30 September 2007


Hello all: Teka here. Gussie is still asleep. Dad is still asleep. But I am wide awake.
This is a picture of me on the ride home with my mom, E.Beth. I don't remember much about that day, except that I rested when I got home and then set about teaching my mom and her family about life with a Jack Russell Terrier!
We had a really great early time together. For a few months, it was just me and my mom and her grandpa. I call him "ACE!" And he likes it. Then....Gussie and his muzzer and Dad came home. Nothing has been the same. I have three more lives in my control. I have three more lazy individuals to wake up in the morning, and chase around the bedroom late at night. But, all in all, they are not half bad. Muzzer cooks, Dad plays the guitar, my mom plays with me, and Gussie Grumps. I sleep most of the day in my crate, and then I am rested and refreshed and can help the humans get things done. Gussie has let me write some notes this weekend, and now I know the password to his blogger account. So......look out world, here I come. My tiny paws work better on the computer than his big ones do, so we work well as a team. Expect to hear more from me.
Oh yeah...the reason I am blogging this morning is because Gussie wants you all to know that his muzzer is coming home today. He is pretty happy about it. I guess it is OK. I would really rather have the whole side of the big bed to myself. But I can make concessions. It will cost him, but I can make concessions.
More later
(Hi Stanley, how ya doin?")

28 September 2007

Our First day with Gus

Greetings all: Muzzer here, blogging for Gus on this Tag, because I have all the photos on the laptop in St. Louis with me.

Here is Gussie's Story:

Dec., 2005
We were spending sabbatical leave in Lexington, VA., at Washington and Lee. Our original plans, which included a year of dining and exploring in New Orleans, were radically changed by Hurricane Katrina.

Proving the adage about Southern Hospitality, the community of Lexington embraced us, collectively known as "those poor Katrina folks" and we found new homes, academic and personal. But as beautiful as Lexington and the surrounding area are, there were a number of differences that led me to the computer to search for a "dog." translation: I was BORED in a town of 7000! My high school was bigger than that.

Our ESS (Nigel) died in June, and a dog was not included in our sabbatical plans. But I spent much of my free time walking and exploring, and met and fell in love with a rescue Bernese Mountain dog who lived on the top of a hill.

So, how did we get Gussie? Well....the Bernese lived on top of a hill. Our apartment was off Main street at the top of a looooong flight of stairs. The apartment was "cute", charming, convenient...it was also very small. And, Gussie's soon to be dad is a logical man. Over the period of a month or so he convinced me that a Bernese was not workable. Combined with the small size of the apartment was the very large size of the average Bernese and the relatively small size of muzzer. (Small BMDs weigh more than muzzer, large ones can outweigh me by 50 lbs.)

Researching Breeds kept me busy for a while, and we talked with other dog owners both in Lexington, on the phone, and a number of people on line. Lexington may only have 7000 people, but it has a LOT of dog breeds. We even met some Bedlington Terriers! Friends in Lexington and Charlottesville had Standard and Miniature poodles, Corgis, lots of coon hounds, spaniels, and airedales. (Yeah 'Dales says Gus) It was a long process, but it ended with putting in applications to two rescue groups: Welsh terriers and Wire Fox Terriers!

The paperwork for BOTH groups was almost as extensive as the paperwork to adopt a child was 35 years ago! Complicated by the fact that we were in temporary quarters which meant that at least one of the breed groups did TWO home visits, one to us in VA and one to our home in AZ, temporarily occupied by three college seniors!!!!!

Life goes on, and I scheduled a trip back to AZ to see my oncologist, check on my store, and home....and stop over in St. Louis to visit my aunt and uncle!

Ding-a-ling...two days before the trip we had a phone call from Md. asking if we would like to meet a rescue....the dog sounded perfect, but I know that the time window is often limited, because breed rescue groups can have very long waiting lists. Near tears, I explained that I needed to pass up my turn, becuase I felt it was not fair to leave Dad with a brand new dog and a couple of deadlines!

Bless Gus's foster mother. She told us we were perfect for the dog, and she would keep him until we could pick him up. So I left on a jet plane from DC the day after Thanksgiving....flew to St. Louis, spent some time with my relatives and flew on to Arizona for a clean check up and a healthy store. (we won't mention the house, OK?) And then back to DC, a short stop in Lexington to do laundry, and on to northern MD to meet Gus.

