30 November 2007

Tis the Season

Me and Muzzer have decided we are doing Holiday songs this month, like we did last year, only we hope ..... better!

We will need help from our friends to do this.

Do you have a favorite holiday song? Please send us the title and, if possible a place where we can hear the music. We will do our best to produce a rendition to make you smile. And we will work your name into our version if at all possible.

So, to help out, just post a comment to my blog with as much information as possible. We will give you credit for the tune and stick your name in somewhere, we promise.

Hurry now...we already have the song for tomorrow written, and I'm not 'sposed to tell, but it is about our friend and pilot RUBY!

For today though, we post, with permission...the link to the best holiday song of this year or any other.....Pappy's version of "Do They Know It's Christmas?"

pee-ess...muzzer is in St. Loulis til Thursday, so me n Teka will be blogging by ourselves. We are slow, but we will try not to miss any posts, OK? We will catch up when muzzer returns.



Koobuss said...

What a nice idea!! I'm still learning about
Christmas, since this is my first Christmas in my forever home.

I've heard a couple of songs though and so far I like
Silver Bells by the Ray Conniff Singers and Home For the Holidays by Perry Como. Kind of tells you something about my mom's age, doesn't it? Use whatever song is easier for you. Thanks.

Love and Koobuss Kisses,

Stanley said...

Hey, Gussie Boy!

Your muzzer sounds like my girl ~ she LOVES to change the words to songs (she usually sings the wrong words anyway). I bet you & your muzzer do a great job!

I like the song "Grandma Got Ran Over By A Reindeer." Could you do that song please? I'll try to find a place where you can hear it and peemail that link to you.

Goober love,

Snowball said...

I am looking forward to the Christmas songs from you.


Harry said...

Ooh, this sounds fun. We will put our heads together and have a think.

Toodle pip,
Harry x

Jackson said...

Oooo, I'll have to have a think and get back to you...J x

Blue said...

Lovely idea!
Am spoilt for choice but have gone
The Holly & the Ivy, one of my fav. carols
Words & music here
In truth the tune goes a lot more quickly & up-beat than this version but the best I can do

Can't wait!

Pats & excited pets

Joe Stains said...

our favorite is silent night!

STAG said...

Gussie the black nosed doggie
had a very shiny nose
and every time he licked it,
hot steam from his nostrils blows.

Then one freezing winter night
in the factories at the north pole
all the boilers ran out of coal
and the elves couldn't work at all

Gussie came to the rescue
He had all that bottled up drive
He snorted at the big old boilers
and the factories started to hum

So when you get your presents,
Say a big thanks to the pup
Whose non stop energy and hot breath
keeps the elves working 'til dark.

Merry Christmas everydog.