26 July 2013

A Might Hunter is our Dog

A mighty Hunter is our Dog, provider never failing;
Our helper She, amid the flood of cicadas prevailing:

Teka was quite proud of herself for this one..which she 
clandestinely brought into the house trapped in her mouth.

She proceeded to dismember it on Muzzer's pillow
to demonstrate our intense dislike of the fact
that the suitcases are out and she is packing.

We think she is planning to go to St. Louis
And leave us here with DAD! 


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

OMD OMD you Deaded a Cicada. Way to go. THAT will teach her!

PeeS... you know they are REALLY good to EAT don't you???

Mitch and Molly said...

Nice job, Teka! Muzzer changed her mind about any trips to St Louis, right?

Love ya lots♥
Mitch and Molly

Jake of Florida said...

A new career in forensics???

Jake and Just Harry

john milton said...

Teka! Muzzer changed her mind about any trips to St Louis, right?. Challenge coins

asta said...

Teka ..thank yoo fow saving my sweet Gussie and Muzzew fwom that monstew. You awe a mighty huntew. Bwava
Smoochie kisses

asta said...

Pleez tell Muzzew that we woold take hew to that fountain watew ow the waves ow anywhewe else she want to gomif she came.to visit us...yoo of couwse can cum in yoow Gussiemobile anytimes
The waves awe gweat fow suwfing
Smoochie kisses
Yoow Asta

asta said...

Ooops, I fowgot to say that yes, I'm afwaid that was Mommi being most silly..i hope yoo awe not going to leave me fow having such silly pawents

We awe waiting fow that snowstowm
Smoochie kisses
Yoow Asta

Little Reufus said...

That iss a terrific whay teu send a message. *writes thiss down* I hobes yeur the Mom iss back wif yeu!!!

wif lubbs from Little Reufus

Asta said...

My Dawlingest Gusskins

get Muzzew to take sum pictoowes of you my Dawling, cause I'm having wifdwawel
I did NOT get cown bwead..I only get sum when Mommi makes Chili, but I will make you sum if you cum ovew anytime I love you wif all my tewwiew fuzy heawt
smoochie kisses