07 February 2007

Thank you Ivy!

My friend Ivy sent me an e-pretzel for Valentines Day!

Today, Muzzer printed my valentine from Ivy on the 'puter printer. She got the scissors and trimmed it very carefully. Then she said, "OK Gussie, I am taking your e-pretzel with me to the mall, and I will bring it back for you right after lunch."

And I figured, yeah sure muzzer, you can turn that piece of 'puter paper into an e-pretzel! Maybe Ivy's dad can do that, maybe Butchy and Snickers mom can do that, maybe Pappy's fella can do that, maybe my sister E.Rabbit can do that, but muzzzzer....you are not very technically savvy. You cannot turn that piece of paper into a pretzel from Ivy.

So Teka went into her crate, and I went into the study to watch the walk in front of the house, and muzzer went to the mall. Ho Hum.
Well, I waited, and waited. And all the while I was wondering what an e-pretzel would taste like. I wondered so hard that I fell asleep, and then I dreamed about e-pretzels.

But what I dreamed did not even come close to the treat that Ivy sent.

When muzzer came home she put down her packages and went running for the camera. Then she let me see my e-pretzels. It was not twisted like the one Ivy and her mom backed in the oven. It was a package of little short stubby pretzel sticks. And they were delicious. mmmm yummy.

I ate them up pretty quickly. I only let Teka have ONE stick and I ate all the rest of them. (well, it WAS MY valentine!)
Teka was very unhappy when I took the last stick under the big table in the dining room place. But I was very happy, and I want to say one last time....
Thank you Ivy for the wonderful, wonderful e-pretzel!!


Joe Stains said...

turning paper into SNACKS?! Your muzzer is a genius beyond compare!

Amanda Lee Jia Hui said...

hmmmm....seems like u had something delicious there...

hope u had a enjoyable valentine's day!