29 August 2009

Leaving us (yet again!)

Me and Gussie just found out that the Muzzer is leaving us (again)
to go to St. Loulis and take Aunt Re to see her Dogtor.
We thought we would show you what we will be doing while she is gone.
I, of course, have my favorite position on the big bed. I think the
headboard thingy is very complimentary to my coloring.
Gussie loves his sofa, even though muzzer puts ugly quilt thingies
on it to "protect" it. From what, you ask?
From the TERRIERS she says.
However, I have noticed that Dad watches a lot of baseball
games on that sofa, so I wonder if it isn't also to protect
the sofa from THE DAD! And popcorn.

Anyway...we will be reading bloggies and posting comments,
but we will probably not post pictures or blog until SHE gets back.
Unless, of course, we find some really hoooomilllieating photos of
HER in the files! Then...watch out mama...revenge is sweet.
Teka Toy Dagger
Gussie n Teka

28 August 2009

How E.Rabbit got her name.

Some of you have asked how my Sissie E.Rabbit got her name.
It is a LOOOOOONG story.
Both of my sissies have E names. E.Rabbit and E.Beth.
E.Rabbit's second name is from my dad's family - it is "Abbott."
When she was tiny, there was a ban on talking baby talks to her.
So Muzzer called E.Rabbit by lots of funny names instead.
"Nummy" and "Pumilly" and "Nummy Pummy" were just a few.

Then came reading time, and a lot of E.Rabbit's favorite books had Rabbits in them.

She even had a tiny bean bag stuffie
that looked like Benjamin Bunny from the Beatrix Potter books.
Then muzzer came home with this funny looking character (actually, just one that looked like this)
Her name became "Pot Belly" and she joined Benjamin Bunny and a few others who shared the bed with E.Abbott. Somewhere along the line, E.Abbott became E.Rabbit, and the name has been haunting her ever since.

Which makes me a little worried, because sometimes muzzer calls me Gussie Wussie, and I don't know if I can deal with that forever.

Now, how did this picture get in here!

25 August 2009

Look what she did!

They have been hammering and banging around my porch
and this is the end result. No more earthdog events in my back yard.
Maybe Mango Man will share his new tunnel.

23 August 2009

books and movies and flashie beasts

Our Muzzer got a new flashie beast. And she it trying to learn how to use it.
So, for now...she is taking pictures of "stationary" objects.
That means things that don't wiggle like terriers.
This is a book she found at the Library Sale.

Don't ya love the cover?
Let us know if anyone has read it yet please?
She has been fighting with the flashie beast and hasn't even opened it.
Me and Teka are hoping that we can start it soon.

Plus, she was gone for a long time last night.
She and Dad went to see this movie.
She says there are no dogs in it, but otherwise...

And this scene reminded her of pawties that Asta
and Mommi and Daddi have on Onkel Tony's roof.

Also, she says the movie contains one of the most creative reasons
she has ever heard for "houseworkitis!"

Bone Apetit Guys.

gussie n teka

21 August 2009

E. Rabbit responds

Ok, Dog Bloggers. It’s E. Rabbit here.

I see some of you are upset that I made cookies for my young friend George while he was staying with me this weekend.

But let’s get some perspective. Gus makes it sound like I made cookies for George, but I’ve never done anything for Gus.

This is quite simply untrue. Let’s review just a few of the things I have done for Gus:

I bought him special cookies for the election.

And George W. Bush cookies before the election.

And TWO George W. Bush stuffies for him to kill.

I have bought him a Baseball toy.

And a St. Louis Cardinals Bowl.

And a St. Louis Cardinals Bandanananana.

And a Tabasco Bandanananana that has a cooling pack in it.

I have bought him sunglasses to wear on his many car trips.

I have given Muzzer a kit so she can make dog biscuits for him (it is not MY fault if Muzzer has not made him any biscuits).

I have made him a blue sweater.

And a maroon and gold sweater.

And a monogrammed sweater vest.

And that doesn’t EVEN count the things I’ve done for Teka.

Ok, maybe we shouldn’t talk about the things I’ve done for Teka.

But the point is: Gus is acting jealous that I made one batch of cookies for George while his mom was out of town.

And that’s kind of selfish when you consider all the things I’ve done for Gus. You’d think he’d be a more generous spirited terrier, and be proud of me for doing things for other doggies from time to time.

Frankly, I’m a little embarrassed that that’s not the case.

Besides, the cookies gave George smelly gas. So Gus wouldn’t have wanted them anyway.

19 August 2009

My Sissie has been Unfaithful

Hi There! My Name is George.
I spent the weekend with Gussie's Sissie E.Rabbit
She made special cookies just for me.
Here I am sampling one of the ingredients.

Here I am checking the cookies as they go into the oven

Here are MY cookies.
I am not sharing with Gussie

photo credits to E.Rabbit. The traitor!

18 August 2009

Prayer Beads

My muzzer was quite taken with an idea that Mango the relentlessly huge came up with last Wednesday. His Momma has a friend who is sick, and the friend made bracelets for all her buddies so they would think happy thoughts for her while she is getting treatment. So, the Mango Momma let Mango borrow it to send out good vibes to Max and other DWB members who were not feelin' well.

