30 July 2006

Spanish Market

We will have NO pictures of the Spanish Market this weekend! Why? Because they are dogist, that's why. We were all having a great time hanging out yesterday, meeting lots of people who actually knew I was a wire haired terrier, not a schnauzer, not an airedale, etc., etc. And then the policeman came over and said there were no dogs allowed in the market area. The parental units are pretty law abiding, so we took a side street and headed home. We hadn't started with the picture taking yet, and dad and I left the camera with muzzer, but she was unhappy, so she didn't take pictures, and she didn't buy anything either.

Wonder how much Dad had to pay the policeman to accomplish that?

Got rid of the bandage yesterday. Have been a good kid about licking. Hope you all are feeling better too!

Your pal,

28 July 2006

Helpful Hints

I'm here because muzzer tells me that the nasty old Com-cast technician is coming today to disconnect my high speed connection! Just because we are leaving here early Monday for Arizona and he doesn't work weekends, I will be without my high speed ALL WEEKEND!

This, after seeing my pal Buster's really lovely office set up on his blog today! I am green with envy! At least, I hope it is envy, and not something I ate.

Oh well, to get you through this dry spell, I have posted some of my favorite terrier blogs on my link list (see my spiffy sidebar.) So, if you get lonely for terrierist activities, you can always click on one of them for comfort.

Also, I will be posting from home, and letting muzzer or Dad take care of the technicalities of getting me online, but that sort of lacks the spontaniety I strive for in my blogging! Nevertheless, you will at least get an update on the vet visit tomorrow, and I have been promised that I, Gussie, will get first whack at the hi-speed connection wherever we spend the night Monday.

Maybe I will have some Spanish Market Scenes for all of you then.

your pal

27 July 2006


Another fascinating 48 hours. All in a days work for us terriers.

Yesterday we took a surprise trip. I didn't know we were going to spend the day with friends in Albuquerque, so I had a try at sleeping late and then expected it to be a pretty ordinary 24. But muzzer and dad have some old friends from college who live in ABQ, and we didn't get to see them when we went down to pick up dad on Sunday/Monday. Also, some other old friends from college are visiting the first set of friends, and we wanted to see them too!

We popped into the green go mobile and headed down the road. Of course, muzzer had to make a stop at a shop in ABQ that is almost as nice as hers in Tempe. And who did we run into at that shopping center but all the old friends who were also there to check out the shop! Whew. Did they think I was cute or what???? Anyway, we went back to Ken and Paula's place and had lunch. Doug and Karin came all the way from Ireland to see all of us, so there was a lot of catching up to do! Me? Well since I am too young (by far!) to have gone to college with this group, I just kind of lap hopped and made sure everyone got some of my attention. Do you know that wonderful dog sounds just as good in German as it does in English? Karin thought I was really hot stuff! Here is a picture of my new friends outside of Ken and Paula's house.

Boy, that Paula can cook! She barbecued steaks for dinner, and of course, I got to have a few bites. MMMMMMMM! We talked for a while longer and then left for home. Of course, dad has impeccable timing and we didn't even get to the first stop light before the rain started coming down! I could tell that dad and muzzer were both tense, so I did what I could to help out and went to sleep. I tried not to snore so I wouldn't distract dad, who had to do the driving. As you can see, we made it home OK!

The rain continues off and on today. We lucked out on my morning constitutional and my lunchtime jaunt, but when time came for my preprandial perambulation, it was pretty damp. Muzzer has been told not to let me get my bandage wet, so she made me a little wellie out of a plastic bag. Her design sense is not great, but it was functional. We are all hoping for another good report from the Vet on Saturday, and then I won't have to wear this bandage for our trip home.

Here's hoping that my wirey pal Axel is feeling better. His post today was about a female dog friend of his, so that must be a good sign. We have had a lot of wires sign up at www.dogswitblogs.com.au\.

Trot on over and sample a few new ones.

your pal

24 July 2006

New Bandage!

Here I am again, back from Albuquerque and proud possessor of a new, less embarrassing but still effective, bandage. The doc said I was a much better boy today than last time. No fooling. This time they didn't try to humiliate me with that bright pink stuff! Hello-oo!

