one, Gussie.

My girl said next to having full booty shots of you, that shots of your fuzz face and juicy schnoz run a close second!

Goober love,

Jackson said...

What a lot of lovely loot! Have you eaten the ice cream yet, Gus? J x

Maggie and Mitch said...

What a cool ice cream cone toy! How does it taste, Gussie?
Teka looks fabulous in that fancy collar!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch