18 February 2007


Mon cher petit maman, she has been in ze kitchen all day long, cooking up ze file' gumbo. All day long, we 'av been smelling ze crab and ze shrimp. Ze onions and ze garlic! Ze fishy stock and ze roux.

And all day long, le petit Teka has been saying she does not like ze smells. She does not understand why muzzer must be in ze kitchen so much, so zer is no time to play seek-a Teka. So ze dad must take us on ze morning walk. So all we can talk about is ze gumbo! She has not had a taste of ze gumbo like I, Gus Dagger wft, world traveller (well, USA anyway) and famous terrier gourmet. She does not remember ze parties in Virginia when ze muzzer cooked and ze people ate and dropped samples. She has not my sophistication and educated palate.

But me, ze Gus Dagger dog. I know how marvellous is ze gumbo. I know how delicious is ze king cake! I know how handy are ze beer mugs and ze bread plates. Ah yes, ze mardi gras party is about to begin.

And now ze Teka dog knows that it worth ze wait. Now she knows what for is ze long day of preparations! Now she has tasted ze crab and ze shrimp. And slurped the broth out of the abandoned bowls. Now she is sleeping off ze gumbo drunk in her crate. While I, Gus Dagger, must write zis blog so my friends know what was for dinner at our house tonight. And I must go and play my zydeco accordian so all ze guests can dance the fais d0-do and ze two step.

To all our friends from Lexington, we hope you are having a party on your own tonight. And to our friends and hosts still in New Orleans, we know you are celebrating your city and heritage. And to E.Beth and E.Rabbit -- leftovers in the icebox, whoever gets the baby is the cook next year!

Laissez le bon temps roulez!



Jackson said...

Hey Gus, Thanks for visiting my blog. Do you mind if I put a link to your blog from mine? I'm still new to this blogging milarky. Looking forward to chatting soon. Jackson x


Gus said...

Jackson: Thanks for the note, please feel free to post a link on your blog. When muzzer is feeling like battling blogger again, we will put up your link too.

(last time muzzer tried to change the links we lost EVERY ONE!)

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Gussie,
Our Mama LOVES shrimp! & lobster & crab & catfish! Did you open your last prezzie yet? Don't let Teka get it, hehehehe!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Joe Stains said...

mmm that sounds GREAT. Mom gave us our mail yesterday, which came on SATURDAY, she is so lazy sometimes.

Bogart said...

Hi Gus!

I found your blog from Snickers posts... I'm putting up a link on mine, us terriers gotta stick together!


Gus said...
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Gus said...

Miss Snickers and Butchy: I opened my last pressie at muzzer's store yesterday, just to keep it safe from Teka. I love the goose. It honked great. I did my most neatest squeaker-ectomy ever, just a small hole in his throat! Muzzer and Barb fixed it for me, and I am keeping it safe at the store. Thank you for making it a wonderful birthday.

Joe: Whew! I understand about lazy muzzers, mine is pretty energy conserving too! We couldn't figure out how you got mail delivery on old dead white president's day!

Bogie: We will put your link up too, now muzzer can do yours and Jackson's at the same time. (see prior remark to joe about energy conservation!)

Joe Stains said...


Dean-O! said...

Ooh la-la mes amis! It sounds like a fabulous repast. My own Dog Mother could use some cookery lessons. (Fat Tuesday, my wire-y a__!)

Gus said...

Tanner - you better get off Joe's blog, you are gonna be one sorry pup if you keep hacking in!

Dean-o Muzzer stole the recipe from the Gumbo shop in New Orleans - even before my sister E.Rabbit was born! She will share if your Dog Mother wants it...it seems easy enough to me? Throw a few things in a pot and stir once in a while...what is there to that?