23 October 2008

Teka: Every Vet's Dream

Teka Here!

Muzzer said I could blog today to let everyone (actually Swede William) know that I am feeling better and getting along well.

Wow! Let me tell you...it has been an interesting few days. I am just sitting here thinking about all the things that have happened.

Sunday at the emergency vet place, I did not want muzzer to leave me. But then, my stomach felt sickie again and the people at the vets were so nice to me, I decided it was OK.

Muzzer called to check on me, and the vet tech said I was restless. (my tummy hurt!) Muzzer told him that dad sometimes carries me like a baby on his shoulder and sings to me. That vet tech must've been born recently, because that is what he did! And then I spent most of the rest of the night on his lap while he did paperwork. HeHeHe....I had my IV in, and he put the hook in his pocket when we were moving around. What! me? Spoiled?

Now, Monday Muzzer picked me up, and we went to see my own vets, Dr. Sally and Dr. Jeff. Lots and lots more "oh, poor babies" and I was hooked up to an IV there and muzzer took off, leaving my binkie to keep me comfortable in the cage.

Poor Binkie. The victim of yet another "accident." He did not come home with us.

I spent another night at the dog hospital, but my friend who knew about walking me and singing was not there. Fortunately, my Swede William came to keep me comfortable, and insisted that we have the private suite at the vets. sigh! He is such a hero.

Tuesday morning muzzer was there to get me, really early. And we went home. We had a special just us girls day while Gussie was at the groomer. Every time I rolled over, muzzer checked on me. I think she was worried about me.

The vet sent home some stuff for me to eat and pills and a paste for my tummy, and I am feeling much better. The Bumpass Dad, who does rescue, said that taking a doggie to an emergency vet clinic can mean "KaChing, KaChing." Muzzer says he is very right, but Dad said I am worth it. For your enjoyment, I am enclosing pictures of my food and meds.

I have Lomotil, Metronidazole, ProViable and special food for an ID dog. That stands for Incredibly Darling, ya know!

At the vets I had Ampicillian, Centrine, a vitamin B injection, Cerenia, Famotidine, Buprenex and a lot of hoomiliating tests. Sheesh.

Gotta go take a nap. Need my beauty sleep, ya know!


Teka Toy


Faya said...

Oh la la....bon appétit.... but I realy hope for you that it tastes good.
Kisses, Faya

Peanut said...

so many drugs. Yuck. Hope you get to feeling all better soon. Glad you are home now.

Sunny,Scooter,Jamie said...

3 posts in one day. We are sure this is a recod! hah(we started in the wrong order tho) Man-Did you have it made with that first dude or what?! Carrying you around and singing to you-COOL! Will your Dad do that for you now that you are home?!?
Glad you are better. That ID stuff isn't half bad. We tasted it a couple of times too. (Mom says it is expensive for mostly water-hah!)

Asta said...

Thank dogness you'we home and that you wewe tweated so well at the dogtows..I love that the /Vet tech "bought "Muzzew's stowy, hehehe
West up and get supew well fow the pawty
smoochie kisses

Butchy & Snickers said...

Oh our dawgness,
All of those meds?? Hehehe, you take one that Mama's fishies take, the Metronidazole. Works really well too. we're so glad you're back at home now so you can be more comfy. Hope your tummy gets better fast.
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butcho & Miss Snickers & Ruby

Joe Stains said...

We are so glad you are home and feeling so much better. Those are a lot of medicines and stuff, do they taste good? If they don't, call Lacie and I bet she can blend them up in her magic blender with some other ingredients to make them taste better ;)

Jackson said...

Hey Teka, so glad to hear you're feeling better! Jx

Bumpass Hounds said...

Heya Teka,
We like adventures here in Bumpass but ya didn't really need to go to all that trouble to have something to blog about. That was really great that the VT walked you and sang to you; kinda made ya feel special (which, of course, you are.). Our Mom is going to school to be a VT and she's nice too. Make sure ya take ya meds so that you get back to 100% ASAP.