02 December 2006

Bussie Claus

This is dedicated to my pal Buster, Blog-dog extraordinaire and (well deserved)
winner of the awesome blog award!

You better not bark
You better not yip
You better not pee
inside of your home
Bussie Clause is Coming To Town

He's making a list,
Checking it twice,
Knows from the start
Who's naughty and Nice
Bussie Claus is coming To Town.

He knows where you've been sleeping
He knows just what you break
He knows whose shoes you have chewed up
And what a mess you make

His Wirey friends in blog town
Have got this written down
They're gonna have a doggie feast
While Bussie plays the clown

So, You'd better not bark
You'd better not yip
You better not pee inside of your home
Bussie Claus is coming To town


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! These are great. You should get them copyrighted and have someone record them, hehehehehe! Can you make a song from Frosty the Snowman, using Snickers the Terrier???
Snickers & Butchy too! (the kiss is not from me, only Snickers, tee hee!)

Gus said...

Miss Snickers:
Ya sure, you betcha. I will begin working on it right away. Muoaah! right back at yah

Anonymous said...

Wow Gus you are one talented terrier. I am thoroughly impressed. Keep up the great song writing.

Wirey hugs,

Anonymous said...

Oh Gus! My own Bussie Claus tune! Oh thank you thank you thank you!

Bussie Kissies