03 October 2007

Gettin' ready for Butcho Boy's pawty

Well, I think I have gotten through the worst part of getting ready for Mr. Butcho's big birthday bash. Muzzer said last night "Gussie....You cannot go to Iowa looking like that! Why, there is something stuck in your fur from the last party, and your feets are filthy!" I knew what was coming....yes, I did. A Shower! Muzzer took Teka into the shower and washed her first. Teka is good, she is a girl and she wants to smell good for the pawty. I spent the whole time she was in the shower trying to convince Dad that I should not have to take a shower wth muzzer any longer. I mean, guys it is embarrassing! She washes EVERYTHING, tail, feets, earses and, well, you know. And I think I should be able to shower with Dad. But he didn't go for it, and into the shower I went.

Now, this is probably a pretty nice shower. It is big. But not so big I can get away from Muzzer and the hand held shower! It has glass all around it, so I can see what is going on in the bathroom. But the door shuts really tight, so I can't get out unless muzzer or dad helps. It has a cute little bench thingy under the window. But I don't shave my legs like muzzer, so it isn't much good to me. And it has lots of warm water. Sheesh. I'm a guy dog. I don't need warm water. I'd rather wade in the koi pond at Butcho's. But muzzer won the battle, and I got my shower.

Then Dad came in with a couple of nice big towels and helped me dry off before I went on my run through the house. And Muzzer was gonna make me change my collar for the pawty, but I said "NO NO NO, I want to wear my Cardinal collar that I got from Miss Snickers" And Dad came in on my side of the argument, so at least the guys got one point.

So here is my picture right after my shower. We are letting my fur grow so that muzzer can have one of the local groomers who does hand stripping do my saddle and then trim up the rest of me, so I look like a wft (no Tanner, not a wtf!)

I am quite furry, but not quite the 2 and a half inches that the groomer wants. So I've got a pretty good 'stache and beard, and lots of little tiny curls. AND....My tail is really fluffy. So Dad grumbles that it looks like he is walking a little lambie in the mornings. And I just hope we get this taken care of before I go to Sedona with my pal Travis later this month! He is gonna laugh at me, I just know it.

Anyway, tomorrow morning I am gonna get on the plane and fly to St. Loulis. Muzzer let me use her Frequent Flyer miles, so I will fly business class. That means I have to wear my bow tie on the plane, I guess. But I will just keep my laptop open in front of my face and hope the stewardess is distracted. When I get to St. Loulis, I will stay overnight with my Aunt Marie, and make sure she is feeling OK.

Teka is flying air Ruby, I guess, so I am taking her sleeping bag

MY sleeping bag
And renting a truck at the airport to pull the trailer with the rest of my camping stuff and a few extra things.

I will leave St. Loulis very early Friday Morning, and get to Butchy's in the early afternoon. Looking forward to seeing all you doggies and hamsterriers at the doggie campgrounds




Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Gussie,
We can hardly wait for you to get here! Don't feel bad about being so fluffy & clean. Mama made us have a bath too & you saw what we looked like. Mama finally got my stripping done tonight. She doesn't know if she'll get Snickers done before the pawty, so she might be her wirey brillo pad self, hehehehe! Don't tell her I said that though, she'll attack me. See you on Friday!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Faya said...

Waouw everything is ready for the party ! I hope you will have a lot of fun...
Kisses, Faya

Maggie & Mitch said...

Are you sure the groomer can make you look more like a WFT? But how - you already are one!
I love your sleeping bag! It looks like you're expecting company to sleep with you with those two bone pillows! Remember the boys are in the hunting shack!!! No hankie pankie Mr. Gussie! hehehehe
See you tomorrow!

Love ya lots,

William Tell said...

We do the Lambie Look every winter. Mom doesn't have the heart to groom us short when the weather is so cold, so we put up with it for a few months. Anyway, we know you will look quite dapper when you get your coat done soon. Can't wait to see it!

William Tell

Asta said...

I jate to tell you,but I'm vewy pawtial to the lambie look..I kind of swoon when I see all those cuwls..and you do look so fluffy and clean I bet all the giwls,especially miss Snickers awe going to want to snuggle you..now that's wowth a showe I think!
I'm glad you don;t shave youw legs..neithew do I even though I'm a giwlie wiwe,hehe
can I come twy that sleeping bag too? it suwe lood\ks cozy..and you'we bwinging a twailow?jeez I guess I'm not vewy pwepawed.
see you thewe..dwive cawefully!
smoochie kisses

Scruffy & Lacie said...

Baa Baa...Hey Gus...we just got furminated for the pawty too...I hate the shower...Dad won't let me in with him either. Mighta been from a small mishap when I was a pup...hmm...ur slumber nap pag is pawsome...think Koobie's bringing one...we'll share...see ya this weekend!!


Agatha and Archie said...

GUSSIE...You look PAWSOME!!! Agatha is batting her eyelashes at your picture. We are ready to go to the party and have gotten special hats for the event We are also bringing along 2 friends...Love A+A

Lacy said...

woofies gus!!! u dus lookies soooo handsome...i cant takes my eyes off of u...dat sweepin bag lookies sooooo coolies...cya at da pawty..

b safe,

Girl Girl Hamster said...

You sure look fluffy and cute after your bath. See you at Butchy's camp. :)

~ Girl girl

Joe said...

We dont know ANYTHING about camping, but this should be FUN!

wally said...

Yo Gus! Man I'm so excited for the slumber party! I hope no one notices that I snore. And also sometimes I wake up and cry for my ma ape. Bit codependent, you see. I think we should keep this from the presidential candidate or they'll come and try to kiss babies and shake paws.


ps. My ma ape likes your ma's plan--take away the votes from the gents, give 'em to the dogs!

Jackson said...

Hey Gus, I like the curly lamb look myself, but J1 never lets my hair get too long. She's such a spoilsport. J x

Stanley said...


My girl thinks you should keep the lambie look going! She wants to come through the pooter screen and give you a big mooshy cuddle!

Of course, Miss Snickers is going to be sharing that sleeping bag with you. I'm sure she's not the only pupgirl who will want to.

Goober love,