04 December 2006


The Wire Fox Terrier , Had a very Big Black Nose
His Wirey friends who saw it, Told him that it "hardly shows."
They Knew that their friend Gussie
Was a sensitive type guy
When he was not too happy
He would sit right down and cry
One day his pal called Butchy
Gave to him a big black eye
For making eyes at Snickers
Who was cute but very shy
Gussie just sat and whimpered, didn't even show his teeth
That made poor Butchy feel bad, way down deep and underneath
Then one day his muzzer said
"Gussie, that's enough
No more yoga class for you
Down dog 's just not tough!"
She sent him to learn Tae Bo
With his rabbit sister E.
They learned some awesome moves there
And they shared them all with Fee
Gussie went on TV shows also on the doggy blogs
He knew his great big black nose
Made him like the other dogs
Now he's a happy puppy
Travelling around the town
He doesn't let his black nose
Keep the puppy Gussie down.


Anonymous said...

Vewy, vewy cute!!!!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers
PS Gussie, I would never give you a black eye pal!! Butchy

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha - this one is the bestest!

Bussie Kissies
Bussie Claus

Anonymous said...

Fantastically lyrical week. I manage to work out one rhyme, then I'm worn out.