16 February 2007

Today is my bestest day ever yet!

Today is my Birthday! It is the bestest birthday I ever had, and I've had three others!

First off, since I started writing my blog, I know lots more peoples all over the world! And I love people! People are my favorite things, next to Miss Snickers and my muzzer.
Second, lots more peoples all over the world know about my birthday. So lots more people are telling me happy birthday! And so I'm having a happy one.
First thing this morning, muzzer sang my happy birthday song.
Happy Birthday Dear Gus
We're so glad you've got us
And we hope you have a good day
In your own terrier way!

And boy oh boy roy! I am having a grand time.

I got to pick the route on our walk. Usually Teka picks the route. Sometimes muzzer gets stubborn and she picks the route. When Travis was here HE picked the route. But today, Gussie got to pick the route. And we went to all my favorite alleys and trees. And we peed (well, I peed) on all the good rocks and boulders. Yippee Morning.
Then I had my usual kibble for breakfast, with a little wet food mixed in, and muzzer threw in some dried blueberries. Yummy.
Then my sister E.Rabbit called to wish me happy birthday. And she sent me an E.card. And I got wishes from my long lost bruzzer Mackie, and Bussie and Opy and Miss Fee! And an E.card from Butchy and Snickers! Whew.
And while I took a short nap, muzzer got ready to go to the store.

We left Dad and Teka at home thinking great philosophy thoughts and me and muzzer headed for the store.

But first, we went to the post office to mail a package to E.Rabbit.

And then we stopped at PetCo! woooey. And I got to pick out my birthday presents.

So I picked a BIG green cuz. And a little green dino cuz. And a stuffed thingy. And a bully stick. And then muzzer said "OK, gussie, that is about it.....you are going to break the budget." But I got a loofah dog out of the basket in front, and muzzer thought I was so cute, she couldn't stop laughing at me.
And then, we went to McDonald's and got my happy meal. "Cheeseburger, no ketchup, no mustard, hold the bun please. " And a bottle of water. And muzzer got the french fries. Well, most of them.

So we went along to the store and my friend Barb had a special treat for me, and then some of my other friends dropped in to say hello and happy birthday. And then......well, I fell asleep about 4:30 or so and napped until it was time to close the store. I need my rest.

We came right home and let Teka out of her crate and I sniffed around the kitchen table. I swear, I could smell the lovely pink scent of Miss Snickers. It was coming from a package on the table. So muzzer let me investigate it, and then she helped me open the package and unwrap the other prezzies inside.

And then.....

I opened my first package, and inside was a pack of chicken jerky tenders, and Ohhhhh, Teka is jealous. But I am a good terrier, and I let her have a sniff. Maybe I'll even let her have a bite. Later.

And there were TWO more packages to open! So muzzer let me pick which package was the first to be opened. And I picked the littler one. And guess what? Inside was the cutest little rascally racoon....and he squeeketh.
Here is a picture of me investigating the package.

And here I am scooting away from Teka to protect my package.
(I'm not the one who put the spots on the rug!)
And here is Teka trying to convince me to "share." Right. And I am four years old now, I know what that means! No more foolin' with Gussie and his birthday prezzies!
And finally, here I am investigating the racoon. That is his tail hanging out of my mouth. I think muzzer took ten pictures before she got the one with the silly tail hanging out of my mouth. So what's it supposed to be? A new tongue? Sheesh! Muzzers.
Well, I would like to open my last package, but I seem to have fallen asleep under the desk, leaving muzzer to finish transcribing this. So I will save the rest of my prezzies from Butchy and Snickers for tomorrow morning.
Wow! First a package from Joe Stains cause his humans were going to be out of town for my birthday, then valentines from Miss Snickers and Butchy, and now today is my birthday with more packages and tomorrow I will still have a package to open. Whew. I am one tired terrier.
I need to start getting some extra rest, because another of my favorite days happens Tuesday! I love Mardi Gras. " Laissez les bon temps rouler! " or "Que le fete commence!"


Cubby said...

Today is your birthday! nananananana! Yeah! Woohoo! Happy birthday!

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Birfday Boy,
I'm so happy your prezzies arrived on time! I was worried those stoopid postmen would be late. You can share the chicken with Teka if you like. You'll really like your other prezzie too. Now when you chew on your raccoon, you can pretend it's the raccoons that invade my yard that I hate! Oh, did you find the card in the big envelope too?? Hope you saw it. Guess what? I'm an older doggie, hehehehe! I will be 5 in July.
Sleep tight Gussie and don't let the bed bugs bite, tee hee!
Your wirey sweetie,

Dean-O! said...

Happy Birthday Gussie!

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Hey I had a checkers burger sans bun for your birthday! That's a lotta loot from the burpday fairy!

I was gonna send you something that weighs around 16 pounds, but I was caught while wrapping her. And she would have made a nice addition to the Dagger terrier collection.

Burger Burpday Bussie Kissies

E. Rabbit said...

Wow, Gus, your dog blogger friends sure have been generous with the birthday presents! Squirrels and racoons--what a haul!

Maggie said...

Happy birthday Gus! Sorry I'm a day late! I hope you're still celebrating!


Gus said...

Thanks to everyone who remembered my birthday so wonderfully. I am still recovering, so muzzer has put a moratorium on opening presents, cards etc.

She thinks I am "overstimulated!" Hah!

love and kisses to all of you


Life with Ozzy said...

Happy Birthday my friend! It sure sounds like a good one. I gotta say though you should have muzzer take you to the local Coldstone Creamery for their peanut butter ice cream with peanut butter sauce. Oh my goondess I'm drooling thinking of it!

Wirey Birthday hugs,

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

So glad that you had a nice birthday Gussie - you deserve it :-)


Wiry Axel said...

I didn't forget your birthday either Gussie - you are mentioned on my blog yesterday. Happy 4th!! Wow, you sure got some cool presies!!
Here's to many more happy and healthy ones!
Your bud,

Joe Stains said...

yay, what a super perfect birthday!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!