31 March 2010


Comcast cannot figure out what is wrong with our internet...and I am not telling them.

Muzzer has been answering e-mails and stuff from the liberry, where she spends most of her life, when not meeting Comcast technicians to see if they can figure it out.

Today she said they can fix it, replace it, or she is going with wifii cards.

But, it means that we have been unable to visit many of you, and when we do, we can't alway leave messages from the liberry.

On the upside, she is voting for the Bumpass Shelter, so......

We should have a solution of sorts tomorrow...


gussie n teka

28 March 2010

Come Heal Ya!

We just found out this flower is called a Come Heal Ya!

And here we thought it was a High Biscuits.

Anyway, we are sending this out to all our friends who need it.

Miss Asta
King Jackson
Tucker the Warrior
Max the Magnificent
Other doggies and cats
who need the power of the paw
To Fur friends who have crossed the bridge
And Families who have lost hooman loved ones.

Gussie n Teka

24 March 2010

Just an update

Y'all remember my pal Tucker.  We just had a note from his Mama, who
told us he had the operation to remove his tumor today and seems
to be doing fine.  But of course, she misses him,
and she is worried about how long
he will be able to stay with her, because they know this won't cure
 the cancer,but hope it will make him more comfortable. 

So, if you will please go and visit his blog and leave some kind thoughts
for his Mama and his family instead of replying here, I would appreciate
it a lot.  Just click on the link to go to his bloggie.

Thank you


23 March 2010

This is dedicated......

I have been thinking about this for a while, because I miss my Sweet Snickers Every Day.
And today, while muzzer was singing along to a really old album, it occurred to me that this song says what I feel most often...that Miss Snickers is my angel too, just like she is for Mama and Butcho and the catses and her dad. And I know she prays for all of us, and is watching over us.

How else to explain the beautiful picture that sweet Asta's Mommi painted for Mama and Butcho...it is inspired!

So, here is my song for Miss Snickers:

While I'm far away from you my baby
I know it's hard for you my baby
Because it's hard for me my baby
And the darkest hour is just before dawn

Each night before you go to bed my baby
Whisper a little prayer for me my baby
And tell all the stars above
This is dedicated to the one I love

Life can never be
Exactly like we want it to be
It makes me so happy
Knowing that you love me
There's one thing I want you to do
Especially for me
And it's something that everybody needs

Each night before you go to bed my baby
Whisper a little prayer for me my baby
And tell all the stars above
This is dedicated to the one I love

Thanks to the Mamas and the Papas, Linda Rondstat, and all the other people who sing this lovely song, thanks to Asta's Mommi for the beautiful painting, to Mama Lamb for the photo of Snickers in her cami Pajamas, and to Butcho, for sharing his sissie with me, at least for a little while.


19 March 2010

Breaking News!

Teka Bites Hand that Feeds Her!

Last night on walkies at Rhodes, Teka found
a particularly chewy morsel of something
beneath one of the trees.

Despite repeated commands to Drop It!
from the muzzer and attempts by muzzer
to remove said item...Teka retained it
between her iron jaws!

The Dad arrived  and repeated the command!
Receiving no response - he put his fingers in her
mouth to attempt to pry it out.

The result?
Blood, bruising and a Bandaid (after cleaning)

All reports say they have reconciled, but I think
repeated infractions may not be in her best interests.

Believe me, I have learned to keep away from the JRT Jaws!


I don't care!  It was deeeeliscious!
And he is a softie.

Teka Toy

18 March 2010

My Muzzer made me post this!

(but I like it too.)


Thanks to Axel's Mom for finding this first!

13 March 2010

11 March 2010

Very busy day today.
Had to go and get grooooomed!
Now I am white and fluffy, and waiting.
My Sissy E.Beth is coming to visit.
She is coming from Phoenix, and we are
gonna have Fun! Fun! Fun!
What do you think?

Am I fluffy enough for company?


Pee Ess...

04 March 2010

A Contest! A Contest!

I just got an e-mail from my pals at Three Dog Bakery !

They have a contest that started March 3 - and to enter, you have to tell them what dogs would do if they had opposable thumbs.  Like, never have to depend on Hoomans to post blog entries or vote for their favorite shelters!

Prizes are treats from Three Dog, one of my favorite places to go for treats!

Go on over and read about it, and don't forget (ahem, ahem) to vote in the Shelter Challenge so the Bumpass Hounds don't have to give up their treat money.


Me and Teka apologize for not having pictures to post, but since muzzer abandoned us and went to St. Loulis, we have been sneaking into the vet's offices at night to post.  And without thumbs, we are struggling just to get the text part done.


03 March 2010

Vote Early, Vote Often!


The muzzer left for St. Loulis this morning without posting to remind you about the shelter challenge.

Please see the post from yesterday for information on where to vote, and remember...they count your vote by the computer ID, which means if you have more than one computer, you can vote on all of them.

Or, you can go to the library nearest and dearest to you and use as many of the "public" computers there as you have time to wait for...just be sure to sign all the way out before you leave each machine.....

I will try to post earlier tomorrow so you don't miss a day.


02 March 2010

Please Vote

The Animal Rescue Site has another Shelter Challenge happening. 

Because the Bumpass Dad is "on travel" this week, we have agreed to harass you on behalf of
Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue.

So, please go to http://www.theanimalrescuesite.com/clickToGive/shelterchallenge.faces;jsessionid=36266953D4638CDF725299EAA18F99DB.ctg-b

And vote for AHGRR. 

All you really need to know is that AHGRR is in West Virginia.  Fill in the blanks when the page opens, scroll on down to "state" and enter WV.  Press Enter, and the site will pull up WV shelters.  AHGRR is number two (we think) on the list.  Click on it, your vote will fill itself out, you press VOTE toward the bottom of the box, and it will take you to one more page, where you will be asked to confirm your vote by entering the type of animal you see in the picture.  Then you press Confirm Vote and you are done for the day.

Do not be dumb like my muzzer!  The site does not recognize "nellyphant" or "pussy tat."  Or "Goggie!"
You must give the correct generic name - like fish, elephant, dog or cat.  And you must spell it correctly.  But the site will explain the rest. 

We hope you will help us do this until BumpassDad gets back.  If you read about this shelter, you will understand how the Bumpass' became so involved. 

Of course, if you are already voting for a shelter, or if you have a favorite of your own, we wouldn't want you to feel bad. 


Teka Toy Here!
Vote for the goldens, or I will send cousin vinnie after ya.

01 March 2010

We found these on Salon!

Thanks to Salon, the online news magazine for posting these!