Now I am more of a match for my human sister and her toe! She sent me a picture which I am sharing with you so you can compare them. Her toe is in the smaller picture. hehe!

Oh yeah, Dad is back and it sure was good to see him this morning. Yup! Right, his flight was delayed once again, so it was Monday when he got to Albuquerque. I think that must be one tired pony!



Poor Dad! He has been travelling by himself this weekend, and he has had nothing but bad luck and snafus!

I told you he took the dog and pony show to Alabama, right? Well, it's a damn good thing he didn't have this dog along, 'cause somewhere between Birmingham and St. Louis, Delta misplaced his baggage, and it didn't get to St. Louis at the same time he did! Since he was going to St. Louis for his 40th high school reunion, he needed the dress clothes packed in that little roll-on! Well, bless their souls, they finally united him with his baggage just before he checked out of the hotel this morning. Phew! Glad he at least got to change underwear before he headed for the airport.

As if that episode was not enough, his flight was SIGNIFICANTLY delayed leaving St. Louis. In fact, if muzzer is counting right, they sat in the plane for almost 5 hours! Of course, he missed his connection in Phoenix, but good old US Air/America Wurst came through! They put him on a flight that was supposed to leave at 9:00 pm or so. So muzzer and I got into the car and headed for Albuquerque to pick him up! About 2 exits out of Santa Fe, the cell phone rang. Muzzer answered it and lo and behold, it was Dad, who said that the flight had been delayed and they weren't leaving Phoenix until 10:15 (11:15 our time.) That puts him into the airport at Albuquerque at about 20 minutes past midnight, or waaay after good terriers are supposed to be asleep. So muzzer, who was a Girl Scout when the uniforms were still green, said "OK, I'll find a hotel when I get there and check us in, because I am not driving back tonight, and neither are you!!!!"

So, here we are in the Comfort Inn near the airport waiting for an update on the arrival time for Dad's plane. Good thing they had a non-smoking room available, or muzzer would've done the Bethlehem thing until she found one! I like these places, they have really fast internet connections and very friendly staff.

I'll report more on Dad's adventures next time I am on. We have to head back to Santa Fe early tomorrow because I have to see the vet again about my foot. Just a recheck I hope, and I have been a VERY good WFT and not chewed at my bandage hardly at all!

In the other miracles department, muzzer said to tell you that the kitten puppet still lives. We are working on a world record here folks.

Hat's off to the airlines for screwing up this weekend and getting me a night in a hotel! And they better not misplace that suitcase again, or they will be sorry. You see, Dad is pretty cool, but muzzer may just blow a gasket!

your friend

21 July 2006

I got an Owwwwie!

Well, Dad's been gone just a little over 24 hours and I've had my first visit to the Vet! Yesterday I was licking at my paw, but stopped when muzzer said "cut it out!!" Even on the way to drop Dad off at the shuttle, I was still at it.

When we got home, I let muzzer look at my paw, but she didn't see anything. She wiped it off with some kind of towel thing, and we had a pretty good day. Except....she noticed that I didn't want to go far on our walks. Now, that is not like me. I am a gung ho fellow, ready to roll and all that. I was pretty efficient about my business on our walks last night, and again this morning, and I could tell she was pretty worried. Not worried enough to skip her Yoga class this morning, but I guess she needed the exercise, since I haven't been keeping her going like I usually do.

That strange and unusual behavior continued through early afternoon. I was stretched out on the floor having a surreptitious lick or two when muzzer screeched "Ohmigosh Gussie, your paw is swollen!"

Stupid woman. Why does she think I've been licking it?

So we talked about my foot for a little while, and I was not having any of that "looking" that she does, which also includes poking and sniffing! So then she started talking about seeing a Vet. I figured I was pretty safe, since we are in a strange town and she doesn't know any folks with dogs here to ask about a vet.

Never underestimate the true tenacity of a little Italian woman! She used the internet, went online and GOOGLED! a bunch of vets in Santa Fe. Then she called two or three of them and all of a sudden, we are in the car and headed for the vet.

I must tell you, I figured I was pretty safe. This is the woman who can't find her way out of a paper bag with both ends open! But no-oo. She takes us right to the place.

