21 February 2008

Happy Barkday Wally Tamale!

This is my friend and mentor Wally
Tomorrow is his Barkday
He is around 5 years old.
Like me, Wally is a rescue dog.
So there are things that shall forever remain a mystery about both of us.
Like when is Wally's real Barkday?
And why does Gussie not chase balls?

In honor of your Barkday we have done as you directed.

We made a contributon to a rescue organization near and dear to us,

Instead of sending you Eatables and Wearables.

Please don't look so sad...it was your idea!

happy barkday Wally Tamale

gussie and teka toy


Joe Stains said...

great tribute to a great dog!! I reminded Mom to make a donatable too!

austin said...

Please pass on Happy Barkday wishes to Wally (hey! that's Dad's name!) from Pongo and Buddy.

Stanley said...


You guys have done one very fine tribute here. I too sit at the paws of this great dog, under his tutelage and discipleship. Some day I may be half the dog he is.

You have great taste in mentors and are a great friend and dog yourself, GusMan! Thanks for reminding us about the donatables.

Goober love & burpday smooches in honor of Wally,

Pee Ess
I'll have to get back to you about a fee schedule for my services. I won't be available until May or June. Would that be okay?

Harry said...

Us rescue dogs are a mystery sometimes aren't we. I like to think it gives us a cerain mystique and je ne sais quoi don't you!

Off to say happy burpday to Wally!

Toodle pip
Harry x

Jackson said...

Ooo, I'm going to head on over right away and wish him a happy barkday! Jx

Snowball said...

You are such a great friend to Wally, Gussie.


Maya and Kena said...

Happy barkday to Wally!
Wags and licks,
Maya and Kena

Faya said...

Give Wally a big kiss from me please. And wish him a happy birthday from Faya the Swiss Girl...
Kisses, Faya

Scruffy & Lacie said...

We'll head over to Wally's blog and wish him well today too!! Have to leave soon to pick up Babystan from the vetties. Should be an entertainin' evenin' with him...HIGH AS A KITE ON PAIN MEDS...

wally said...

Aw Gus--I'm touched! (My ma ape tells me that sometimes--that I'm touched--and then she laughs. I don't get it). Since our "real" birthdays are unknown I think we should celebrate EVERY day--just in case.


ps. My ma ape says I shouldn't pout because I get enough toys and snacks for a hundred dogs anyway!

wally said...

P.S. Buster has already busted me about lying about my age so I should come clean. While my botox lets me pass for 5, I was adopted 5 years ago but I'm probably 12 years old or so! I have a lot of lost birthdays to make up for...

Asta said...

We should celebwate Wally at least twice a yeaw to make up fpw the birfdays he's missed..what a gweat guy

I'm doing the donatable thing too in his honow!
smoochie kisses to Gussie a gweat fwiend to have!!
smoochie kisses and huwwah fow wescues!!!

Asta said...

hope you had a wondewful weekend!! I hope you'we not missing Snickers too much..don't wowk too hawd
smoochie kisses

William Tell said...

Happy Barkday, Wally! You have a very expressive face. We wonder what you could tell us...

William Tell

Patience-please said...

Gussie, that was just beautiful!

wags from the whippets