01 February 2008

Afternoon Delights

To all worried Hoomans:

It is about 4:00 pm Friday, and all dogs have arrived and departed for the spa, shopping and golf (tee time was 3:00 pm)

Ruby had a nap upon arrival, then all pups spent some time in the yard, before heading for Joey and Tanner's place for some rollicking fun.

That is the staging point for all afternoon trips, and then they will return here for a Mexican Feast. Our friend Albert has been cooking since early this morning...the man even made his own tortillas. Dinner will be sometime after 7:00, and I am truly hoping that they all want to go to bed early. Barring that, we have tickets to a late session at the "Bird's Nest" which is part of the FBR open celebrations in Scottsdale.

I hope they are working on who is sleeping where tonight while they are relaxing at the spa. The floor with a pillow is lookin' mighty fine to me right now.

We will have spa pictures later tonight, and will continue to blog through the weekend so you can keep up with your hounds and make sure they are enjoying themselves.

For those of you with an itch to have photos of your own to post, I have moved my snooper bowl horde to http://www.tekatoytoo.blogspot.com/ for you to pillage as you wish.

I think they are having a good time, and after all....how much trouble can a bunch of dogs get into in Scottsdale?

Air temperature is 59 degrees with bright sun, no clouds.


Life with Ozzy said...

Gussie and all,
Mother has booked us a flight out tomorrow morning early and will be arriving in Tempe for some much needed sun and fun. We can't wait to have ourselves some fun and get to see everyone.

Ozzy & Romeo

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Gussie,
Do we get to sleep on the big bed again tonight?? or do we have to draw names?? hehehe.
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Asta said...

That meal was beyond belief...my compliments to Albewt..can he come home with me???
ANd despite not liking baths, I do love the spa tweatments..the massages, the mud baths...and the cucumbew is delish when you get sick of having it on youw eyes,hehe
smoochie kisses,Asta
pee ess..I talked to Mommi on my cell phone, and boy is she jelly! hehehe