29 November 2006

O Christmas Cards O Christmas Cards

How Many Have we Gotten?
From all of our Dog Blogger Friends
Some known and some forgotten

We've got to get
Our rears in gear
And send our cards out
NOW this Year!!

But muzzer says
"Groom Gussie First"
Because he has
Ne-ver looked worse

So off I go to Groomer Land
My Wirey Fur and Leash in hand
And now I am a Handsome Guy
A rival to the stars on high.

And in the morning we will go
To set up our new photo show
And get some copies printed up
So you can see this lovely pup.

Do not despair, we really care
And soon your cards will be right there
But until then, Much thanks to all
Whose cards through Gussie's mail slot fall.

I know it is more politically correct to call them "holiday cards", but the meter didn't work



Joe Stains said...

what a great rhyme! You are super talented and super cute, what a great package!

fee said...

pix! pix! i wanna see pix of your new 'do!


Gus said...

Hey Joe, thanks for the compliment. My little terrier mind runs, not in circles but in rhymes.

Fee: Photos soon. Merry Whatever!