We picked him up on a Saturday and headed back to Lexington. He was very good in the car, good on lead at the rest stops and generally more mellow than I expected.

Back in Lexington, he quckly established his place in the pecking order. Males occupy the couch while Muzzer cooks dinner!

Or, sometimes we help muzzer make the bed!And then, his sister E. Rabbit came to visit for Christmas, and for both of them, it was love at first sight.
This is the woman Gus thinks gives the best "butt scrithes" in the world. He will go to almost any length to please her, even happily wearing the sweaters she knits.I cannot tell you exactly what goes on in his mind. But I hope that Gus is as happy with us as we are with him. Thank you to his foster mom and the rest of the WFT rescue network, and to the young couple who realized that they could not spare enough time to keep him happy!

thank you for reading Gussie's story


27 September 2007

Thank you all

Aunt Marie and Muzzer send thanks to
all of my friends who sent good wishes
and condolences for Aunt Marie and
Uncle Ray's family.
kissies from Gus

26 September 2007

We made it home

Me and Teka made it home today around noon, setting even more landspeed records than we did on the way to the party.
We both had a great time....Teka was sure glad she was still awake when Tanner got there...I think for her, the real fun started then. But no, she says she does not know where the pumpkin suit came from, but she thinks she probably helped Tanner loose a few pounds by chasing him in circles all over the field.
I really did get to dance with lots of the girl doggies, but as predicted, I spent most of my time keeping a close eye on Beautiful Miss Snickers. I was worn out just watching her do the can-can!
Many thanks to my Bud Butcho, who was a tremendous help with the driving. I wouldn't have made the trip nearly as fast without his help. So long Butchy, see you at your birthday bash.
We just barely got into the house and had a long drink of water when muzzer grabbed the laptop and left for St. Loulis. My poor Uncle Ray, he died in his sleep Tuesday morning. But he has been so sick, and so unhappy. I hope he feels better now.
But it means muzzer and my laptop will be gone for a few days. I am making do with Dad's desktop, but it is more difficult to type, and Dad is not much help! He just doesn't understand how important my blog is. But I will persevere and perhaps accept some help from Teka, since she did an OK job on the trip. My real concern is getting someone to download my photos, but maybe E.Beth can help me and Teka. Anyway, we will be trying to keep up with other bloggies and do a couple of posts by ourselves, but please accept our apologies in advance for any shortcomings. (particularly our spelling)
It was so good to see all of you. Thanks for putting up with Teka, and thanks to Asta, Wally, Sir Chance and all the other doggiess who brought food.
kissies from Teka and Gus

24 September 2007

Teka here again

Gussie is having such a good time at this Pawty! I didn't know he had it in him.

They finally let me out of the trunk - right after I discovered the emergency release and pulled it with my little teeth. Having the trunk pop open somewhere in Pennsylvania surely slowed down the Gusmobile.

After that, they were afraid to lock me in the trunk, cause they didn't know what I was gonna do next. The secret of my success boys and girls, the secret of my success.

Anyway, I got to ride in the front seat with Butchy, while Gussie snored away in the back with his head propped on poor Miss Snickers! Boy, I wish my cell phone hadn't run out of juice, or I would have some choice pictures to share - or to use for blackmail. Whatever.

The food is marvelous! The great dane bowls with jello in them have some kind of liquor too, I'll bet. Or maybe just the green ones. Serve some of these dunderheads right if the green ones had absinthe, huh?

I've been watching what I drink and eat, cause if I have to ride in the trunk all the way home, I don't want to barf. Also, that way I am gathering up a lot of information for the future.

Butchy is a lot of fun, I wish he was my brother instead of Gussie. And if I could have any brother, well, I think that Stanley fellow is pretty cute. He hasn't stopped dancing since we got here, and he has promised me one of the later ones. By that time, me and Asta NY will be the only girl doggies awake, except for maybe Koobus. Ah...Youth.

Miss Snickers may be older than I am, but she is one cool chick. Hike on over to her blog and see her dance the can-can. I thought old Gussie was gonna pee in his pants. He couldn't take his eyes off of her.