Never one to ignore a good idea, and slipping deeper into childhood every day, muzzer decided to try her hand at makin' me a prayer bracelet that I can wear when we invoke the power of the paw.

Nice thought Muzzer. Spelled my name right and everything. UMMM, the only thing is, it is long enough that I need to wear it as a necklace. And I gotta tell you...I'm just not sure about this.

Whaddya think?


16 August 2009

Mayemphis Madness

All y'all know that we moved to Mayemphis a bit more than a year ago, right?

We moved here from Azrizona, home of Joe Stains, the Azrizona Cardinals, and Azrizona State University. Our US Representative was a friend of dad and muzzer's. His name is Harry Mitchell. He was mayor of our town of Tempe for a long time, and was the first Democrat elected from our district in ....oh, I lost count.

We moved to Mayemphis. The mayor here is Willie Herenton. Or perhaps we should say "was" because he resigned from office effective July 1st to run for the US House of Representatives. Except...just a couple of days ago, he picked up an application for the mayor job again. The election is expected to cost over a million dollars. And I don't know whether he still thinks he is going to run for Steve Cohen's seat in the US House. Mah friends, this is politics in the Mid-South. Thinking Terriers don't have a chance around here.

But just in case you think all is glum....Well we need to tell you that Mayemphis has two more national holidays than the rest of this country. Or maybe they are really "holy days of obligation."

This is our second "Elvis Death Week." We wanted to share with you some of the video from the candle light vigil last night.

And, ya know...I kinda think Elvis is cool. I like his song "Hound Dog." And he had way cooler clothes than my dad does. But when you run into Elvis wannabees EVERYWHERE, it gets a bit scarey. Muzzer says she has seen them in the Walgreens store, and on the trolley downtown, and in the local grocery store. And this morning, we saw one walking toward Graceland when we were on Walkies! At 5:45 aay yem, this dude was sauntering (sort of) down the street of a relatively quiet residential neighborhood, singing "Don't be Cruel." I thought muzzer was gonna lose it on the sidewalk. But dad, well Dad just said Good Morning and we walked on. Dad dresses like a nerd, but he is pretty cool, sometimes.


15 August 2009


Look at what we have to put up with!

This SQRRLL is sitting about 30 ft from my back door.

And muzzer wonders why Teka n me

are spending so much time in the back yard.
Go Figger

14 August 2009

Finding our Inner Terrier

Me and Teka have been spending a lot of time this summer
trying to discover our Inner Terrier.

This is one of the spots we have been investigating.

It is under the porch by the back door of our house.
We spend Lots Of Time finding ways to get in and out of this area.

Sometimes we dig under here. This week I have had one FULL bath.

I have had my front paws and face washed 6 times since Monday Morning.

Muzzer is keeping track on a dry erase board.

Teka likes this spot a lot.

She has found a way to get a paw under the corner of the grate and flip it over.

It is quite impressive. Then we scuffle a bit about who should get to stick his/her snout into the drain that is under there. She always wins.

This also has some nice smells. Teka can get her nose pretty far down that pipe.
She doesn't get as many baths because she doesn't have as much furs, but her face gets pretty slimy when she sticks her nose in here. She has had her face washed eight times this week. Also on the dry erase board.

And this is the solution muzzer has come up with to keep the terriers out of the area under the porch.

HAH! We laugh at your efforts.

Gussie and Teka

11 August 2009

Dog Days

Hey All Y'all!
Gussie here: Reporting as Requested by Miss Lacie.

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING is going on here worth writing about.

We eat, we sleep. We run in the back yard. We go for walkies, we have dinner. We sleep. We go out for our nightly fence check. We sleep, we have AM Walkies.


The Muzzer has reached new pinnacles of laziness.
If it can't be grilled or eaten raw...it is not being offered at our house.
This means: No special dog cookies. No sauces or gravies. No wonderful smelly people cookies. No morning muffins. No "experiments" which sometimes become "leftovers." NOTHING!

Me and Teka tried to entice her by luring a turtle into the back yard.

She was not grateful. She screeched at us! Then she made Dad take the turtle back to the pond next door and apologize. Teka was depressed, because she was the one who did most of the digging so the turtle could get under the fence. No gratitude around here either.

We haven't seen our friend the racoon. Muzzer says we scared him off. I think it is her fault because she did not invite him in for dinner.

Dad has gotten so fed up that he is eating lunches at the 'Fectory at Rhodes. I think he is really glad that classes start in a couple of weeks.

It is hot. It is muggy. And my feet smell.
Fall cannot arrive too soon.
Thank you all for reading this post. I hope you are not too depressed.

01 August 2009

Farewell Charlie

We got word this morning that Charlie,
The Big Dog at Dogs with Blogs and
an inspiration to many of us, died this
morning in Australia.
Charlie was an inspiration to all of us,
and he was my personal hero.
I still have the original e-mail
he sent to welcome me to Dogs With Blogs.
Rest in Peace Charlie.
Wirey licks and kisses to Greg and Brooke. Head Butts for Opy, your
beloved sister and greatest competitor.
See ya at the Bridge, old pal