18 August 2009

Prayer Beads

My muzzer was quite taken with an idea that Mango the relentlessly huge came up with last Wednesday. His Momma has a friend who is sick, and the friend made bracelets for all her buddies so they would think happy thoughts for her while she is getting treatment. So, the Mango Momma let Mango borrow it to send out good vibes to Max and other DWB members who were not feelin' well.

Never one to ignore a good idea, and slipping deeper into childhood every day, muzzer decided to try her hand at makin' me a prayer bracelet that I can wear when we invoke the power of the paw.

Nice thought Muzzer. Spelled my name right and everything. UMMM, the only thing is, it is long enough that I need to wear it as a necklace. And I gotta tell you...I'm just not sure about this.

Whaddya think?



Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Woo will start a trend!

I mean, it khould be this year's manbag...


maybe woo will have all the babes asking woo to show 'em your beads!


Jake of Florida said...

On one of the terrier lists, we would all light a candle at a set time to spread the power of the paw.

Whatever it takes to invoke the healing vibes!!

Jake and Just Harry

Mango said...

I think you will look quite dashing and will help you to focus your healing vibes. Try it.


P.S. Momma's friend just got the news that her cancer hasn't spread so maybe the bracelets are working!

Mack and Sally Ann said...

If you wear those beads, you will look great. I bet your Mommy could make a special collar out of the beads.
Sally Ann

Koobuss said...

Necklaces are fine, Gussie. A lot of guys where necklaces. And besides, it has your name on it and the colors look good on you. Sounds perfect to me. Muzzer did her usual fine job.

Love and Koobuss Kisses,

The OP Pack said...

Great idea, can you model it for us? Wait, maybe not, then the Momster will get silly ideas.

Seriously it is a really nice thing to do.

Play bows, the OP Pack

Lorenza said...

It is pawesome!
Kisses and hugs

Butchy and Snickers said...

Ooooh, nice bracelet or necklace Gussie. Maybe Muzzer could attach it to your collar also.

We been busy helping Mama make homemade sketti sauce to freeze. You would luv the smell right now. Next time you come to nurse Snickers, we'll have sketti kay??
Luv & Wirey Hugs,
Butchy, Snickers, Ruby, Sylvester & Scuby

TwoSpecialWires said...

We think Muzzer is on to a good idea. Bracelet? Necklace? Attachment to a leash? Whatever, it's the healing vibes that mean the most! Go for it!

Jake and Fergi

Asta said...

I think it's a swell idea, and I think you can cewtainly cawwy off the look
smoochie kisses

Maggie and Mitch said...

We think Muzzer did a great job, Gussie! We just know it will work and we also think it'll look smashing on you, no matter how you wear it!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Penny, Poppy & Patches said...

What a great idea, Gussie! We all know that the power of the paw works, but why not speed it up a little!

Poppy, Penny & Patches

Abby said...

Hi, Gussie...

I love it...It will look great on you...

Abby xxxooo

Agatha and Archie said...

We LOVE it and really if anyone can wear it you certainly can..Love A+A

Fred said...

I think I would rather wear a necklace than a bracelet, but I'd be willing to give it a try if it came into fashion!

Moco said...

Maybe you could just place your paw. That would give new meaning to the power of the paw. We think Muzzer is on the same wave length as the crazy old bat.

Brownie said...

You are so fashion forward, Gus, I am sure it will be a hit!