31 March 2006

Are we there yet?

Such a silly terrier. We haven't left yet. I don't know what is taking these humans so long to get ready. Showers, breakfast, morning paper, errands! None of those are essential except perhaps breakfast, which I would gladly eat in the car.

I got very anxious last night. I was afraid all the activity meant that they were leaving me behind! I slept right on top of muzzer to make sure she didn't sneak out of bed and leave without me. It was pretty comfy, she is pretty well padded. I don't understand why she got up so early this morning. I could've slept for another couple of hours.

I'm going to take a brief nap on my favorite pillows, then get up and herd them out of here.

Wish me luck. I understand the people we are visiting tonight have a CAT! How nice of them to provide snacks!

More later, depending on the opportunities.

30 March 2006

Things are looking Good!

OOH! The suitcases came out of the closet a little while ago, and I know which one has my treats in it! Muzzer has put it on top of the refrigerator because I will not leave it alone. We have two more walks today, and one early in the morning, and then we can get in the car and leave. Dinner, one snack and breakfast. Those are my ways of telling time. So it really isn't very long now.

mmmmm...maybe if I don't let them get any sleep tonight we will leave earlier in the morning. Gotta think that one through.

I feel so lucky to be going along on this trip. My blogfriend Axel has to stay at home while his human mother goes on a trip for work, and he is one VERY unhappy terrier. Terriers have a hard time with separation anxiety anyway, and Axel is a very young terrier (but very talented.) I am going to link my blog to Axel's soon, if I can make any sense of what my sister told me to do in her e-mail this morning.

I must leave you now and help my very short muzzer hem a pair of slacks. My next posting will be from "on the road, again." with apologies to that Willie Nelson fellow.

29 March 2006

Planning for my trip and philosophical questions

I have been doing a lot of shopping for my trip. Well, I send muzzer in to the pet store and other places, but the stuff she gets is for me. So far we have collected two packages of chew treats, one package of snack thingys that have a hard coating and a soft middle, and a new pack of my favorite Milk-Bone variety. We have had NO luck finding a spiffy new collar and lead for me though, so last night after dinner muzzer removed my lovely red collar and washed it by hand, along with my matching lead.

Then I had to wait and wait and wait for it to dry. I was apprehensive about this. What if it got smaller and didn't fit? What if the humans forgot where it was and I never saw my identity tags again. Would I cease to exist? If a collar does not jingle, is the dog really there?

I didn't sleep well last night. That means that no one slept well last night. Boy, were they crabby in the morning. But they did remember to get my leash and collar off the hook and put them back on me, so I am considering forgiveness. Not absolution mind you, but a slight thaw.
I've been walking around tossing my head just to hear those lovely jingles!

Muzzer and I made my list for the trip today. Dad looked at it and asked if there was going to be room in the car for him. He said it is almost as bad as travelling with a baby. But hey, I don't need one of those push cart things that little kids ride around in, so maybe he can even take a suitcase or duffel bag or something.

It is almost time for my preprandial perambulation. Tomorrow we will be packing my bags and picking up the house. Human logic eludes me. If we are leaving, why do we pick up the house and clean the bathroom before we go? Oh well, as long as I get to sniff the trash can before it goes out, it's OK with me.

27 March 2006

Not a Party Animal!

Ooooh! I have decided to give up parties FOREVER! Everyone had a great time. The food was very good. The small human was a lot of fun. I grabbed several samples from inaattentive guests. I was a busy, busy terrier. The muzzer was so angry that she gave all the leftover food to guests so I couldn't get any more samples. Back to the kibble bowl for a while, I guess.

By the time it was all over and everyone had gone home, I was so tired that I didn't even want to go out for my last walk of the day. But muzzer insisted, and the father dumped me off of his lap, so I went. It was a short one! I turned back toward the house as soon as I was finished, didn't even have the energy to go and scare the squirrels. It really felt good to crawl into bed between the humans and stretch before I dozed off again.

Even this morning, I don't have my usual energy. I had to force myself off the couch to grab the computer while the muzzer showers. How she ever made it through Yoga class this morning I will never know.

I am absolutely certain that I will be napping the rest of the day, so don't call, just post comments!

26 March 2006

Family Time

My sister came to visit this weekend. That's her with me in the first picture on my blog. She made my sweater for me as a Christmas present. Even though I am adopted, we have a lot of things in common. She has brown eyes. I have brown eyes. I have an engaging personality. She has an engaging personality. She gets sick in the car sometimes, and so do I. And we both hate squirrels! Those things make me feel like a real member of this family.

My muzzer and father say that I have another sister in Arizona, but I haven't met her yet. Arizona is a long, long, long way from Virginia. Much longer than my trip from Maryland to Virginia, which is the longest car trip I've ever taken.

I am getting very excited also about my next trip at the end of this week. We are leaving on Friday to go visit some friends who live in Asheville, NC. Then we will go to Nashville, home of Dollyland where muzzer and I will shop while my other human does some work at Vanderbilt. Then we will go to St. Louis! I think this will be my favorite part of the trip! I am going to meet my Aunt Marie and Uncle Ray, and visit some place called "Steak 'n Shake." I bet Aunt Marie and Uncle Ray will just LOVE me. I am learning a new trick called "shake hands" just for them. I will be writing about my adventures right here. In fact, this is why muzzer let me have this blog.

I must go and supervise the preparations for dinner. We have lots of friends coming over and muzzer is making Italian food! It surely smells good. Parties are fun because some people sneak me samples or drop a little piece of food. I am right there to help keep the floor picked up! Terriers are very quick you know. I do a very good job. Sometimes my humans don't appreciate it when people sneak me samples, but I try to make up for it by not throwing up in bed.

Gotta Go:
Somebody has to make sure the sauce is OK, and I am volunteering!

25 March 2006

Who, What, Where, Why and How?

My name is Gus, and I am a wire fox terrier. I live in Lexington, Virginia with my muzzer and father. I am three years old, and I am proud to say that I am a rescue dog! I have been living with my new family for only a few months now, but with work, lots of effort, and many repititions, I am beginning to get them trained! Whew. What a large job for a small dog.

Terrier Attitude triumphs over all.

Later I will tell you more about myself and my family, but for right now I can hardly wait to put up a photo and check out my first effort!