27 August 2008

What my dad is doing at his new job.

Hello: Gussie here with muzzer posting about what my dad has been doing at his new job.

Y'all know that we moved to Mayemphis so that Dad could take a job at Rhodes College, right?

And so, I thought he would be doin much the same thing he did at ASU. BlahBlahBlahBlah, justice. Blah,Blah,blah,blah, fairness.

Hmmm...from some of these pictures I found in the camera, I guess I was wrong.

Rhodes College is 160 years old this year. Originally founded as a Presbyterian College, it is now secular, but retains many of the traditions established by the founders.

The first picture shows a part of Rhodes campus on a quiet August afternoon.

But wait! Who is that coming through the visitor's gate?

Have we stumbled onto a remake of Brigadoon?

And who are these people following behind in funny costumes?

Look at all the different Universities represented on the Rhodes Faculty!

And OMD, there is my Dad. Muzzer has gone and cut off his head as usual. So ya can't see his really cool little hat thingy with the tassel. But it is kind of like the one that the lady who is grinning at muzzer is wearing, only probably a lot bigger around.
Faculty are followed by many of the students. See, the students know that is is 90 degrees out. They are not wearing Woolly Robes and Velvet hats and Funny scarves around their necks!
And we expect them to learn from the Faculty!
Um Hum.


Eric said...

Feel a bit faint Gussie, after looking at the no Rodney pictures. I only got up to two counting your stitches before I came over all woozy.. can you pass me some of your ice chips please? But I hope you are feeling much better without Rodney.

Now I've got it right haven't I your Dad works in a fancy dress parade Gussie? It looks a nice one apart from that strange man in a checked skirt playing some funny bags.

Keep well pal.

Wags, Eric x

Stanley said...


It's almost like the march of the penguins, only more colorful!

Tell your dad I hope he loves his new job, and that he should place a generous mix of Gussie photos around his office, to inspire more confidence in his intelligence.

Goober love,

Joe Stains said...

so he goes to a dress up party everyday?? WEIRD.

Huskee Boy said...

Hi Gussie,
I just learnt about your opawration and popped over to see how you are. Hope that everythings now on the mend. Oh boy you'd have a very impressive scar.. bet the girls will be swooning over you!!

Jackson said...

Yikes! Bagpipes!!! One of the worst musical sounds known to man or beast!
J1 and I think your Dad has one of the best colour robes. I know it's not a fashion parade but still, it's good to look good! Hope he's enjoying his new job...J x

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

thinking of you gussie - your wound is very impressive !

feel better soon buddy.



Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Good heavens, Gussie...Scruffy here...was Rodney once a FAT tennis ball and ya ATE HIM?? That's a pretty impressive incision, Gus...You are going to freeze this winter and ur gonna be beggin' ur dad to allow you to borrow his handsome wooly robe...and the hat...you'll look fab in it as Lacie sez! Stan wants to know if they shaved the curls offa ur butt? I told him that was a stoppid question cuz Rod was on ur neck not ur butt. Mumsie thinks it's good they kidnapped Rodney...he was pretty close to all sorts of important things like where ya BREATHE! And ur carrot tid and such....(Lacie is thinkin' of datin' Rodney now that you two aren't siamese twins anymore....)

I hope Lacie's behavin' at ur house...she can get a little wild to say the least!

Hey Gus...we saw this program on BBQ last night...so...we're taking ya out to dinner tonight.

There's this place in Meaaamphis...Bill Neely's Interstate BBQ where they serve BBQ'd spaghetti...serious as a heartie attack...it was on TV! And ya live like right there....it's our treat...I'm drivin' the Gussie mobile...Muzzer still looks a bit shaky...

Wiry barks....Scruffy

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Er Gussie...do you happen to have Rodney's cell number?

Thanks, Lacie