05 September 2008

Update ffom Teka

Muzzer is in St. Loulis, and I am giving you a Gussie update.

Well, dad is in charge this weekend, so the treats are cut back, there are no leftovers, and we watch every baseball game on TV! The up side of this is that I pretty much get to run the place, and today, I cleaned out muzzer's closet and made a really neat pillow case out of two sweaters that said they were cashmere, but I thing they are only angora. That will teach them to lie on their tags! HAH.

Oh, you want to know how Gussie is doing?

Gussie who?

OH! That Gussie. Well, I guess he is OK. Whatever they did to him when they made muzzer wait outside of the room must've been good for him, because his Rodney pocket is hardly swollen at all. Of course, he is sad because he misses his muzzer, but I told him that tomorrow I will make him a pillow cover out of two other sweaters that I found today. That should help, right?

I'm gonna go now and see if I can get that cell phone of Dad's to work so I can call Swede William.

Teka Toy


Sunny,Scooter,Jamie said...

Wow, a cashmere pillow case. Sweet. Try not to tear just everything in the whole house up while Muzzer is gone Teka. We are soo glad that vet finally got with the program! Glad Gussie is doing better. Wonder if Muzzer has tried the nip/shake technique yet. hah
Hang in everyone,

Blue said...

Glad to hear that Gussie is doing well.
Do make him that nice soft bed, I'm sure muzzer wont mind...

Pats & pets

Jackson said...

Hey Teka, less treats and no leftovers? Sounds like you need to get your Dad better trained! Glad to hear that you've been making yourself comfy in Muzzer's absence. I think Gus (like me) needs a chest wig but I guess a jumper will do quite nicely instead. J x

Penny, Poppy & Patches said...

Hi Teka! You do such a good job of reporting. We're glad to hear that Gussie is doing well. We hope you plan on putting those pillow cases (I mean...sweaters) back before your Muzzer gets home. Put them right back where you found them and she will never know you had them...unless she notices the slobber and Teka hair!

Poppy, Penny & Patches

Stanley said...

Teka Girl!

You are CRAZY, sistah! I bet Gussie is just dying to get out and wrassle you back into submission but my buddy is on the injured list for awhile.

Make sure you don't accidentally burn the house down or anything.

Goober love & smooches,

Agatha and Archie said...

Oooooohhhhhhh boyyyyyy....we are a bit behind in our reading and now we are caught up....Poor Gussie and poor Muzzer....PL2 and I say it's pretty clear she could never be a nurse.......We hope Gussie is feeling better.Teka you really should find 2 cashmere sweaters for Gussie to rest on as well...... Love and kisses A+A PS the collars are really cool we are going to have to get some!!!

wally said...


I THINK you and I would be GREAT FRIENDS! You could teach me how to make pillowcases! I could teach you how to scream!


ps. We have to watch FOOTBALL at our house. But my APE is worried that the CUBS are gonna BLOW IT. Wally said I shouldn't discuss this with GUS who has differing opinions. WHAT?

the 4 Bs said...

thanks for the report on Gus. we're glad that he's doing good.

now about those pillow cases - do you have any more? cuz we just love to rest our heads on those soft sweaters.


Joe Stains said...

Oh boy Teka, you might be in a bit of trouble when Muzzer gets back. If you do get that phone working, order us a pizza ok?

Jake of Florida said...

Teka, Teka --

Our Mom would be so p---ed if we were to get into any of her clothes. You're lucky you don't live here or Teka woule be in mucho Trouble. Teka the Terrible would be your name!!

Now, designer sunglasses, antique books, leather glass cases -- that's a very different story!!

And we do miss our pal Gussie.

As for your dad -- if he watched the game that we watched last night, he probably threw his cell phone at the TV and said a few unprintable words!!!

Hope you and Swede William can connect in another way!!

Jake and Just Harry

Maggie and Mitch said...

You get a little bit nutty when Muzzer is gone, don't you, Teka? We think you might be in the doghouse when she comes home!
Tell Gussie we said hi and we're glad he's feeling better!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Teka...now please behave while Muzzer is gone....DID YOU SAY I COULD BORROW A CASHMERE SWEATER???

What color is it???????

I'll be there in a minute to try it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love and kissies...Laciegirl

Peanut said...

Teka you are just a pistol.

Patience-please said...

TEEEEEEKAAAAAAAAAAA! yah, you betcha I will snuggle on that softest of pillows with you and I will give you raw fishies to roll in and mebbee eat.

kisses from your only Swede William in the World