Nice folks, but they have a nasty way of using thermometers. Anyway, I have some kind of abrasion between my toes on my right front paw, and I had to let them clean it, put salve on it, and put a bandage on it! Here is the result.

We got some pills, but that is OK, cause the Doc said I could have them in peanut butter or cheese. Yummy! Anyway, I am not supposed to lick it or chew it, not for two or three days, and then I have to go back and see the Doc again! So, muzzer went into the travel bag and got out her little water pistol. I know what that means. If she sees me chewing at that pink thing, she will shoot me with water! I don't like that. I ask you, is that any way to treat a wounded terrier?

Well, I can wait until she falls asleep tonight, and see what I can do about removing this. Gotta make sure she doesn't have that thing on the pillow beside her though! Never trust a well intentioned muzzer.

Here's hoping my pal Axel is feeling better! He has been having itchies too. More later.


20 July 2006

Steak n Shake vs. Blake's Lotaburger

OK, so we took dad to the shuttle at a bit before 8:00 am this morning, and by 12:15, muzzer and I were on our way to the local hamburger hotspot. When dad is not around, our diets are a bit more adventuresome. Not better mind you, just different.

So muzzer said: "OK Gussie, what do you want for lunch? Wanna go to the new Vietnamese place over by Las Montanitas or to that burger place up on the corner?"

As you know, dad has warned me about this obsession with Oriental food. Plus, I am a big fan of Steak n' Shake, a Midwestern icon of fine fast food. My curiosity about the Lotaburger place has been ongoing since we drove through New Mexico the first time. There seem to be a lot of these Lotaburger places around here, so I thought it might be a good bet. And she did ask what I wanted. After some grousing about male members of this family and their limited lexicon of food, she gave in, packed up the leash and keys, and off we went!

So, first impressions were pretty good. It is white (not unlike Steak n' Shake) and has a busy parking lot. It certainly smelled interesting. We ordered a combo, and right away, muzzer was impressed! This place has Pepsi, her beverage of choice, not plain old Coca Cola like S n' S! First point to the new place.

We walked up, put in our order at the window, and waited under the shady awning. Nice folks, great mix of folks waiting, many of them seemed to be WFT fans. (no, I wasn't wearing my new bandana!) Order came in a white printed bag, theme colors are red and blue. Kind of like the black and white bag better. A bit classier.

Would you believe she made me wait until we got back to the casita to try the burger? That woman could give lessons to the folks running that Cuban prison thing that is always in the news.

Anyway, here are our impressions: Hamburger: OK flavor, a bit drier than S n' S, but still quite good. Scores a 4 or 5 out of 10. French fries: Blech! These were just barely OK, and nothing to write home about. Scores 2.5. The winner and still champion. TADA! Steak n' Shake by a mile. Or actually, by about 1000 miles or so, to the nearest one just outside of Oklahoma City!

And, for those of you with nothing better to do, here is the url for a site that is developing a list of blogs by dogs. Or, Dog Blogs as they call them. It is not complete, and it is certainly not all fox terriers, but there are some nice ones on the list, and we figure it will only keep growing.


Oh Yeah, and Dad, if you are reading this, bring me back a takeout order from Steak n' Shake. Muzzer may think they will be too cold by the time you get off the plane in Albuquerque, but I can handle it! Tell them to hold the bun, please.

Thank you

19 July 2006

totally tacky!

My Muzzer is usually a woman of exceptionally good taste and classic elegance. However, today she went shopping at Teca Tu (my favorite pet boutique in Santa Fe) and came back with this totally tacky tourist bandana! I am somewhat mortified to be seen in it, but she is well meaning and has good intentions, so I am wearing it occasionally to humor her. The fact that there were also several high class treats in the bag which have not yet surfaced may have something to do with it. Hey, I can be bought, but it isn't cheap.

Tomorrow dear old dad leaves for Birmingham, Alabama to do his dog and pony show for "We the People." Will someone tell me how he can do a dog and pony show if he doesn't have a pony and is leaving the dog at home? It is this kind of philosophical inquiry that fills my days, you know. Inquiring dogs want to know!

