09 December 2008

The Laundry formerly known as clean

Me and Teka interrupt this flow of Christmas Carol adaptations to introduce you to:

The Laundry Formerly Known As Clean!

It is a rainy day here, and muzzer is doing laundry. Human that she is, her "method" is to pile the clean laundry on the bed so that she can fold it all at once.

Ahem. We went for noon walkies and came back SOAKED. She tried to dry us with the towel, she tried to dry us with the blow dryer, but we prefer to use TLFKAC!

That should get the message across, don't you think?

To make up for her presumption and for putting us through all this dampness, we allowed her to make our favorite soup for lunch.

We call it Strega Nonna's Soup.

Muzzer calls it Pastina and Egg

It is yummy. It is warm, and it is good for what ails you, even if that is extreme dampness.

So we asked her to give our pals the recipe, in case anyone else needs something to keep them warm, or help them fight off some terrible virus. For Hoomans, it is kind of like Chicken soup. Muzzer says, it is pawfect.

Here is how you do it.

Put some water in the pot. 4-6 cups, depending on how much soup you want

Turn on the burner, cover the pot and wait til the water boils.

Add 1/3 cup of pastina or other teeny tiny pasta for every 4 cups of water.

Add 1 TBS olive oil for every four cups of water

Cook 6-10 minutes, until pasta is how you like it.

Meanwhile, beat one eggy for every four cups of water.

When the pasta is done, add the eggy s-l-o-w-l-y, stirrrring the soup as you add the eggy.

turn off the burner and wait until it cools enough for the doggies to eat, but is still warm enough to make them feel cozy. (At our house, this is how long it takes muzzer to gobble "her" serving)

We do not put salt in this or pepper when we are making it for doggies. Hoomans can add salt as needed. Doggies cannot. Same with pepper.

Try it, you might just like it.

More carols after dinner.



Asta said...

YumYum Yum Gussie
we will twy this we love soup opn cold wintew days..nothing as wawming and soothing..I hope TLFKAC isn't too badly damaged, hehehesuwe looks cozy
smoochie kisses

Eduardo said...

Thank you Gussie for sharing that recipe! Mommy's stomach is growling & so is mine! Good job with the laundry!
Hugs & Snugs
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

Sunny,Scooter,Jamie said...

oh boy. You guys did a great job!!! Now Muzzer can wash it again, as I am sure she loves to do laudry. Aaaannndd has nothing ELSE to do! ;)
Oh, and since we had a cold front come through, Mom says the soup sounds delish.
(Uh-so do WE!)

Dannan and The Girl said...

Wroooooooo! Gussie, I laughed so hard at the title of this post, I think I dislocated my tail!

The soup sounds really good. The Girl almost never cooks, but she thinks she might be able to handle it.

I think that Muzzer must have put that laundry right there on the bed for you and Teka. Especially if it was still warm from the dryer!

Brown dog kisses,

Stella said...

Oh, Gussie!

Tell your Muzzer that I LOVE her for demanding our hoomans make us SOUP! I love anything I can slurp up and make lots of noise with.

You and Teka have the right idea. What ELSE is clean laundry for anyway? (Just be sure you don't eat any bras... my girl had a pup who destroyed hers every chance he got - it's not pretty, believe me!)

Goobery love & kissies,
Stella Bean

wally said...

There is NOTHING as comfy as freshly washed laundry. I love it when the ma ape brings up the clean laundry from downstairs and doesn't have time to fold and put it away. Then I crawl INTO the basket. It makes a lovely nest.

That soup sounds good.

wally t.

Joe Stains said...

Well that sounds perfectly comfy, the laundry and the soup!! The best time to have clean laundry is when you are dirty!! Good job guys!