20 February 2007

Fat Tuesday!

Last day before the forty day Lenten observance begins, so muzzer broke out the pork chops.

Me and Teka got left overs ...pork chops with wine sauce, green beans and a few potato scraps. Yummy.

Do you think she is serious about this meat thing? Does Lent include Dogs. Do we have any theology majors out there who can help me convince her that dogs get meat! Whew! I am thinking about having a panic attack.

Remember... The 22nd is Wally the corgador's birthday/adoption day and Pappy has a celebration coming soon.

Also, my sister E.Rabbit has a birthday coming up at the end of this month! I have been sworn to secrecy and shall not tell how many years old she is going to be! But Teka might tell if you ask her nicely? And send more pork chops.



Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Gussie,
You won't believe this but we had pork chops for supper too! How kewl is that? We're glad you are enjoying your goosey! We especially like those honking noise makers, hehehehe! That's a good idea to keep it at the store away from Teka. This way you have something fun to play with while Muzzer is working. Wonder what the customers will think when they hear than honking & don't know where it is coming from? tee heee! Have fun playing.
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Gus said...

Muzzer's customers are OK with the honkers and squeakers, but she made me bring my big green cuz toy home, 'cause she thinks it is just too loud. Some people must be taught to have fun, huh?

Joe Stains said...

no meat?! what in the?!!!!!

I have regained control of my blog from that MENACE.

wally said...


thanks for the shout-out! i love any day called "fat tuesday." i am not a theologian but i consulted with the omniscient doG who informs me that because dogs are born without the taint of original sin (ie, we are perfect unlike the naked apes) we are actually obliged to eat ALL the meat that the naked apes would ordinarily eat. seriously. i'm not just making this up as i go along and referring to myself as a great and omniscient doG. heh.


Schniblet said...

I've never had a pork chop cause mum & dad won't eat 'em! Dad won't eat any red meat, but sometimes mum brings home a doggie bag of steak 4 me if they go out to eat! I wish they'd take me hunting for food with them I'd pick out all the desserts! Yum!

Joe Stains said...

Gus, I thank you for your loyalty with your boycott of Tanner Tuesdays. Thank all that is great and powerful that the Doofus has been relieved of his bits required for reproduction. Could you imagine the nightmare, I think it would probably be tenner terrier tornado!