31 October 2010

Be Scared

Be Very
Very Scared

And to see what went on just a block away from our house
Watch THIS!

25 October 2010

Company! Lots and Lots of Company!

We did have quite a busy week,
and we apologize to all our friends
because Muzzer has gotten the "mark all as read" disease
like so many other secretaries,
and while we actually read MOST of your posts,
we did not get to share
our erudite wisdom and experience
with you as we usually do!First, our Sissie E.Beth (Teka's first Muzzer)
came to visit from Flagstaff Azrizona!
She went to Washington DC and visited with
E.Rabbit, who brought her back to Richmond
where the parents began force feeding
them at various places which do not allow dogs!

Also visiting from Azrizona were our friends
Susana and Albert! They drove and drove
and drove and drove to visit us...of course,
they stopped along the way to visit various
children and grandchildren, but they came here too!

And Albert cooked dinner and we got a teeny tiny
teeny very small sample of the mole chicken that he
made. We know there is more in the freezer, and
we are saving it for the next time we visit OUR friends.

mmmmmmm Yummy!

So, we are glad to be back and we
hope to keep the secretarial help in line and
visit and comment more often.

muchos besos
Gussie n Teka

20 October 2010

Hello, all you doggies and people.

It is I, Eartha Kitteh.

So almost a month ago now, I came to live with this lady, E. Rabbit. And she is mostly ok, even if she wasn't sure if I was a girl kitten or a boy kitten for longer than is really excusable. And even if she did name me after some old singer (who I guess is ok since she played Catwoman on the TV). And even if she does make me go to the vet and poop in a box.

But then she shows me this blog here, and she says that it is run by some dog called Gus who is my uncle????

Between that and the fact that she didn't realize I was a girl, I think she is not so bright, probably.

So anyway, she says that this dog who is my uncle and some lady who is his "muzzer" have given me a gift certificate to PetSmart, and that I can use it to buy some things on line.

So I got on her computer to pick things out. I am not allowed to use the computer much, because one time one of my little kitten claws got stuck under the "F" key and yanked it off when she tried to extricate me from it, and it took her a minute to get it reattached, and it still doesn't always work right so she accidentally types things like "git certiicate" and then has to start over again.

And a lot of times I like to walk on it when she is not looking, and press the wireless key so it turns off her connection to the internet, and she is confused and swears some.

And then this evening, I sent a friend of hers a message that said "45;lllll44444llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll50.666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666
-" and she had to explain that, and it made her look stupid.

Heh heh heh.

So anyway, I wanted to thank this dog she says is my uncle and this woman who is his "muzzer" by showing them what we got with their gift certificate.

So the first thing is, I got this great pole that is made of SISAL and has a feathered THING attached to the top of it.

I immediately started playing with it, and this lady E. Rabbit acted like she thought I was the cutest thing EVER, even though she does not seem to like it so much when I do the same thing to her bare legs in the morning. But anyway, feathered things are some of my favorite things, so this pole is pretty cool.

And then we got this brush that is made by KONG

We got this because some cat named Armano who she says is the brother of this dog named Raven (seriously, I don't think this woman has ever taken even a basic zoology class) has one and LOVES his and comes running up to get brushed when his lady brings it out.

I am not yet sold on this whole brushing business.

Anyway, she said I should thank the lady called Muzzer and this dog who she says is my uncle, Gus. So I thank them both for the fun pole, and I guess for the purple brush thing too.

This lady E. Rabbit has also given me a small dog of my own

She says I can use it to practice getting along with dogs in case I ever meet this dog she says is my uncle, Gus, and some other dog who is my "cousin" Teka.

I'll show her how well I can "get along" with dogs.

18 October 2010

OK, here are some pictoors of the sooooprise

Okay, so yestiday was the Muzzer's barkday
And me and Dad and Teka got into our car and
we drove to Fredricksburg VA where we were
'sposed to meet E.Rabbit. So....when we go there
we found E.Rabbit's little car, but no E.Rabbit!

We knew it was her car, because we recognized the
Tribble on the dash board. note: when this was
my Dad's car, he didn't allow no tribble to
dribble on the dash board!
But, there was a verry nice field behind the
place where lunch was to happen.

So me and Dad and Teka went for a walk and a
whoooooole lot of sniffs.

And then E.Rabbit came back to the car, and the
hoomans did that kiss/kiss, hug/hug thing that
is so important to them, and then we went
to walk around Fredricksburg

Which seems to be a very dog friendly
town...lots of places had these signs in the
windows. And we got to see a little bit of
the place, including:
This VERY large dog pulling a cart full of hoomans.
NO NO, muzzer says that is a HORSE. Sorry.
I was thinking it was an even bigger dog than Mango!
So, pretty soon me and Teka got in trouble with Dad and had
to go back to the car, because we tried to mix it up
with a BIIIIGGGG black doggie.
Then the humans had lunch, they went
and walked some more, and I had to wait until
we got home to see Muzzer's birthday pressies.
And we didn't get to see Miss Ivy or her people in their CROP
walk around that sweet town, because me and Teka were
being obstreptfourus, or something. And we did the
hug/hug, kiss/kiss thing and headed home.
Boy, was I disappointed in these pressies!

Dad asked muzzer last week what she wanted
for her birthday, and she told him she wanted THIS
GUY to come and consult about me and TEKA.
And that was before we was obsrepterfourus, or whatever.

Then E. Rabbitt brought her some Chocolates, and some

And these lovely things with Wirey Dogs on them

And these silly things....which I thought might be
a new bathing suit top for Teka

Or maybe matching hell mutts for me and Teka
But which turn out to be Eggie Poachers!
Go Figure!
And if I ever get to try one of the Poached Eggies,
I will let you know if it works.
However, if me and Teka keep being Obswhatever
it could be a long time before I see another treat.
Reporting from the pillow beneath the desk.

17 October 2010

This is not the sooooo PRIZE...

. . .but I thought in honor of Muzzer's birthday, all you dogs and people might enjoy this.

Happy Birthday, Muzzer!

16 October 2010


Tomorow is Muzzer's birthday. In dog years, she is about 450 gazillion years old. Me and Dad and E.Rabbitt have a soooooo PRIZE planned. Teka has not been told, because she cannot keep a Seeeecrud!

Maybe we will have pictures tomorrow night. I do hope E.Rabbitt does not bring Miss Eartha Kitteh, who by the way, is a girl.


11 October 2010

All Humans are created Equal

To one another, at least. Even if they are not equal to dogs.

02 October 2010

And of course, my Muzzer, Asta's Sweet Daddi
Asta DU's Mom, Miss Claudette
Sweet Tucker and all
the others who have suffered from this
terrible disease.
And MANY Thanks to those who organized
and all those who are participating today.