So, it will be my job to take care of muzzer this weekend and make sure she doesn't spend too much money (unless it is at Petsmart or Teka Tu) or eat too much Vietnamese and Japanese food and upset her tummy. Dad has explained to me that she has a natural affinity to these two cuisines because she is not quite five feet tall! I'm not sure it makes much sense to me, particularly since Dad is 6'3" or so and his favorite foods are ANYTHING Mexican and Thai. My favorite foods are whatever I can snatch from the table or counter, regardless of age, size or national origin.

Muzzer also brought home this cute kitty puppet. She puts it on her hand and makes noises that she thinks sound like a kitten. So naturally, I have to snatch it off her hand and vanquish it. This is a fun new game, and the kitty is still relatively whole and I have had him/her for more than five hours!

Send good thoughts to my friend Axel who is suffering from the raging itchies. He is seeing a new vet tonight who might be able to help him. WFTs often get the itchies. I think it is a Princess and the Pea kind of thing, because we are so well bred and refined that we are extra sensitive. I've had itchies myself a time or two and they are no fun! Good luck with the new doc, Axel.

Well, that's it for now. Gotta get a good nights sleep because my guard duty starts early tomorrow morning! Catch y'all later.


ps. To my friends on the east coast and in the Midwest....remember, I am going to be living in Phoenix, where it is routinely well over 100 degrees. This time of the year, it can be that warm by 10:30 am. Makes walkies a real adventure. A real SHORT adventure!


16 July 2006

Bienvenido a Santa Fe

Buenos tardes, mi amigos!

This morning after church we all walked back to the Plaza, just to do the "Tourist" thing and see some of the special places around there. Mass at the Cathedral was just letting out, and we watched the Mariachi play their instruments on the plaza in front of the Cathedral. They were very good, and they made such happy music I wanted to do the terrier dance! Muzzer took pictures of the Mariachi and the crowd gathered around them, but I had my own circle of fans.

After that, we walked around the outside of the square to the Loretto Chapel. There is a very famous staircase inside, and the parents took turns going in to see it while I waited outside with my fan club. Santa Fe is a very popular place to vacation, and many people do not bring their dogs along. After a very short time, they get very lonely for canine company, so when I go for walks here, I almost always attract a number of admirers. Anyway, even though I could not go into the chapel, I let dad take the camera and he got some fine shots of the stairway and some of the altar, which is very beautiful. The stairway goes up into the choir loft, and there is no center pole or support. I wish they would let me see it for myself, but I am happy to have the pictures and to be able to share them with you.

Later we went for a ride up into the hills, and looked at all the beautiful houses set into the hillsides. No pictures though. Dad was driving and muzzer cannot work the camera while the car is moving because it makes her sick to her stomach. Believe me, that is not a pretty sight. I will send postcards instead.

Buenos Noches amigos y amigas, hasta manana


12 July 2006

Local Customs

The folks in Santa Fe are big on indigenous and traditional customs. One which I have embraced whole-heartedly is the Siesta! As a long time party animal (it runs in my family) I am quite familiar with the Fiesta. In fact when my friends Albert and Susanna Visited Virginia, we had one long Fiesta with lots of great food!

But, until I came to Santa Fe, I was not familiar with the practice of the Siesta. Each day after lunch, in the heat of the afternoon, it is customary to find a cool spot and take a nap. As a thinking terrier, I find this a most logical and reasonable way to spend part of the day.

One of my favorite places for Siesta is on the big bed in muzzer and dad's room, amidst and among all the fancy pillows. I particularly like the plaid ones, which I feel compliment my coloring and style. Also, Dad wears a lot of plaid shirts, and I think he is pretty cool!

Here are a couple of pictures muzzer took today during one of my Siestas! Don't you think a Siesta is a good idea for a busy terrier? Don't you wish you could take a Siesta too?

much love

11 July 2006

I did it with my tiny terrier teeth

Muzzer is still trying to find a toy that I cannot destroy in under seven minutes. Today she brought home this really cute bone thingy. It was all bright colors and squeaked (45 seconds). I thought it was rather intriguinging, because it tasted kind of like those rubbery toy things, but it had a soft foam underbody. Well, you know me...in the interest of scientific research I had to get to that foamy stuff and see if it tasted good.

Time...under4 minutes.

Result...bye bye bone!

Here are before and after pictures for your review.


