26 November 2006

More Water Play

Dad was watering the non-lawn today. For those who do not live in AZrizona or environs, we have a summer lawn and (some people have) a winter lawn. But, even though we don't have a green lawn like most of our neighbors, we still water the dry stuff so that the little rhyzomes or whatevers don't die off completely.

So today was the day for watering the rhyzomes or whatevers.

Teka has been telling me what a good time she had last week catching the water from the bubblers. So she came over and demonstrated her technique for me, and I watched her very carefully. It looked like a lot of trouble for what amounts to a drink of water, but she insisted, and so I agreed to give it a try. I practiced for a while, and then, as you can see, achieved an unsurpassed degree of mastery.

I must report, however, that it doesn't taste any different than water from the tap. The big giggle is that it tickles your mouth something awful, and gets tangled up with your tongue and it is a very happy feeling.

Travis thinks we are very stupid. He goes into the middle of the lawn and lays there while the sprinklers run and run and run. Well Duh, Trav. Who is calling the terriers stupid????



Joe Stains said...

Gus! We have that dry crappy grass this time of year too, it stinks. One cool thing you can do is take the tops off those bubbler things off then the water shoots straight up in the air, I bet your mom and dad wouldn't mind!

Anonymous said...

We have so many pine trees we have hardly any grass and a nice carpet of pine needles o-u-t back. The rents don't bother watering cuz it doesn't help any.

Bussie Kissies

Ivy said...

it tickles your mouth?? ewww! i dont think i wud like that much. sumtimes wen i am tugging a toy with my randy he tickles my mouth and makes me let go of it! that is so not fair.

i think joes idea of taking the tops off the bubblers sounds just rite. water shooting up in the air sounds like loads of fun! woo hoo!