25 August 2008

It is getting crowded around here.

The troops are starting to arrive to help me and muzzer out for my surgery tomorrow.

First to arrive...reinforcements for muzzer! My pals the barkalots came all the way from Florida to make sure that muzzer has company tomorrow while I am at the dogspital. They are gonna help her keep calm, and keep her busy so she doesn't miss me so much!

The found a cruise ship to bring them from the Floribbean to New Orleans, where they boarded a paddle wheel and came straight up the Missy Sippy to Mayemphis. They disembarked at the Port of Memphis, which is close to our house, and I picked them up in the Gussie Mobile in a blinding rainstorm. But it is their fault, since this is water from Fay, their "not quite a hurrycane" friend from the Gulf.

They want me to tell their mother that it was not their fault that the Paddle Wheeler went aground at Mayemphis. The captain did not want to make an "unscheduled" stop, so they took over the wheelhouse and made a left turn into the banks. Ignore the calls from the newspaper and the insurance companies please. Oh - and Dad is soooo jealous of that baseball.

Lovely Nurse Asta (NY) was the next to arrive. In fact, we picked her up at the airport on our way back from the port. She brought me some absolutely marvelous Osso Bucco, which her Mommi made specially for me. Asta carried it on her lap all the way from New Yawk.

She also brought some calming liquids for Muzzer, and a few books to keep Dad occupied. She is such a sweetie to do come early, since she and the other nursies have been working almost non stop at Jackson's bedside.

She says that she will relax tomorrow while I am at the dogspital. Muzzer says Miss Asta and Miss Snickers can use the Jacuzzi and have a spa day if they want. Woooooo...even I haven't had a turn in the Jacuzzi yet, muzzer must really like that calming liquid.

My lovely Miss Snickers arrived just minutes before the rainstorm, and I am glad that Teka was polite and let her in to the house. I guess as first meetings with Teka go, it was not too bad, and I am under the impression that Miss Snickers told Teka in no uncertain terms that Teka was going to be a good dog for then next week or so until I have recovered, and Teka is a changed doggie now. Wow. I should've had Miss S visit earlier!

Well, I'm gonna go have a light snacky. I can only eat til midnight, and then not again until after the surgery is through. Muzzer thinks I didn't hear that part, but Miss Asta told me. Hmmmm....I think muzzer made pecan bars. Guess I'd better go grab some before the Barkies eat them all.

gotta get strong for when the rest of the nursies arrive.



Lenny said...

Good luck Gussie! We'll be thinking of you!

Your friend, Lenny

Stanley said...


It's just like I said. Pawty Central.

Get some rest, man!

Goob love & pre surgery healing smooches,

Joe Stains said...

I sure hope you can get some post surgery rest with that houseful. I hope you can sleep over all the fussing!

Jackson said...

Hey Gus, hope you got a good rest and stocked up on plenty of pecan bars before your starvation! My paws are crossed for you pal...J x

Penny, Poppy & Patches said...

It sounds like you will be well cared for, Gussie! If Muzzer gets nervous, Lacie will probably show up with her blender. That girl can calm ANYBODY down with her blendering skills (and a little Vodka). Good luck, today. We're keeping our paws crossed for you!

Poppy,Penny & Patches

Butchy & Snickers said...

Gussie, now you know you shouldn't have any pecan bars tonight. Those nuts won't be too good on your tummy by tomorrow. BTW, thank goodness Teka listened to my little pep talk. She wouldn't want to see the evil Miss Snickers appear, tee hee!
Now I've fluffed your pillow so get some sleep ok??
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Miss Snickers your honey