10 July 2006

Happy Birthday

To Tai Shan, the cute little fellow in the bottom right corner. He celebrated his birthday today at the Washington Zoo. I hope his mother let him have some of that yummy looking frozen treat, but not so much that it upsets his tummy.

Those of you on the east coast who are my fans can drop by and wish him a Happy B'day from me, please. I didn't send a card, and it is probably too late to send flowers. He would probably eat them anyway!

Gotta get off, dad is working at home today and wants the computer!

05 July 2006

Greetings from Santa Fe:

Here are the promised pictures of me on my magic staircase! I think it is magic because it goes up to the loft where Dad reads his books, looks out onto the mountains, and is directly over the kitchen area where Muzzer keeps my food dish.

It’s kind of a crazy staircase, turns a corner, most every step is a different size and height, and it is much steeper than my stairs in Virginia were. As you can see from some of the pictures, one side is open about halfway back to the first floor, and my newest trick is to JUMP from the first open step. This make Muzzer shriek and Dad laugh! It is only about three and a half feet, but that is all it takes to get Muzzer worried. Hehehe. She always checks me over to make sure I am OK, and I can score a milk bone if I turn right around and start back up the stairs. I am getting her trained quickly. So you see why I think the stairs are magic, right?

Last night was Fourth of July. There were lots and lots of loud popping noises, but because the sky was very cloudy and overcast, we couldn’t see any of the fireworks! Didn’t stop me from running from room to room and window to window looking for them though.

We’ve had rain most every night since we arrived, and the arroyo behind the casita is very muddy. New challenge! I try to get my paws as wet and muddy as possible before whoever is walking me realizes what I am doing. Then I get lots of attention when we get home, washing my feet, my legs and sometimes even my belly. They are getting smarter and keeping a closer watch, so this may not be as much fun anymore!

I have included a picture of our “
cute” front door. Dad and I think it is a bit too frou-frou. We have had no comment from Muzzer except for an exaggerated eye-roll. But, we are only here for a month, and I think that means that we don’t have to worry about her painting the door at home purple for a while yet.

I think that is all for now. I am a tired terrier, because we walked to the plaza and back last night before the fireworks started. I managed to score the tail end of muzzer’s ice cream cone, so it was worth it. But I think I will take it easy this afternoon and let her take this note to the library where she can post it online for me.



04 July 2006

Happy Independence Day!

Still some difficulty blogging. Muzzer Promised we would be connected by Friday of this week. I will catch up then, if not before. Until then, happy fourth of July to all of you, and remember that if the fireworks are too loud, you can always look for a friendly lap. Quivering will get you sympathy every time!


03 July 2006


We arrived safely in sunny Santa Fe only to find that we will not have broadband at the casita until this coming Friday. Muzzer and dad are doing "work arounds" for internet access, but so far, we haven't found a place where I can get on-line without people looking at us in a strange and funny way.

Also...boycott Starbucks for me. They won't let me inside to use the web! I am reduced to writing off line in the casita and hoping that muzzer does not censor my material when she downloads it to my blog. I mean, she is a nice woman and all that, but really, some things a guy just doesn't want his mom to know. If you know what I mean?

Muzzer says that tonight we will try another coffeehouse that has an outdoor patio, so there may be more posted later today. Maybe even me in our neat little casita, with the magic stairway!

Until then, Tika says she is feeling much better, thank you to all who have enquired. Think of me and my isolated state.



We arrived safely in sunny Santa Fe only to find that we will not have broadband at the casita until this coming Friday. Muzzer and dad are doing "work arounds" for internet access, but so far, we haven't found a place where I can get on-line without people looking at us in a strange and funny way.

Also...boycott Starbucks for me. They won't let me inside to use the web! I am reduced to writing off line in the casita and hoping that muzzer does not censor my material when she downloads it to my blog. I mean, she is a nice woman and all that, but really, some things a guy just doesn't want his mom to know. If you know what I mean?

Muzzer says that tonight we will try another coffeehouse that has an outdoor patio, so there may be more posted later today. Maybe even me in our neat little casita, with the magic stairway!

Until then, Tika says she is feeling much better, thank you to all who have enquired. Think of me and my isolated state.