Well, that is my update on the pawty,,,,up until now. My buddy Tanner did not come...he and Joey are still busy opening presents from Tanner's barkday, which was, like, weeks ago.

I'm gonna go and have some more ribs and stuff....and see if I can get Butchy and Stanley to dance with me.

teka toy

All Right, Enough is Enough!

Teka here, from the trunk of the Gussiemobile.

Well you guys just wait. I am gonna get back at you when you let me out.

You just see if I don't.

We got to Butchy and Snickers place and let me tell you, that is one rough road when you are riding in the trunk.

I heard Gussie trying to get Snickers to let him dump me in the koi pond, but she said no. Thank you Miss Snickers, from the bottom of my Jack Russell heart.

However, he wouldn't let me ride in the car yet. He told me I could just think about my sins some more.

Sometimes he sounds so much like his Dad!

Anyway, all you doggies who are at the party should get your heart medicine ready. Wait until you get the full effect of the outfit Miss Snickers is wearing! And that Butchy ain't half bad either!

I'm gonna start raisin' a fuss at the rest stops if Gussie doesn't let me out soon. Will keep you all posted




When Gussie was back at that Circle K brushing his teeth and smoothing his fur down so he would look good for the Pawty, he got stopped by the fuzz!

And I must say, for Gussie, he handled this whole thing very well.

Even when the State Trooper called him "Little Buddy."

He said, "I am sorry sir, but you must have me confused with another dog. Little Buddy is the favorite of my friend Blue in the UK, but as far as I know, he has never been to Iowa."

And he answered politely when the trooper asked where he was headed and if he knew how to get there.

And Gussie said he was headed to pick up Butchy and Miss Snickers for a Pawty. And the trooper knew who they were, and about how their mama raises Koi Fishies.

So Gussie opened the trunk to put "his" laptop away, and the trooper peeked in. And he said to Gussie "Uhh, little buddy, your hat in there is movin around."

And Gussie said, "oh no sir, you must be mistaken. " And he picked up the hat and put it on his head.

And I guess you all know where I was hiding!

So now Gussie knows I am riding in the trunk.

And I am up to my cute little chin in doo-doo.

And so I have posted these pictures which I took with my mom's cell phone. Just in case he is really angry by the time we reach Butchy and Snickers' house, and really does drown me in the Koi pools like he threatened.

But I don't think Snickers and her Mom will let him do that, so these photos are insurance, in case some stranger has to identify my body from the bottom of the koi pool, ya know.

Kissies to all
Mom, I am sorry I took your cell phone and i-Pod.
Gussie, I am sorry I gutted all your stuffies.
Muzzer, I am sorry I got up so early all those mornings and was a pill in general.

Teka Toy


Howdy pardners:

Here I am, making a pit stop outside of the Circle K just before you make the turn off the hiway and on to the road that goes to Butchy and Miss Snickers house.

Well, the trip has gone OK so far. Leaving at 4:00 am was a good idea in some ways. But I hope either Butchy or Miss Snickers is wearing their license and can help with the driving so that I can take a nice nap.

Before I left, muzzer had to try to take some pictures of me in my cowboy hat. Well, I gotta tell you. A real cowboy doesn't let his muzzer take pictures, Ya know.

I mean.....do you think Roy Rogers let his muzzer take pictures of him in his cowboy suit?

No way pardner. Ole Roy didn't let anyone take pictures except Miss Dale.

But I thought I would show you my hat, and one of the pictures didn't turn out so bad, I guess.

But let me tell you....when I get to the Pawty, I think the hat is staying in the car!

Man...it is gonna fall off as soon as I start dancin' ya know.

And I figure, with my luck, I'll stomp on it a few times and spill something delicious on it.

I've been practicin my do si do's and my allemande left and right. I think I've got the idea of "swing your partner." But I sure hope we do some line dancin' and a few two steps, so I can get close to some of my favorite girls.

'Specially Miss Snickers. wooooeeee! I have my dad's old Roy Rogers Lunch Box in the trunk, and in it I have stored a few extra rounds of ammunition, just in case some of those dogs like Stanley or Wally get too excited when they see Miss Snickers.

