26 August 2008

Morning rounds

Nurse Asta (NY) here...reporting on events at Gussie's house this morning.

Of course, dear Teka got us up early so that we could all take walkies with them, and the neighbors had quite a bark when they saw all of us pulling Muzzer and Dad down the street! As a side note..there are lots of those crazy squirrels here, and they are not nearly as well behaved as the ones in New Yawk.

We managed to get back to the little house in the Mid-South just in time for Gussie to pack up and leave for the Vets. Nurse Snickers insisted on accompanying him, just so he w
ould have a familiar face when he awakes from his Annie Setic.

They set off with Muzzer in the Gussiemobile, while Dad tried to feed the rest of us breakfast. For the record, he is not much of a cook. The Barkies had bacon and eggs, muffins, cheese toast and milk. The rest of the nursies and I had whole grain cereal with fresh fruits and cream, and then went and did our yoga exercises to prepare for post op Gussie Care.

In addition to Jake, Just Harry, Nurse Snickers, nurse Lacey and myself, other members of the dream team who tended Jackson will be joining us. Because this is not as major a surgery as the one Jackson endured, Nurse Asta Oz is going to stay home with her mom and help with the digging on the next excavation site. Head Nurse Agatha is expected momentarily, joined by Kousin Koobie. We are so glad that Nurse Snickers has joined us - with her training with Dr. Snitchybug nearly complete, she will be a big help during post op.

While our experience with J1 and J2 has been helpful here, Gussie's Muzzer and dad have also been a bit of a challenge.

Lacking the "stiff upper lip" training that the Js have gained from their British heritage, Gussie's muzzer is a mass of nerves. I was glad that Gussie was able to drive the gussiemobile to the vets this morning, but let me tell you, it is a major miracle that muzzer made it back in one piece! Good thing Mayemphis doesn't have traffic like we do in New Yawk!

We have put her back to bed with an ice pack, and had a consultation with Dad and the Barkies about what we could do for the rest of the day to keep her calm.

We hope that she will nap and read this morning, and Lacey is preparing a smoothie for her right now. Later today, after we have a chance to talk to Gussie's surgeon, we have decided that I will take her shopping. This may not be New Yawk, but I am sure that we can find some shops to amuse us.

Kisses from Mayemphis
Asta (NY)


Daniella said...

Hang in there Muzzer, Gussie will be just fine. Nursies seem to have everything and everyone under control.
We are thinking of you all and saying our prayers for Gussies complete recovery.

Ax and family

Butchy & Snickers said...

This is Nurse Snickers reporting live from outside of the surgery room. Gussie is sound alseep right now. I can't see what they are doing in there yet, but hope to hear from the doctor soon.
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Nurse Snickers

Jake of Florida said...

The Barkies reporting in...it's hard to keep muzzer calm,, as Nurse Asta said, but we totally understand since our mom went nuts when we only had our teeth cleaned under Annie Setic...

We brought some of muzzer's favorite mystery novels -- and we've sat her down -- actually we sat on her, in her lap -- and started reading to her.

(Actually, JH is licking her face as I read...)

Jake and Just Harry

Asta said...

Hi This is nuwse Asta
Nuwse Snickews looked especially lovely this mowning when she went wif Gussie..He will wake up to a vision of booty
Muzzew had sevewal of Lacie's smoofies, and is now vewy coopewative(as in out, hehehe)mayemphiss is pwtty cool, we'we going fow a showt explowation of the city, but I keep my cell phone handy to get updates fwom the hospital
love you all
smoochie kisses

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Lacie here...er...I think I accidentally gave Muzzer some of the 6/1 ratio smoothie concentrate this morning...might explain why she backed the Gussie mobile into the mailbox, before Gus took over driving duties to the vets...

She came back from the vets in rare form...giggling, twirling around cleaning and prattling away...hmm...my nursie instructors are NOT GONNA LIKE THIS.



Gotta run...Lacie

Eric said...

Asta, pawsome job you are doing with Muzzer. She needs a lot of TLC while Gussie isn't around. I can nip over any time to help out though I see Miss Snickers is cracking the whip to get all in order and ship shape. Hope the Barkalots aren't eating muzzer out of house and home,he,he!!But the do need their energy for barking I guess...
I'm thinking of you all, speciially Gus. Hope he is home and well again very soon.
Wiry wags, Eric x

Jackson said...

Looks like you've got everything under control, Asta! J x

Jake of Florida said...


Gussie's dad was so kind and generous with breakfast!! You didn't expect us to turn down his offer of yummy bacon and eggs and cheese toast, and muffins,etc., etc., did you????

And we needed all our energy to keep muzzer calm -- and out of trouble after all those smoothies.

Jake and Just Harry