23 February 2007


it is i, teka.

i have gus trapped in my crate. this is the place the humans keep me while they go off all day or take gus to the store. i don't get to go to the store because i "misbehave", and i don't get to be out of the crate when they're gone because i "pee on the floor". phooey!

i have commandeered the blog to make my demands known.

1. i know longer wish to be known as "teka the terrible", or referred to as a "terrierist". i find these deeply offensive and they cut to the core of my fragile being.

2. i want sweaters banished. we live in arizona. i wear a fur coat as it is. no more sweaters.

3. i want muzzer to stop treating me like the black sheep of the family. :'( it's painfully obvious that she loves gussie better... and that, also cuts to the core of my fragile being.

4. i want all organic doggy food. with homemade gravy on top that has come from the juices of organic free range kosher chickens and livestock only.

5. i want a kitten.

until these demands are met, gus dagger wft, is out of commission!!!

teka dagger, jrt.


Butchy & Snickers said...

Wahhhhhhhh, I want my Gussie back! How can you be so cruel Teka?? Locking up my honey? You should be mad at Muzzer & not Gussie. If you want some boys to like you, you have to be nice & lady like, hehehehehe! Uh oh, have to shut down the puter again. We are having a blizzard with thunder & lightning. Mama would be mad at me if the puter got blown up. Please let Gussie out.
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
PS Butchy is taking care of Mama, she got sick last night from the storm front coming in.

Gus said...

Miss Snickers: It is I, Gussie. I have vanquished Teka and taken control of my blog.

I hope you are not suffering too much with the blizzard. Thanks to Butchy for taking care of your mama, that is a very nice thing to do.

Do not fear. Muzzer is in charge and she has a big surprise for Teka. Tee-hee.

more later, warm hugs for all of you, but exspecially Miss Snickers!

Ivy said...

tee-hee indeed! i cant wait to read about teka the terrible terrorists surprise from muzzer!

i am glad you un-hostaged gussie. we wud all miss you if you werent around to blog. teka is just not the same.

Joe Stains said...

NOOO let gus out NOW! we do not live so far away that we cannot come over there!!!!!

STAG said...

Great. Another mutt-afesto.