Dog has ta do what a Dog has ta do, to borrow a well used line.

Gotta go, that Iowa State Trooper is looking at me pretty funny.

Giddyap Gussiemobile


Howdy Pardners:
Teka Here:
Gussie doesn't know it, but I have hidden in the trunk of the Gussiemobile, and I am on my way to the pawty!

For those of you who have never seen the Gussiemobile, and may be waiting for it to arrive at your home, here is what it looks like!

Te he he he

Doesn't he only wish!

This would be a lot cooler and more in keeping with the western theme, but it belongs to one of my mom's buddies...not square old Gus.

Here is a photo of the Gussiemobile! Solid, Staid and very unexciting

Just like Gussie.

But he must've done something to the sound system when dad wasn't looking, 'cause I can hear every word of Old Gene Autry back here !

Good thing I copped my mom's i-Pod too. I am groovin along to the tunes of some indy band that she and I love. Don't worry about me, I brought my furry pad and some snacks, and so far, I've managed to sneak out and back in while Gussie is off using the facilities at the rest stop.

I thought I was toast for a minute in Oklahoma, but I managed to sneak back into the trunk when he put the laptop away.

Gussie must've paid someone to goose up the Gussiemobile as well. We are just nearly flying, and so far he has been below the radar for the fuzz, so to speak! I think we are almost in Missouri. We should hit Butchy and Snickers place about noon their time! I think that is when I will make my entrance.

I also managed to "borrow" an ATT card thingy from stodgy old Brian, and I don't have to wait for a rest stop to post. As long as the light is green on my little card, I am good to go!

Wow. I can't wait to meet you all. Can anybody tell me if my heart throb Tanner is comin?

Will post this now,

Ride 'em Cowboys


Progress update

Monday AM, somewhere in Oklahoma:

Howdy Parners and Pardettes

Greetings from the open road.

I am heading toward Iowa to pick up Butchy and Miss Snickers. Then we will stop for a few more passengers before finally making our way to the big hoedown celebrating the natal days of my bloggin pals, Asta and Bailey.

I have kidnapped the laptop, since I observed that many roadside rest areas now have wireless. I will be posting periodically just to let you know how things are going.

kissies from Gussie

22 September 2007

Muzzer's name

Lot's of doggies are playing this Tag about 5 things you call your female human parent. So, for lack of a better theme, and while muzzer uses one hand to make my outfit for the western pawty on Monday, I will tell you what my female human parent is called.

1. MUZZER of course. That is what my sister E.Rabbit calls her...and I never knew she had any other name, except

2. BARB. That is what my Dad calls her, and that is what the people at the store all call her. Aunt Marie and Uncle Ray, however call her

3. BARBARA ANN! But usually only when they are irritated at her, which is pretty often. Also, there is this song by that name, and I just know it was writtened about MY MUZZER! Oh, and she was really ticked off at John Mc Cain when he made fun of her song

4. MOM is what Teka calls her, because that is what my sister E.Beth calls her, and it is a nice name, just short, like her.

5. And only a few special people, like our friends Steve and Sue in Memphis, and Jack and Kathy in South Carolina, her pal Brian in Minnesota, and of course Marty and the gang is St. Loulis, call her BARBIE! But if I do that, or if you do that, she gets pretty huffy.

And for those of you who have never seen my muzzer, here is a picture of her in a town called San Francisco, which is one of her flavorite spots to visit, but she wouldn't want to live there, cause she would be fat on all that good food! But I want to go there with her sometime, cause she says it is a great place for walkies!

19 September 2007

Giving Thanks

Dear Friends:
I have been saved by Asta's darling Mommi from intense embarrassment and humiliation. She is not letting Asta read my bloggie until the barkday box arrives!
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you lovely Mommi

17 September 2007

SHHHH! It's a Surprise......

This afternoon me and muzzer packed up a box of stuff to

send to Asta NY for her barkday. Yeah, I know. She said

"NO PRESSIES, please"

But I had her stuffs already, so I am sending what I had

and instead of buying more, we made a donation from my Pay Pal

Account to Fox Terrier Rescue. "Cause that is where I came from!

Which makes it an excellent place to send your money. hint, hint

Anyway..the first picture shows me doing a final inspection of the

box the Post Office people gave me to send Asta her present!

