10 November 2010

My Sissie E.Rabbit Sent this article

From the London Telegraph!

Pedigree Chum it certainly isn't

A new restaurant has opened catering just for pampered pooches. Rose Prince and her cocker spaniel Billy review a real dog's dinner.

Billy and I entered the restaurant yesterday lunchtime, wet and dishevelled after walking across the park in the rain. The smell of slow cooked lamb hot pot hovers invitingly in the air. 'Yum,’ I think, hungrily. Billy, meanwhile, begins to salivate, panting quietly to himself.

Perhaps I should explain. Billy is my dog - a delightful Working Cocker. And we are attending the first restaurant designed just for dogs. Chef patron Henrietta Morrison of Lily’s Kitchen Dogs Diner, knows her clientele. As we enter, she gives Billy a thorough rubdown with a towel until his golden curls bounce back into shape and before Billy could even beg he was offered a complimentary free range beef tendon for being the diner’s first customer – a chewable grissini that he protectively clamps between his teeth. Billy is normally fed on my home-cooked leftovers. I wonder how he will cope with Morrison’s cooking.

Morrison was inspired by Lily, her laid back Border Terrier, and her natural pet-food company is two years old natural pet food company. Lily too is a greeter - and stands quietly near the entrance welcoming customers. She takes Billy’s traditional, un-gentlemanly dog greeting - a healthy sniff to her derriere - in her stride. She’ll have to get accustomed to this – for her diner is sure to be a hot ticket.

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Remington said...

We need more places that WE can go and eat, don't you agree! Great post!

Remington said...

We need more places that WE can go and eat, don't you agree! Great post!

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...



Anonymous said...

Wowee! That is just super terrific! I wanna go! Do you think it would take a long time to gets there from Collie-rado?

Wiggles & WAgs,

Asta said...

I think we should stwongly considew moving . What do you say???
sounds divine
smoochie kisses

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Sounds great, just send directions, please.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara