12 December 2007

Whippet Wonderland

http://www.the-north-pole.com/carols/wonder.html (long intro on this one)

Whippets sing, Wiggle Waggle
Were they geese, 'twould be a gaggle
Their mom looks a fright, but that is all right
Walkin in the whippet wonderland

Down a lane, bright or shady
They're funny and bright,
And everything's right
Walkin in the whippet wonderland
On the lane they meet up with ol' T-man
They're so glad that he has come to town
They say " Hey ya T-man, can you stay here?"
T-man says "let's see what's goin' down"

C'mon home, we'll have great fun
To the house, we must all run
There's more of us there, a couple of pair
Livin in the Whippet Wonderland.

Then he meets all the others
Whippet sisters and brothers
It's quite a large group, a whippety soup
Still it's quite a whippet wonderland

You can stay for lunch, and then for dinner
Dad is a good cook, he is a winner
And later we'll play, the Whippet dog way
Happy in our whippet wonderland.


Patience-please said...

Oh we are just thrilled beyond any words, even thrilled beyond woos!
thank you so much, SO much-
the delighted whippet waggle and their beaming servant

Jake of Florida said...

One of your best!!!

Jake and Just Harry

Stanley said...

Looks like you made SOMEdoggies' and someone's day!!! Thanks for bringing smiles, buddy.

Goob love,

Izzie said...

What? You are in Az? And I haven't met you yet? Oh wait, I haven't met hardly anyone!

I love you Carols. They're fun.