And here I am, checking out the tape job on the other side.

Ok Muzzer, you did a good job. Now take it to the Post Office!

This is our post office in Tempe, Azrizona.

See, that is what they put on the wall there, except

they mis-spelled Azrizona!

This is the machine that muzzer says saves her lots of time!

I have never seen it close up, because the post office in Tempe is

not as good as the post office in Lexington, VA. In Lexington, when

I was mailing a package, I could go right up to the window to make sure

that Muzzer did things right and the package was safe.

Here, muzzer takes pictures so I can check up on her!

Gotta keep her on her toes you know.

Here is the schedule for when items will be picked up from

the parcel slot. See there, under Monday-Friday

it says the last pickup today (Monday) is 5:30 pm.

And, muzzer got it in the slot before that time, so Asta should see it soon.

Now, don't you doggies tell Asta that there is a box coming. Remember:

It is a surprise!!!!

13 September 2007

Look what muzzer's friend sent her

My silly muzzer has this friend Brian who lives in Minni-Soda and is a real techie type. Brian is always sending her cool jokes and funny pictures. Today we were opening her e-mails before she went to the store, and Brian sent a bunch of photographs that had been changed. His tag line for them was...."see what graphic artists do with their time when you don't keep them very busy. "

And I said..."Muzzer, Muzzer look at that one!"

And she just kept scrolling through the pictures.

And I said...."Muzzer, Muzzer I saw my friend there!"

And she looked at me funny and said "What do you want Gussie? We have already watched the Tanner video four times!"

And I said..."NO muzzer. LOOK at that picture there."

And she finally LOOKED at that picture and she said "Oh my....That picture looks like your friend


And it does. Don't you think so too?

And the moral of this story is.......

I was reading the paper this morning while muzzer was fixing my soft boiled eggy and I came across the story below:
AP Sept. 12) - A surfer rode a wave on his stomach to rescue a struggling dog that had been swept off a pier and into Lake Michigan by a wave.

Surfer Matt Smolenski, right, and Joe Riopelle help save a dog who was swept off a pier into Lake Michigan in Grand Haven, Mich., on Tuesday.
"He (Smolenski) put the dog up on his surfboard, and the dog rode the surfboard in to shore," said one bystander who witnessed the rescue.
Matt Smolenski, 25, said he grabbed the pooch's collar just as the exhausted, black-and-brown mixed breed stopped dog-paddling on Tuesday. "He put the dog up on his surfboard, and the dog rode the surfboard in to shore," said Royce Rodgers, an off-duty Muskegon Heights police officer who witnessed the rescue. As the dog crouched on the board, Smolenski held on from the water, fighting large waves and a strong current all the way to shore.
"I've watched the dog about a million times," said Smolenski, of Grand Haven. "He barks at the waves and then jumps back when they wash up on the pier." Rodgers, who had started walking his own dog on the pier but turned back around after seeing the size of the waves, said the other dog wasn't on a leash when the wave swept it over the side. The same wave knocked the animal's owner off his feet, Rodgers said. "The dog was trying to swim, but the waves were very large. It was struggling," Rodgers said. "The owner was screaming for the dog." Rodgers said the owner thanked Smolenski and gave him a high five. He then "left so fast, I couldn't get his name," he said.
from the AP version
Moral.......Never let your owner off lead in dangerous places!

12 September 2007

Some Answers for Koobuss!

Little Koobuss has this fun tag on her blog, and since muzzer and I are such sports nuts, we got tagged to tell you all about our favorites! So get ready, you all may have to do some historical research to find out about some of these teams!

1. Favorite Major League baseball team – St. Louis Cardinals

2. Favorite NFL team – Minnesota Vikings

3. Favorite college football team – Minnesota Gophers

4. Favorite NBA team – New York Knicks ca. 1970s with Bill Bradley, Dave Debusscher, Earl “the Pearl” Monroe and Jerry Lucas.

5. Favorite college basketball team – Minnesota Gophers – again from the 1970s, with the exception of the “fight squad” of 1972
6. Favorite NHL team – St. Louis Blues, ca 1966-1970

7. Favorite minor league teams, if you have any - Memphis Redbirds

8. Favorite individual players, any sport, if you have any Bill Bradley, Luis Gonzales, Stanley F. Musial, Ozzie Smith, Earl Monroe and Albert Pujolz

9. Favorite NASCAR driver – um……

10. Favorite golfer –Gpapaw (Grandpa)

11. Favorite tennis player Billie Jean King

12. Any other favorites you have that are not on the list, such as high school team, college alma mater, etc..................... The Rivermen at UMSL

13. Favorite mascot – Goldie the Gopher

14. Favorite team colors – Blue and Gold
15. Best looking uniforms – Men’s Basketball, ca. 1973, Baseball uniforms 1930-1955, Knute Rockne era football uniforms
16. Worst looking uniforms – Men’s professional Baseball and Basketball in the US NOW !

09 September 2007

We're just wild about.....

Our blogfriend Just Harry is celebrating Harry Day in honor of the day he was 'dopted by his family. In honor of this special day, we have composed a special song just for Just Harry. It is set to the tune of (aha!) I'm Just Wild About Harry which muzzer says was Harry Truman's campaign song. For those of you who are much younger than she is...here is the URL to hear the tune of the chorus: http://froggyeve.tripod.com/sounds/ofe_harry.wav

Now...A song for Just Harry

We're in love with Just Harry
And Harry loves us you see
We brought him home and gave him scritchies
They fill him with ecstasy

He likes to play games with Jakey
And sit upon his mommy's knee
So We're in Love with Just Harry
And Harry's wild about - Cannot live without
His Plantation Family

My Favorite words....

My blogger friend BLUE has challenged my family to choose our favourite word and explain why we chose that word. She explained that this is part of a UNESCO project to promote literacy in third world countries, and that British MPs , poets and politicians are taking part, and the results will be compiled into a book which will be sold to raise funds for the Education Action program.

Blue chose the word HOPE because it is one of optimism. Muzzer explained optimism to me this way: "Teka embodies optimism. She KNOWS that this time she will get to your food before you do. She KNOWS that someday muzzer will take her to the store. She KNOWS that she will be able to sprint out the door the very next time it opens." So now I understand that hope and optimism can be very hard to live with.

Muzzer and I have been discussing this off and on for the last few days. We are feeling rather bad because Blue actually requested our participation on Saturday! That was more than three days ago, because her time is way later than Azrizona time! Three days translated to dog years is almost a dog month! That means I am really delinquent.
The problem has been that muzzer and I are coming into this assignment with very different ideas about what our favourite word is.
Muzzer has these ideas that sound like she has been spending too much time with Dad! She comes up with words like justice and fairness and equality.
My favourite words are food and snuggle and scritches and treats and walkies.
And we were not coming any closer to consensus either.
One time, muzzer even brought out THE FINGER and pointed it at me, and shook it hard! Muzzer was a teacher when she was younger, and she still has a license to carry and use THE FINGER! And all of us who live here know that we must respect THE FINGER and listen to it carefully, for it carries with it the wisdom of teachers and the power of muzzer. Even Teka sometimes listens to THE FINGER so you know it is very powerful.
This has been going on for two and a half days now. I must tell you
that I was completely worn out! I needed a nap. While I was having my nap, I had a lovely dream. I dreamed about muzzer and Dad and our first car ride together. I dreamed we were back in Virginia with E.Rabbit and Grandpa and Uncle Steve and Aunt Jane. I dreamed about all of our trips together. I dreamed about Aunt Marie and Uncle Ray. I dreamed about E.Beth and Teka. And it was such a nice dream that I woke up knowing what my very most favoritest word is!
My most favoritest word is Family!
Family means everything to me...it means food and treats and snuggles and scritchies. It means love and acceptance and understanding. I even means Teka and Travis. And, since I think of my blogger friends as part of my extended family, it means all of you too!
When I explained this to muzzer, she agreed that Family is a very important word, and well worthy of being my favorite.
So, it is probably not gonna make the compilation, but it is MY FAVORITE WORD!
PS...I borrowed Blue's way of spelling favorite because it looks so lovely!

04 September 2007

Remember Kaiser?

You all remember Kaiser, right? He is the little puppy who was stolen from his house during a robbery, and we posted his story for our friends. Many of you who live in his area told us that you were keeping a hopeful watch for him, and others wrote from way far away to share your hopes and good thoughts for his recovery.

Then a bit later, when most of us had given up hope, Kaiser was found and re-united with his family. He was in rough shape, so the celebration in his honor was postponed for a while. Now he is obviously doing better, and we are all invited to a celebration in his honor this coming Sunday. Here is the note from his friend Jacque, with all the details:

"It took us a little longer than expected, but Kaiser is now healthy and ready to meet all the people who helped in his return. We are meeting at 9 a.m. - Noon, on Sunday, September 9th. (That’s 9/9 at 9!) We are going to meet at Eldorado Park in Scottsdale, at the East Ramada. The East Ramada is North of McDowell/South of Oak and on 77th Street. 77th Street is East of Miller.

Please bring your dog. This is not an off-leash area so bring your leash. (That’s another story all together.) We want you to come even if you don’t have a dog! We are asking that everyone who helped, no matter if you just called to say you were thinking and praying for Kaiser, forwarded the email or whatever---attend. We can’t wait to meet all the amazing people who knew us or didn’t that came to our rescue and were our heroes. And please forward this to all those you sent the other Kaiser emails to.

Don’t forget we will have a truck there to collect donations of unopened bags of dog food (or any pet food), new dog toys, collars and leashes or a cash donation; all will be donated to the local shelters and some of the rescue groups in Kaiser’s name. (Sometimes the dollar stores have a good variety of collars, toys, etc., and Ryan’s Pets has cheap toys.)

We are going to have a couple special guests in attendance; Mary Hosman who is the owner of A Pawsitive Experience Too, LLC, Professional Pet Sitting. Mary has been providing loving pet care in Gilbert and Chandler since 2002. For additional information, please visit
http://www.pawsitiveaz.com/ , http://us.f538.mail.yahoo.com/ym/Compose?To=Mary@PawsitiveAZ.com 480-720-7600. And Donna Yuritic, who is announcing a new book just released. Donna is a certified Animal Chaplain. ANIMAL ANGELS: PAWS TO REMEMBER, her new book is about how to talk to your children about the loss of their animal companion. Donna will be on hand to sign books and to talk about her Ministry, Compassion For Creatures. Her website is http://www.compassionforcreatures.com/ and you can order a book by e-mailing her at http://us.f538.mail.yahoo.com/ym/Compose?To=cyorprodonna@cox.net Books are $14.95 plus shipping. Part of the proceeds benefit Az. Humane Society and Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. There might be some representatives of some of the rescue groups too.

We will have water, soda and light snacks. Be sure to bring your camera to capture all the wonderful pets and people!"
Muzzer seems to think that I should not go, because I am not well behaved around other dogs, but we will have someone there and will try to post some pictures of Kaiser and the other dogs. Thanks once again for your help and support.

02 September 2007

Labrador Day

Me 'n Teka are having a confusing weekend.

We know it is a holiday, 'cause Dad and e.Beth are both off tomorrow. And we were sure we heard muzzer say that tomorrow is Labrador Day.

So last night, we had our baths, and went to bed early. But when we got up today, we started to get things ready for Labrador day.

We figured for sure our friend Travis would come to visit. He hasn't been to visit since muzzer pulled out the carpet and had slickery stuff put down on our floors.

And we waited and waited. But no Travis. No Labra Dory. No Labradors at all!

Then, I was catching up on reading blogs by my friends, and when I got to Joe Stains' blog, there was Tanner saying it was Lay Bore day. Not a day for Labradors, but a day to lay around and do boring things.

Well, that means that almost every day is Lay Bore day for me 'n Teka! Except when I go to the store to work. And then, that would be a Labor Day for me. So, this must not be a very good dog holiday, not like a Birthday for sure.

Anyway, what with the bath last night and getting up early this morning for chat, I think that I will just say "Happy Labor Day" to our humans, and try to go to bed early again tonight.
So, Happy Labor Day humans and many happy returns. Keep that Kibble in the bowls and toys upon our throw rugs!
Gussie n Teka
I definitely think Labrador day is a good idea! I must see if I can get Bussie's mom to head up the campaign.