22 June 2011

Many Apologies

To DogDad and DogMom
who were the creators of our Flat Selves,
and are the humans designated to serve
our Pals Jake and Just Harry.

We are sure you all know who is
at fault for this sad omission.



Asta said...

dont be so hawd on cewtain someones , who immediately told us that youw flat selves wewe cuwtesy of DogMom and DogDad and Jake and Just Hawwy when we admiwed you
smoochie kisses
pee ess I hope Flat gussie delivewed all my smoochies intact to you

Frankie Furter said...

Hi Gus... I am a furend of Asta's...

I LOVED seeing your flat self while you visited Miss Asta.

Jake of Florida said...

You know how humans are, right? Apologies weren't needed -- but thank you on their behalf.

Actually, we never got to show off our other adventures in Orlando -- so perhaps they should apologize to us!!!

Or else post the missing photos before another dog year goes by.

We love you, pal!!!

Jake and Just Harry

Asta said...

I hope thewe wewe at least ten sewvings so that you got a nice helping..it is awfully yummie..I wouldn't mind having it again too, hehehe

Poow Muzzew, that is a lot of wesponsibility..someone is going to have to make it up to hew and it's not you i'm talking about but the napping one, hehehe
smoochie kisses

Remington said...

Things happen....

Asta said...

I will pick you up Just pack showts and hawaiian shiwts
Teka could use a gwass skiwt ow can come nekkid,
I just need to get away fwom hewe..mommi is wowse than evew these days
smoochie kisses

shane said...

.,hayssss.,well things really happen with out our control...

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TwoSpecialWires said...

Gussie, having just met DogMom, we're sure she understood the omission, if that's what you must call it. She's a very talented DogMom, who juggles lots on her plate all at once. We know. She was able to visit us, give scritchies and loves, all while Bella was licking her ears and while she was mentally rehearsing for a presentation and missing DogDad and Jake and Just Harry. Oh, yeah. And chatting and sipping lemonade. We liked her. And now we can see that she is a great FlatSelfCreator, too. We give her an A+

Jake and Fergi