05 January 2009


Or, the feast of three kings, used to be celebrated on January 6. Twelve days after Christmas. Somehow, in their wisdom, the church fathers have decided that this year is is January 4. Muzzer tends to be a traditionalist in these things. But I have convinced her to compromise, not an easy task. We are writing the last carol for the year tonight. Warning...this may be a bit long!

We three wire fox terriers are
Travelling cross the country by car
Me and Bussie, my bro Mackie
Ozzie and Romeo.

First we pick up Barkie Boys
Jakey and Just Harry, oh joy!
Head for New Yawk, pick up Asta
Go skating in the pawk.

Pick up Petey - he's at home
Pick up Koobie, don't let her roam
Mitch and Maggie. Archie and Aggie
Lacey, Scruffy, Baby Stanley, everyone says hello

Backtrack just a little bit
Wally and the wild teens will fit
Willy and Terry, can't forget 'em
My that's a lot of snow

Boy this car is carrying a crowd.
Lenny's playing music too loud
All the whippets fill the backseat
Teka has faked a swoon

All twelve of the Bumpass hounds fit
Khyra needs a soft place to sit
Pick up Ivy, Rudy and Ralphy
Leave Benjamin at home.

Butchy and the lovely miss S.
She is wearing my favorite dress
Stanley and Stella, Asta's sweet fella
Heading for Texas now.

Scooter and Miss Sunny can go,
Pick up Scooter's Twinny and Joe
Pick up Bogart and Ruby and go
To the Beach to see the ocean
My we have driven far.

Ruby Aire has picked up the rest
Flying east and then to the west
Opy, Charlie, Snowball, Bae Bae
Faya, Dyos and then

Stopping over in London for Lunch
She picked up the British Bunch
Jackson, Eric, Molly, Taffy
Marvin from Scotland too

Quite a crowd of our doggie pals
Doggie guys and doggie gals
Celebrate a lovely new year
Best wishes to you all!


Asta said...

If it wewen't fow you, Mommi and I wouldn't have known they changed the date..WTF???as Joe would say> That's just wong..next they'll change Chwissmuss too..
What a glowious twip you planned fow all us fwiendses..the best gang awound..and I hope we'll continoo to have loads mowe funthis yeaw! BTW, I'm waiting fow Befana..my fwiend Opus (fwom Italy) told me all about hew..possibly mowe pwesents..hope she comes to you too
smoochie kisses

Stanley said...

MAN! Those were some lyrics! I know it doesn't take you and Muzzer long to do these songs, but it amazes me everytime I sing one, how fun they are!

Please tell Muzzer to feel free to make up other songs throughout the year, if the fancy strikes her. I'd rather not have to wait a whole year before I get to hear more! No pressure, though.

Goober love & smooches,

Maggie and Mitch said...

Your version is so much more fun, Gussie and muzzer!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

And best wishes to WOO too!

I'm furry honoured to have a soft place to seat!

Right now, I've got a soft place to khurl up whilst Mom khloses in on leaving fur work: I'm bakhk in bed again...just khan't wait to get bakhk in bed again!


Joe Stains said...

Wow, all I gotta say is whoever had the beans before this car ride should be applauded, what a great dimension THAT added to the car!!

GREAT song!!

Poopsie Blue said...

Super rendition of the Three Kings!
Have really enjoyed this years Carols - Well done Muzzer, the muse did well.

Love, pats & pets to you all.
And , did I wish you a Happy New Year???