04 December 2006

My Friend Trav

Has Gone Home for the Holidays
And his mum says she never more will roam
Far from Trav and her home and her happy days
Home with Travis means a really happy home

She went to England and to Scotland and
She had a real fine time
Though the sun in those fair regions seldom shines
She met a lot of friendly people there and saw some
Holy Shrines, but she has returned herself to warmer climes

And when she came home from the airport there was
Travis sitting there
And he gave lots of kisses for a time
Then he sat her down and told her that her travelling days are o'er
Well, unless she takes him back to the sea shore.

Because your home is where your labradane can see you every day
Where you take him to the doggy park to play
It isn't far over the ocean where you just may see the queen
But here in Arizona come what may.

1 comment:

Joe Stains said...

I bet you will miss your buddy!